Starry Eyed…Enjoy Variations of Quilting’s Most Historic Design

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Starry Eyed...Enjoy Variations of Quilting's Most Historic Design

The variations seem endless among star designs that have emerged from quilters' minds and hands since the mid-18th century.  EXTRAORDINARY MONUMENTAL STARBURST WITH SATELLITE STARS QUILTFISHER HERITAGE While the Star of Bethlehem is perhaps the most familiar, consisting of eight pieced 'arms' created in different ways, there are myriad stars to guide your choice and your collecting. Consider a version with fewer or more star arms, or pieced with diamonds, triangles or squares, a solitary star as a monumnetal motif in the quilt center, or multiple pieced stars in numerous eye-catching variations. Most stars are challenging to piece because not

James Ardis
James Ardis
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