Minted to melt- precious historic coins and jewelries in Pook & Pook’s online only auction

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Unravel the enthralling collection of coins and jewelries auctioned by Pook & Pook, Inc. on  Bidsquare. Feel the history behind the precious minted metals we call coins. They are not just a mirror of the time and country they were produced in. They are a symbol of art and history of the world they belonged to. The upcoming “online only” coin auction will keep you busy with the dizzying  collection.

With the finest art specimens of coins and jewelries, this auction is going to bring forth the most special items in the repository of Pook & Pook. They are sure to fuel the dormant coin collector in all the bidders. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a soft spot for antique jewelries and currencies or not, this collection of precious pieces is sure to keep everyone dazed and amazed.

These antique 20th century coins can make you feel entitled. If you love antique coins, check out this 1924 St. Gaudens twenty dollar gold coin, preserved in a perfect condition. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful coins produced in the US. Its bidding estimate of $1000 is justified, given the historical legacy that the coin carries. The coin was used after the First World War for trading purposes.

This one of a kind clustered ring is the one of the most eye-catching items in the auction catalogue. The base is gold with a magnificent pearl centre. But dont think it ends there. The asymmetrical surrounding of tiny opal clusters around the golden pearl shows the artistic planning that has gone into making such an unseen beauty.  It is in a very good condition. And when you own such a beauty, you flaunt it!

The Hamilton pocket watch for ladies bears the marks of antiquity. Its white gold is still rich without any sign of fading. The auctioning company claims that the pocket watch ticks and winds properly. This antique and vintage piece is in a wonderful condition and comes with a carved outer rim. However, it does not give any guarantee of its working condition. So what if you cannot carry it outside, you can definitely display this timeless beauty it in your living room’s and trigger your guests’ inquisitiveness. And if you want it to gift it to someone, it definitely is a beautiful time piece.

Want to go overboard with choice? Then, pick out the coin pendant combination. It exhibits a glowing image of Elizabeth II and with Isle of Man inscribed on the sides. Since it was crafted in 1995, this coin pendant is not an antique piece and is in a perfectly fine condition. The centre is made of gold while the surrounding is engraved with red colored gemstones and diamonds are studded at the top. Perfect blending of metals and gemstones makes it one of the most sought-after items in this auction house.

If you wish to wear something which combines fashion and elegance, and looks unique, then this 10k yellowish gold locket is one of the best options. Accompanying the 10k gold locket is a 14k gold chain along with a watch pocket chain of 14k. Perfect for keeping your loved ones close to your heart, the blue gemstone on top of the heart of this locket increases its overall appeal. This timeless classic looks simple yet elegant and will grace your personality significantly.

Two Mark Twain American Arts gold medallions.
Lot 1415

Did you grow up reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? Are you a devoted literature fan? Then, the Mark Twain American Arts gold medallions are just the right piece to go for. In memory of Mark Twain, also called the “Father on American Literature”, the medallion features his front face portrait and his name inscribed on it. The reverse side features a steamboat on the river Mississippi based on his personal experiences and stories. The reverse is also inscribed with American Arts Commemorative along with the date 1981. Make sure you store these coins with extreme care not only because of the expensive gold but these have your favorite author infused in them.

This list features some of the most significant jewelries and items and there are plenty more that are waiting to be explored. Visit the Bidsquare platform on the auctioning day and pick out the item you find most enthralling. Numismatists or not, bidding on this particular collection of the most carefully acquired metal mints will leave them feeling enriched !

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