Canadian Artist wins CollexArt Purchase Award for Contemporary Landscape

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The CollexArt Purchase Award has been awarded to Canadian artist, Teresa Bowyer, for her work titled River.

River by Teresa Bowyer
River by Teresa Bowyer

PORTLAND, MAINE, USA, September 1, 2020 / — The third CollexArt Purchase Award has been given to artist, Teresa Bowyer for her work titled River. The work is now part of the CollexArt collection.

River was the winning entry for the open call to artists titled, Contemporary Landscape. The acrylic painting on Birch panel stood out for its composition, limited palette, and focus on detail. We were drawn to the subtlety of the painting. It is a work that offers a quiet meditation on themes of change, strength, movement and time.

“My work seeks to express all that nature inspires in me when I take in its temporal, ever-changing compositions, with particular attention lavished on water. This vital element’s textures, rhythms, sounds, temperaments, colours, patterns, objects afloat on it and those hidden below its surface provide a glistening allegory for the human condition as well as stark beauty for beauty’s sake. Water’s mercurial temper generates moments that are lost in the rush. Wave formations, fleeting patterns made by drops of wet clay on the surface of otherwise still water, gull feathers, errant insects momentarily brought together with algal blooms floating in the August sun, looking for all the world like stars, all part of a tangled beauty, composing and decomposing. My paintings seek to capture some of that beauty, bridging the finite with the infinite, and vice-versa..” Teresa Bowyer

The artist resides in Canada.

The CollexArt Purchase Award is intended to support selected artists with meaningful recognition. Recipients of the Purchase Award are entered as finalists for the annual Collexart Grand Prize.

Artists of any nationality may apply for the Purchase Award.

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