The Aristophil Sales Showcase New Manuscript Treasures

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The Aristophil Sales Showcase New Manuscript Treasures3

Two end-of-year sales focus on literature and music, including many rarities and two outstanding groups. Ludwig van Beethoven, Neue Liebe, Neues Leben, autograph music manuscript, two pages of an oblong sheet.Estimate: €50,000/60,000 The Aristophil collection, which boasts great names in cultural history, is still coming up at auction. "Again?" sigh some professionals. Yes, but the epic’s final chapter, set for 2022, will complete the dispersal of the tens of thousands of documents purchased and then resold by Aristophil in undivided ownership to collectors before its judicial liquidation in 2015. These auctions, the 45th and 46th authorized by the court, deserve special mention. The

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