Pook & Pook, Rago, and Dallas Auction Gallery Lead the Year With Impressive Design & Decorative Art Results on Bidsquare

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NEW YORK, NY — Auctions on Bidsquare are off to a strong start in 2019 with design, decorative and Asian works of art leading sale results in January. Highlights include a Chinese cloisonné urn; George Nakashima furniture; an Adelaide Robineau exceptional vase and more.

A competitive bidding battle for a Chinese cloisonné urn kicked off the year in Pook & Pook’s Online Only Decorative Arts auction. After over 403 bids, the urn realized a final price of $126,000 from a Bidsquare bidder – 1,260 times the original estimate!

What made this urn so enticing to the bidders? Chinese cloisonné enamel vessels were produced as early as the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). It involves affixing metal wire designs on top of a bronze body. These wires form compartments and were then filled in with different colored enamels to create scenes including florals, landscapes and animals.  

The majority of cloisonné enamel vessels found today were produced during the 20th Century. These were mostly used for household decoration or were copies of existing designs from the 16th to 19th centuries. Read more about the urn here and view Pook & Pook’s auction results here.

Next up is Rago with their Modern Design sale and the Lost City Arts collection, where Bidsquare bidders took home eight supreme lots by George Nakashima, including the highest price for a work by George Nakashima on offer that weekend. Topping the list at $44,800 was aConoid Headboard and Bed, complete with Nakashima’s signature noted on the headboard. 

Also from the father of the American craft movement is a Minguren II coffee table. Landing smoothly as the second highest George Nakashima work to sell through Bidsquare that weekend, this classic design comprised of both walnut and rosewood sold for $21,760.

George Nakashima wasn’t the only star in Rago’s sales on Bidsquare. Interest in an eye-catching work by Adelaide Robineau formed rapidly, much like the very pattern it flaunts. Offered in the Early 20th Century Design sale, this fascinating crystalline vase sold for $24,320 on Bidsquare.

Adelaide Robineau, Exceptional vase; Sold for $24,320 on Bidsquare in Rago’s Early 20th C. Design auction on January 19, 2019

Two other impressive pots followed the Adelaide Robineau vase, a Newcomb College Tall Early Vase selling at $14,080 and a George Ohr Fine crumpled vessel selling for $11,520 on Bidsquare. Read more about additional impressive results in Rago’s January sales here or view Rago’s full auction results here.

Dallas Auction Gallery finished up a strong month of results on Bidsquare with their John W. Lolley Art Glass Collection auction on January 30th. The first of three sales from the lifetime collection of Mr. John W. Lolley of Monroe, Louisiana, recognized in 2008 as one of the Top 100 Collectors in America by Art & Antiques Magazine. 

In addition to important American and continental glass, the sale also included numerous European decorative arts, silver, furniture and Asian art. Dated to the late Ming Dynasty, a Rare large Ming bronze Bodhisattva called for attention during the auction, selling on Bidsquare for $12,500.

A Rare large Ming bronze Bodhisattva; Sold for $12,500 on Bidsquare in Dallas Auction Gallery’s The John W. Lolley Art Glass Collection auction on January 30, 2019

This sculpture depicts Guanyin, the bodhisattva of compassion. The deity is seated in the position of ‘royal ease’ on a Buddhist and wears a high jeweled crown. There are wonderful details throughout the figure from his graceful pose, beaded necklaces and long flowing gown with lotus brocade borders.

Keep a look out for Part II of The John W. Lolley Art Glass Collection from Dallas Auction Gallery, which will take place on March 20, 2019. View the full auction results from Part I of The John W. Lolley Art Glass Collection here.

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