CollexArt Purchase Award for Boundaries Goes to Jeffry David Miller

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The CollexArt Purchase Award has been awarded to Jeffry David Miller for his work titled View 6.

View 6 by Jeffry David Miller
View 6 by Jeffry David Miller

PORTLAND, MAINE, USA, August 28, 2020 / — The second CollexArt Purchase Award has been given to artist, Jeffry David Miller for his work titled View 6. The work is now part of the CollexArt Collection.

View 6 (part of a series of 6) was the winning entry for the open call to artists titled, Boundaries. The artwork stood out for its concept, composition, and interplay of materials. With the artist’s work you are drawn into the artist’s experience of the seeping, sinking, and leaching of ink into gesso over pure white paper. The ink and gesso are walled off by hard edges creating the illusion of a center space bounded by a built environment.

“In these images, all of that haptic information melds into the surface interaction between paper, gesso, and ink. Surface and depth play delicately within this thin interactive field of lights and darks on the surfaces of structures between earth and sky. Pools of liquid slide up, down, left, and right, both obeying the grids of design and defying the gravitational orientation of urban landscape. Everything is possible, and everything is limited and defined. We are confined in these views and limitations. We work with and within them, always trying to push through and beyond them, always arriving back at the surfaces where limitations and possibilities meet.” Jeffry David Miller The artist resides in California.

The CollexArt Purchase Award is intended to support selected artists with meaningful recognition. Recipients of the Purchase Award are entered as finalists for the annual Collexart Grand Prize.

Artists of any nationality may apply for the Purchase Award.

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