Silver dealer Koopman Rare Art presents online catalogue of antique silver candlesticks and candelabra

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An Important Set of Four Silver-Gilt George IIII Royal Candlesticks. Silver Gilt 
London, 1814
. Maker’s mark of Paul Storr. Height: 9in, 22.86cm Weight: 102oz, 3,185g.
An Important Set of Four Silver-Gilt George IIII Royal Candlesticks. Silver Gilt London, 1814. Maker’s mark of Paul Storr. Height: 9in, 22.86cm Weight: 102oz, 3,185g.

LONDON.- Koopman Rare Art announced its latest on line catalogue entitled “Illumination in Isolation” – a curated collection of antique silver candlesticks and candelabra selected from the company’s current stock. The collection covers two centuries with examples dating from 1706 through to the 1930s.

Lewis Smith, Director of Koopman Rare Art, said: “More than ever before people are focusing on their homes and feel the need to be surrounded by beautiful items, which give them pleasure. Silver candlesticks and candelabra do exactly that.”

For centuries candlesticks and candelabra in domestic interiors have fulfilled one of the most important tasks: to bring light to tables and to the daily activities of a family home. Along with this practical purpose, candles have also often been associated with symbolism and magic. Nowadays at home we light candles for special occasions and to create a warm, comforting, romantic ambiance.

Significant antique examples featured in Koopman Rare Art’s latest on line catalogue include several with Royal provenance, notably an important set of four silver-gilt George III candlesticks made by Paul Storr in London in 1814. The candlesticks were originally in the collection of Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, fifth son of George III, who, in 1837, succeeded to the crown of Hanover, taking with him a large quantity of English Royal silver. These masterful, cast candlesticks are in the rococo revival style and were inspired by the work of 18th century French silversmiths.

Equally distinguished, is a magnificent pair of figural candlesticks made in 1823 by Edward Farrell for the Duke of York. The sculptural candlesticks reveal Farrell’s inventive and creative genius (asking price £165,000).

Providing proof that even in the 18th century silversmithing was not an exclusively male domain is a fabulous pair of George II candlesticks by London silversmith Elizabeth Godfrey, bearing the date mark for 1763. The superb pair represent a very interesting and rare example of the French Régence style that influenced the English decorative arts for a brief period (asking price £18,000).

A pair of George V six light candlebra made in Sheffield in 1930 is interesting as the unusual design is based on 17th century Dutch chandeliers, which were typically made of brass (asking price £38,000).

For those who prefer simplicity, there is an exquisitely plain and elegant George I taper stick by bearing the maker’s mark of Nicholas Clausen, made in London in 1726. Its proportions embody the perfect harmony of shape and weight (asking price £3,500)

Koopman Rare Art’s catalogue Illumination in Isolation can be downloaded at

Koopman Rare Art will donate 10% on any sale from the objects in this catalogue to the Royal Free Hospital in London, an emergency fund to support staff at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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