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Showplace has recently auctioned a few items of the Fashion Executive Margot Rogoff and others. In this exclusive auction on Bidsquare, there were several outstanding items of the historic era. All the items were more or less antique pieces and carried decent prices in the auction. The items that were featured in the auction were the finest examples of the Asian art and decorative arts. Prominent fashion enthusiasts also got a lot of fashionable items to bid upon. The auction also had exclusive handbags that turned out to desirable elements in the auction.

Rogoff was the former spokesperson of the Bloomingdale’s Public Relation. Her collection of antiquities included a number of fashion accessories and artistic pieces of the pre-Columbian era and modern art.

Here are some of the products that were sold out in the recent auction held by Showplace.

Indian Pala-Type Six Arm Shiva Black Basalt Stele

The Indian Pala-type Shiva of 6 arms is made up of black basalt. The figure of the Lord is seated on a lotus throne and numerous smaller figures surrounded him in the stele. The figure approximately dates back to somewhere between 8th to 12th century. The dimension of the figure is 38.5”x21”x9”. The figure has had some losses at the left upper center, sides and the back. As per the condition of the lot during the time of bidding, no reports were present. Nevertheless, it does not imply that the lot was totally perfect.

The price in which the Shiva stele was sold in the Showplace auction was $18,000.

The Chinese Export Hand-Printed Screen Gouache

The hand-printed screen gouache is a piece of extraordinary decorative Asian art that belonged to Rogoff. In the recent auction on Bidsquare, this item was also put on the bid and was sold out at a decent price. The screen gouache is made of paper and hand painted with beautiful sceneries. The scenery that featured in the screen gouache consisted of plants, flowers, insects, and birds. The item approximately dates back to 1770s. At the time of bidding, it also consisted of water stains at the panel legs and repair works marks at the painted surface screen. The dimensions of the item are as follows- 75”x162”x1”.

The item can be used as a room divider as it is mounted on a wooden panel. The item was sold out for $3900 in the auction.

Hermes 35cm Etain Togo Leather Birkin Bag

As mentioned above, one of the leading fashion accessories of Rogoff that was sold in the auction was the Etain Togo Leather Birkin Bag. This leather bag is made with palladium hardware and has a turn-lock closure feature along with a couple of rolled handles. A dust bag along with an open pocket and a zipper is also present in this exclusive Hermes bag. The dimensions of the mentioned item are 10.5×13.75×7. This item was sold in the auction at the price of $7200. During the action, the photographs of the item were present for the bidders.

Xu Beihong “Galloping Horse” Ink on Paper

The Galloping Horse is one of the finest paintings of Xu Beihong a Chinese painter that was recently auctioned by the Showplace. The painting contained the signature of Xu Beihong along with a red seal on the right side of the painting. The Galloping Horse in the item comprised of the dimensions 37″x23.25″ and the frame dimension were 28.75”x24.5”x1”. At the time of bidding, there were many stains and toning present in the painting. A number of photographs were also present with regard to the painting. The bidders could get it on request during the auction. This exclusive painting was sold at $6000.

Chinese Zitan Wood Cabinet 19th century

The Chinese Zitan Wood Cabinet is one of the most expensive items that was sold in the auction held on the estate of the fashion executive Rogoff. The product was made in the 19th century. A number of features were present in the Zitan Wood Cabinet. They are small compartments at the top of the cabinet, a lock, a key and wooden architecture over the exterior part of the item. The architecture also consisted of various designs featuring people, fauna, and flora. An original label of Christie dating back to 1997 was also present in the product. The back panel consisted of some signs of repair during the time of bidding. The dimension of the item was 85″ Hx40″ Wx18″ D.

The last bidding price went up to $33,000 and was also the final selling price.

Hermes Paris ‘H’ Diamond Wrist Watch

The Hermes Paris ‘H’ Diamond wristwatch was one of the most eye-catching fashion accessories that were sold in the recent auction of the Showplace. It was one of the personal belongings of Rogoff. She had an eclectic collection of fashion accessories. This exclusive Hermes watch was sold for $3125.  So, these were some of the exclusive items from the delightful collection of Rogoff that were sold out recently in the auction. It was overall a decent auction that yielded a good amount of money.

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