Exciting Sale with Alex Coopers on 11th April 2019

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We are very excited to present you the spring sale by none other than Alex Cooper, the auction house known for antiques and fine arts! Alex Cooper Auction House has been helping auctioneers to make a perfect pick since 1924. Their gallery auctions are well known to feature fine and decorative arts as well as a peculiar variety of antiques, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, oriental rugs, porcelain, glass, sterling silver, Asian arts, and collectibles. Some of these categories are what is going to be showcased in this lively auction that will be held on 11th April 2019.

The auction has gathered an impressive collection of unique items this month and we have just the details you need. Some of the very fine masterpieces by renowned artists would make anyone want to have head-to-head competition. So make sure you clear your schedule for 11th April, Thursday because things are going to get really exhilarating in here!

Lois Mailou Jones. Still Life with Flowers

Let’s begin with this bold painting called Still Life with Flowers by an American painter, Lois Mailou Jones. The eye-catching abstract work has flowers as its dominating element. She has painted the florals in brighter colors and with a more expressionistic style. Lois Mailou Jones had a career span that lasted for more than 70 years. Her works reflect a command of widely diverse styles, from traditional landscape to African-themed abstraction.

She was not just an artist, but also an inspiration to all who have ever been bound by shackles of society’s stereotypes and discrimination. In order to become an influential and successful icon in art history, Lois Mailou Jones had to overcome many racial and gender prejudices. She started being recognized for the content and technique of her work. This exclusive painting is estimated to be sold for $6000-$8000

Robert Indiana. “The Figure 5”

The painting, “The Figure 5” is sure to make you stop on your track and glare in amusement. The artist, Robert Indiana was thoroughly fond of Demuth’s work (American Modernist painter). That is where he got the inspiration for his own works, especially this particular one. He used Demuth’s painting as a theme and decided to make an allusion of his work as he was very impressed by his art.

The words painted on the canvas came from earlier works. The words “EAT” “DIE” originated from the fact that the last word spoken by his mother before she died was “Eat.” Although, it also relates to other components of American life. He thought of another idea of “HUG” “ERR.” to add to “EAT” “DIE”. “HUG” was a word that stood for showing love, affection and so forth. Hence, it covered some of the major aspects of an individual’s life. The estimated price for this painting is $2250-$2750.

Karel Appel. “Cat in the Night”

This painting called ‘Cat in the Night’ is a prominent work of an influential Dutch painter, Karel Appel. This very peculiar painting adds a good amount of spice in the collection. He is a celebrated artist who is quite brave for using colors as a way of expressing the subject.

The subject depicts the view of a cat at night. He explains that he was inspired by the raw innocence of the children because they have a mind so pure yet uncomplicated. They don’t think about the angles or shapes or precision, all they care about is letting it all out on the paper. This way, the artist feels free of any restrictions to be himself and express himself. Karel Appel liked his paintings to be a place where he could simply communicate through colors. Furthermore, he wants the viewer to feel the freedom in his work which is why we believe this painting is rather more valuable in the auction. The estimate for this painting is $500-$700

Chinese Blue/White Porcelain Moon Flask Vase

This magnificent moon flask represents the height of Chinese porcelain production. In the 18th century, the original designs were transformed into elegant upright vessels with ornate scroll handles. The circular body rises from a splayed oval foot to a cylindrical neck. The neck is flanked by a pair of S-scroll handles which is finely painted in varying tones of cobalt blue which enhances the beauty of the piece.

The circle of the vase contains meticulous decorations of a floral medallion in the center. Similarly, the medallion is encircled by a delicately carved dragon to the right and a Phoenix to the left.

The Qing-style blue and white moon flask vase mark is also designed with several patterns of overlapping floral petals and leaves. There are two gilt handles marked at the neck and this Asian craft honors the glories of the past. This beautiful vase is estimated to be sold for $250-$350

Italian Napoleon III Style Side Cabinet

We don’t think you can go any more antique, rare with the high-quality item of Lot 1150. This 20th century Napoleon III period cabinet is flat inlaid top with a molded edge. It has a spectacular center compartment with medium drawer. The double ovolo side compartments with shelves are enclosed by glass panel doors, brass mounts and parquetry, and floral marquetry. This sensational furniture is sure to add a glow to your room and is estimated to be sold for $500-$700.

Alex Cooper brings enthusiastic buyers and trust-worthy sellers together to provide a platform for a competitive and vivacious environment of buying and selling. We hope you will find your favorites among the incredible 363 items in the auction which will take place on Bidsquare. Information and details for all the items are listed on the Bidsquare platform.

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