A Knack for Nakashima: Bidsquare’s Top 5 at Rago!

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It’s been made clear, from the plethora of modern design auctions we’ve hosted on Bidsquare, that our bidders have a knack for Nakashima – and it’s an edge we keep on polishing!

On the weekend of January 19-20, Rago presented a series of auctions; Early 20th Century DesignMid-ModModern DesignLost City Arts: 36 Years of Collecting and Modern Ceramics & Glass. Between the Modern Design sale and the Lost City Arts collection, the Bidsquare platform took home 8 supreme lots by George Nakashima, including the highest price for a work by George Nakashima on offer that weekend. With that being said, it’s not at all suprising that 3 out of the 5 top Bidsquare results at Rago came from the father of the American craft movement himself. 

In addition to Bidsquare’s furniture fiesta, online bidders also took a chomp out of the important ceramics crossing the block in Rago’s Modern Ceramics & Glass and Early 20th Century Designsales. Our audience attained 5 out of the 6 works made by Betty Woodman, including the second highest result for the artist who also broke a record held since 2008 for an ‘Early Pillow Pitcher‘ form which sold for $31,250.

Now, without further ado, here are Bidsquare’s Top 5 at Rago!

1. George Nakashima, Lot 1193 | Sold for $44,800

When it came time to buy this bed, our bidders were wide awake! Topping the list at $44,800 isLot 1193, a king-size, walnut platform complete with Nakashima’s signature noted on the headboard. 

2. Adelaide Robineau, Lot 218 | Sold for $24,320

Interest in this fascinating crystalline vase by Adelaide Robineau formed rapidly, much like the very pattern it flaunts. Offered in Rago’s Early 20th Century Design sale, this eye-catching work was followed by two other impressive pots sold through Bidsquare, Lot 67, Newcomb College, Tall Early Vase at $14,080 as well as Lot 49, George Ohr, Fine crumpled vessel at $11,520.

3. George Nakashima, Lot 1008 | Sold for $21,760

Landing smoothly as the second highest George Nakashima work to sell through Bidsquare isLot 1008, a classic design comprised of both walnut and rosewood. 

4. Betty Woodman, Lot 2112 | Sold for $20,480

As the title of this work suggests, ‘the polka’ is exactly what we did when Lot 2112 soared past its estimate 10x over! In addition to this lively lot, the platform also won Lot 2114Lot 2115Lot 2116, and Lot 2117 by Betty Woodman. 

5. George Nakashima, Lot 1020 | Sold for $19,200

Our final lot is a lineup of four Conoid chairs from George Nakashima, slanted and sanded to perfection. Other Nakashima works that sold through Bidsquare include Lot 1010Lot 1012Lot 1021Lot 1199Lot 1202Lot 1500Lot 1504 as well as Lot 1205 and Lot 1208 from Mira Nakashima.

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