Leading Wine Auction House Acker Partners with CellArt Luxury Cellar Designer Offers the Optimal Melding of Wine + Art

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading Wine Auction House Acker is proud to announce its investment in and strategic partnership with Montreal-based CellArt, a designer and manufacturer of ultra-luxe wine cellars and tasting rooms.

As Acker approaches its bicentennial, the partnership reflects its ongoing focus on the escalation of the art and enjoyment of wine collection and consumption to a never-before-seen level. Stated Acker CEO Irvin Goldman, “CellArt represents state of the art design, manufacture, and implementation of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious wine cellars. As the leading purveyor of fine and rare wine in the world, we are proud to be offering these services to our clients globally and believe that CellArt is another step towards defining Acker as the leading luxury brand in fine and rare wine.”

Fresh from the company’s rebrand in 2018, Acker’s collaboration with CellArt reflects its commitment to continually deliver on the finest luxury elements of wine and wine consumption to its clients; services upon which the company was founded almost 200 years ago. With increased demand for fine and rare wine around the world, connoisseurs with large or small spaces have the need for well-made, artistically designed cellars – from home cellars to curated wine spaces in yachts and private jets. Goldman continued, “The wine market continues to be one of the best performing asset classes, as it has for the past 50 years. The increased consumption and demand for fine and rare wine will continue to climb based on global supply and demand economics, and Acker’s commitment to deliver the finest in wine and wine services will constantly meet that need.” As Acker’s exclusive wine space creator, global clients seeking one-of-a-kind cellars will be referred directly to CellArt.

“From extraordinary wine spaces to unique Art pieces and Wine objects, CellArt has refined and reimagined the wine lover’s world. CellArt is proud to become the exclusive wine spaces creator and first art and wine reference of Acker,” noted Founder and President Jonathan Primeau.

For more information on CellArt or to begin curating the wine cellar of your dreams, visit ackerwines.com/cellart or email [email protected].

For more information on Acker’s upcoming auctions, or to consign a collection, please visit www.ackerwines.com.

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