The Estate of Unclassifiable French Designer André Dubreuil

La Gazette Drouot
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The Estate of Unclassifiable French Designer André Dubreuil-1

A bold, atypical creator, André Dubreuil left a legacy of metal works imbued with mysticism together with a magical, fanciful collection reflecting his spirit. André Dubreuil (1951-2022), half-moon cabinet with patinated wrought iron uprights, with two doors featuring engraved copper plates, and vertical uprights decorated with green and orangey ochre enameled copper elements, unique piece, 195 x 146 x 55 cm/76.7 x 21.7 in.Estimate: €25,000/30,000 In April 2022, the press and the art world unanimously celebrated the genius of André Dubreuil, who died the year he turned 71. A genius of recycling, the "poet of iron" (to quote the title of Jean-Louis

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