Grand Auction to be held on the Classic and Contemporary items by Rago

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A grand auction is to be held by Rago with some prominent classic and contemporary items. There are different selling pieces ranging from mid-century to modern designs which will be showcased in the upcoming auction. The auction will also feature an assortment of lighting, furniture, and ornamental metalwork by Oscar Bach. The enthusiasts with a desire to buy the classic and contemporary collections can get a large number of items at the Rago auction.

You can be a proud owner of the antiques that belong to the American, Continental and English origin. Given below are some of the items that stand-apart and have a notable history too. All important information about the products is available on Bidsquare.


The Important Oscar Bach Serving Table is one of the most magnificent items among the Classic and Contemporary pieces. The serving table is from USA and made during 1922-23. The table is decorated with bronze, iron, copper and heraldic motifs.

The item is in good condition; however, you may find a chip in the corner and bends in the elements. The marble has also undergone repairing. The starting bid of the item is $2500 that is the highest of all the Oscar Bach items. The projected estimate is $5000 to $7000.

If you are interested in Oscar Bach products, then do check out the Oscar Bach Console Table with hoofed feet and the Rare Oscar Bach Tazza.

LOUIS TAVELLI (American, 1914-2010)

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This classic painting of Louis Tavelli is named Altamira, #1. It is one of the best examples of contemporary art and has an American origin. The oil-on-canvas painting is in good condition. However, there are some abrasions present. The dimension of the item is 57 ½”x84”.

The starting bid of the painting is $1800 and the estimated value is $3500 to $5500.

These paintings are a delight to get hold of. A mix of definitive and modern-day art, another Louis Tavelli diptych painting that you must check is the Altamira, #0 and Untitled (abstract blue and white) triptych media on canvas.


The Impressive KPM Porcelain Mantle Clock is an antique classic item and has the highest starting bid among all the items of the auction at $13000. This magnificent clock has a porcelain dial which is surmounted by Chronos. You can also find the statues of Cupid and sphinx flanking from either side of the clock. Both the statues are raised on the base. The item is of the Austrian origin with circa 1900s. The dimension of the item is 30 1/2”x37”. The estimated value of the item after the auction might rise to $25000 to $35000.

If you happen to love porcelain classic items, you should also check out the Royal Copenhagen Dinnerware and the Royal Copenhagen Tableware.


The Gustav Stickley Rare Corner Cabinet has an interesting story attached to it. You will be amazed to know that the cabinet descended from the family of Anton Otto Fischer. He was a noted painter who is mainly known for his seascape paintings and illustrations in the classic books Moby Dick and Treasure Island. He was married to Ellen Sigsbee and the couple bought this cabinet during the 1930s. This is the time when they also moved to the new house in Woodstock.

As per the present condition of the item is concerned, you can expect that the cabinet is a usable condition and it can enhance the vintage outlook of your house. The starting bid price of the item is $5000. The estimated price of the item is $10,000 to $15,000.

You can also check out the George Nakashima style Andrew Franz Fine Coffee Table.

AFTER CARL KAUBA (Austrian, 1865-1922)

A showpiece made of bronze, After Carl Kauba is a classic item cold-painted and signed in the base. The showpiece comprises of a statue of a Plains Indian Chief who is holding a rifle. The height of the item is 52″.  

The item is in an overall good condition. However, you might find some paint losses in parts of the items. In some places, refreshing paints are also there. The item was made circa 1865-1922.

The starting bid price of the item is $5000 which is decently high when compared to other products. The estimated price of the product is $10,000 to $ 15,000.

ANTONIO MARINETTI (Il Chiozzotto) (Italian, ca. 1710-1796)

The name of this classic portrait is “Portrait of Sister Maria Candida Serafica at Prayer”. Made in 1746, the medium of the painting is oil-on-canvas and is framed. The artist who painted the picture was Antonio Marinetti, also known as Il Choizzotto. There are a number of exhibitions where this painting has been displayed so far. You can find the names of the owners so far. There are a few abrasions is the picture. A scuff is present in the nose of the figure.

The starting bid price of the item is $2500. The estimated value of the painting is projected at $5,000-$7000.


The Bill Biggs Rocking Chair is a vintage chair with a exceptionally unique design. The product was made circa 1970 and the dimensions are 37”x 21”x 45” respectively. The condition of the chair is good though there is some amount of sun-fading throughout the body. In the upcoming auction of Rago, this chair has a starting bid price of $1000. The projected estimate of the product is $2000 to $3000.

If you want to take home some exclusive decorative pieces, you can also check Salvador Dali for Daum Sculpture and Hagenauer Figural Table Lamp.

So, these are some of the leading items from the modern and classic Rago collection that will be auctioned on 13th April 2019 at 7: 30 PM on Bidsquare. You can get the full list of items on the website. Always try to follow the catalog provided on the website as it will be easier for you to get information and access to each piece from the auction.

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