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Fine Art Shippers recommends the Alderman Law Office to art collectors looking for reliable and professional art escrow services in the United States.

Art escrow services

The international art logistics company Fine Art Shippers highly recommends the Alderman Law Office to art collectors looking for reliable and professional art escrow services in the United States. The Alderman Law Office serves as a bridge between an art buyer and an art seller, ensuring total security and trust in a high-dollar artwork transaction. They also help avoid any risks and misunderstandings associated with the process of buying/selling fine art, giving confidence and peace of mind to both parties.

Elliott Alderman
Elliott Alderman

The Alderman Law Office was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1994 by Elliott Alderman whose practice is focused on the Internet, content, entertainment, intellectual property, and media law issues, including the Internet of Things, electronic publishing, and eCommerce. Elliott Alderman has extensive experience in performing intellectual property audits, preparing trademark and copyright applications, providing registration and enforcement advice, litigating copyright and trademark disputes, and negotiating contracts that involve technology, software licensing, and other issues related to intellectual property. Alderman also specializes in art escrow services, acting as a trusted third party to ensure the safe release of the art and the availability of legitimate funds.

The Alderman Law Office was founded by Elliott Alderman to help established companies and entrepreneurs solve issues related to asset purchase agreements, licensing, software development, and the Internet of Things, as well as to provide legal assistance to artists, musicians, writers, publishers, and other creatives. The firm works with individuals, start-ups, and large institutions in the United States and globally, helping them protect, maintain, license, develop, and enforce their intellectual property rights. The Alderman Law Office has also established itself as a reliable service provider in the art escrow field.

Art escrow services are a necessity in any significant artwork transaction. When it comes to buying and selling works by acclaimed artists, it is important to have a trusted third party that can ensure the simultaneous release of art and monies. Elliott Alderman and the Alderman Law Office have been working in this sphere for several decades and can guarantee the total security of the art buying/selling process that may additionally involve the laws of multiple countries and complex international exchanges. All of the specific procedures of the artwork transaction are detailed in an art escrow agreement that also provides for confidential arbitration to resolve the disputes.

Both an art buyer and an art seller benefit from working with the Alderman Law Office as a neutral third party to transact and monitor the exchange of artwork and payment. Visit to learn more about professional art escrow services and other important fine art services for artists, collectors, galleries, and art business professionals.

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