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GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL and Mr. Brainwash are pleased to present you a new work entitled “The World is Beautiful”, which will be offered as a limited edition silkscreen print on paper at GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL. Each work is signed and numbered by the artist Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966).

Mr. Brainwash The World is Beautiful.
Mr. Brainwash The World is Beautiful.

GALERIE FRANK FLUEGEL has been representing the artist Mr. Brainwash in German-speaking countries since 2012. In the branch in Kitzbühel, new works, all unique pieces on paper, are shown during the winter months.

Now the gallery got in new works, all unique mixed media originals like Balloon Girl, Juxtapose, Kate Moss, Everyday Life – Follow your Dreams (FYD) or Einstein.

Mr. Brainwash – The World is Beautiful

Year: 2020

Format: 55,8 x 76,2 cm / 22 x 30 inch

Material: Fine Art Paper

Method: Screenprint

Edition: 75

Handsigned and numbered.

After the auction record in London for a Banksy painting at Sotheby’s in London, Street Art is increasingly becoming the focus of collectors.

Born in 1966 as Thierry Guetta in Garges-lès-Gonesse near Paris, he has lived in Los Angeles since the age of 15. His first exhibition “Life is Beautiful” took place in Los Angeles in 2008 and quickly became a crowd puller with more than 50,000 visitors.

In 2009 Madonna commissioned Mr. Brainwash to design the album cover of “Celebration”.
In 2010 the breakthrough came: Mr. Brainwash became famous through the multiple award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, in which he accompanied his friend and street art legend Banksy at work. This also brought him into the street art scene and he began to create art. From that moment on Mr. Brainwash was a phenomenon, a superstar, who conquered the art world in record time.

In February 2010 the second exhibition “Life Is Beautiful: Icons” opened in New York on 1,400 m2 and was sold out after a few days.

Numerous exhibitions followed in England, Germany, France and most recently in Seoul. A longer interview has just been published in the Paris Match.

With Stencils stencil graffiti as well as silkscreens and motifs from pop culture analogous to Warhol, the artist has brought Urban Art from the street into the living room and merged both art movements. The surprising works mix bright colors in any combination with sometimes controversial content. The whole thing is executed in mixed media with spray paint, painting and collage technique and enriched with ironic allusions, behind which a political-social message is often hidden.

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