Russian Icon Offers Advisory Services in the Field of Antique Icons

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Russian Icon offers bespoke advisory services in the field of antique Russian icons to assist clients interested in selling or expanding their collection.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — In cooperation with the leading experts, Russian Icon offers bespoke advisory services on the purchase, sale, and valuation of antique Russian icons to assist clients interested in selling, expanding, or starting their own collection of religious icon art. This includes analysis of the market, as well as due diligence on antique icons. We also provide our clients with professional collection management and curatorial services, help with exhibition and publication, and many more.

Established by the Russian icon expert and collector Oleg Kushnirskiy, Russian Icon is an online gallery focused on the preservation and collection of rare and unique pieces of Russian icon art. We particularly specialize in 18th-19th century icons created in Palekh, Kholuy, Mstyora, Vetka, Guslitsy, and other famous iconographic centers of the Russian Empire, but also work with much earlier examples of antique religious art. Some of the most important icons from the above-mentioned period and their detailed descriptions are included in the Russian Icon Book released in collaboration with the well-known Museum of the Russian Icon in Moscow and the leading experts in Russian art history and iconography, Anna Ivannikova and Sergey Khodorkovskiy.

In addition to our work on a variety of cultural projects related to antique Russian icons, Russian Icon provides advisory and management services. These include:
• condition investigation;
• administration and record keeping;
• appraisal and authentication;
• provenance and historical research;
• estimation of the market value for tax and insurance purposes;
• collection disposition and/or upgrade;
• curatorial services;
• exhibition and publication;
• investment solutions;
• help with buying and selling antique icons;
• storage, security, and display recommendations;
• packing, crating, and transportation.

Russian Icon also offers professional icon restoration and conservation services performed by the most reputable icon restorers working with the museums and auction houses worldwide. We deal with icons of any type, condition, and age, doing our best to preserve their value and cultural significance. The initial consultation, as well as the preliminary evaluation of antique icons, is free of charge and can be provided online upon request.

Whether it comes to the purchase or selling of important Russian icons or developing a meaningful collection of religious icon art and artifacts, Russian Icon provides a professional, personalized approach to every client, no matter their needs and requirements. We work closely with the leading experts and specialists in Russian icon art to deliver the highest quality of services and assistance. If you need bespoke advisory and collection management services in the field of antique Russian icons, be sure to contact our team for the details. For more information, please visit our website and join Russian Icon on social media platforms.

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