Charming decorative arts exceed estimates in Neue Auctions’ Summer Art & Antiques Auction, July 25th

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Charming decorative arts exceed estimates in Neue Auctions Summer Art & Antiques Auction July 25th

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – A simple but charming garden bird whirligig yard ornament standing about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a central post, attached to which were seven spinning branches, each with a bird on either end, proved irresistible to bidders in Neue Auctions’ online-only Summer Art & Antiques Auction held July 25th. After spirited bidding, it flew away for $1,353. Color woodblock with embossing by Hiroaki Takahashi Shotei (Japanese, 1871-1945), titled Tama, the Cat (1924), 10 inches by 14 inches ($1,107).Neue Auctions The birds appeared to be machine stamped metal with traces of blue paint, and the tip had an

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