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“Artisanship and enticing” are what describes Alex Cooper’s auction on Friday, 29th February 2019 which possesses many beautiful pieces. Fine art is particularly well presented in the sale. The exquisitely large collection of modern & contemporary artworks highlights the accomplishment of each artist in expressionism.

The canvases of commendable artists including Frank Stella, Robert Motherwell, Julian Schnabel, Sam Gilliam, and Sol LeWitt & Picasso, depict modernity and engaging abstractness. Absentee and Internet live bidding was available on Bidsquare.

Helen Frankenthaler. “Broome Street at Night.”


The rising of an artist is always the most inspiring event that can happen to the world. All these decades, an artist being preoccupied with their brush strokes and consumed with their passion is what keeps the light in the world alive. An abstract-expressionism, Helen Frankenthaler found her voice through her design of color-stained techniques through a subtle thin layer of paint on the canvas. She is a second generation artist who became known in New York at 1950s. Her painting titled “Broome Street at Night” is an example of her radiant work expressing feelings on the canvas rather than painting nature per se.

Her paintings do not manifest the real-world, but the impression of elements in the form of landscapes and emotive subject matter. The estimated bid for the painting is $6,000-$8,000

Sam Gilliam. Untitled, mixed media

The art piece by Sam Gilliam is one of the splendorous items in the auction characterized by intense colors. Sam Gilliam is an African-American artist whose work is considered to be a milestone of American art. The 84-year-old artist’s paintings are surrounded by the concept of stained fabric. He believes that though his works are not blatantly political in any manner, it has the ability to pivot the attention to politics. His work is an experiment with the possibilities of folding and draping canvases. The estimate for the painting is $8,000 – $10,000.

Marc Chagall. “Le Peintre Devant le Village I”

Additionally, the auction presents work of Marc Zakharovich Chagall (1887 – 1985) who was a 20th-century painter with an exceptional record. He was a Russian-French artist with an eccentric style that made him known to the world of art. In the following painting, Le Peintre Devant le Village I, the artist has painted surreal subjects taken up mostly from his personal history. His paintings are peculiar and distinct from the rest, as he prospered in the uniqueness of his own. His artwork is regarded as a mixture of cubism, fauvism, and symbolism. With the meaning of art lost in this chaotic world, for him, art was a way of being expressive of oneself.  The estimated price for the painting is $5,000-$6,000

Joan Miro. Untitled, etching and aquatint

The sale also has original artwork, featuring a 17th-century painter, Joan Miro whose work has not escaped notice all these years. Joan Miro has characterized his artworks as experimentation with non-objectivity. There are a few splendid personalities in the history who have dared to meddle with the very concept of modernism. One of them is Joan Miro who, as depicted in this painting, have poured their heart out in a virtually artistic manner. The estimated price for the painting is $4,500-$5,000.

Salvador Dali. Dedicatory Drawing, blue ink

Lot 822 is an endearing ink drawing on paper by Salvador Dali, Spanish/French artist (1904-1989). He distinguished himself through his signature style and engaging composition of the work. He was very much committed to surrealism. Through his strokes and scribbles, he narrated dreams and imaginations playing in his mind. His work did not consist of elements of what the world is actually like but rather how he wanted it to be. The estimated price for the painting is $5,000-$7,000.

This exclusive collection from Alex Cooper will be showcased on Bidsquare. Nonetheless, the rest of the auction is packed with mid-century modern furniture and decorative arts including bronzes, porcelain, glass, clocks, a Baltimore album, quilt, and fine rugs.

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