Artifex AI Provides Ability to Interact with A.I. to Create Next-Gen Collectible Art

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DETROIT, MI, USA, August 11, 2020 / — Artifex AI Provides Ability to Interact with A.I. to Create Next-Gen Collectible Art

Detroit, MI, August 7, 2020 –Artifex AI has launched a web-based experience ( which allows users to interact with powerful A.I. algorithms trained to produce beautiful, new abstract artwork in real-time. Users can create an unlimited number of pieces which will never be created again and purchase their favorite on a 1-of-1 canvas. The artistic style has been carefully curated by Founder and Creative Director, Ian Rowan, to create a bridge between human creativity and future technologies.

The idea for Artifex began as Ian Rowan, CEO of MindBuilder AI, planned to use his love for art, and over two years of research into creative A.I. algorithms, GANs, to create a process for expressing his favorite genres through A.I. He would create a gallery or exhibit where visitors view digital canvases with continuously generated art by A.I. This means that as the images in the gallery changed, only the visitors looking at a specific piece would ever have the opportunity to see and purchase this piece by A.I. one time, creating a truly 1-of-1 collectible. Given the global circumstances of COVID-19, the concept of a physical gallery lost its possibility. This meant the next best opportunity would be to bring this experience online. Artifex was developed as a web application to let anyone in the world create as many A.I. generated pieces as they desire. Each piece is unique and generated seconds after the click or tap of “Create”. Users populate a gallery under their user profile with their favorite pieces to hold on to those which they found meaning in. When users have found a piece they believe should be brought to life, users can purchase a limited, hand signed 1-of-1 canvas along with other options in a given season.

Rowan is passionate that experiences, like Artifex, are important resources for society to interact with A.I. in a relatable, tangible form: “A.I. is becoming a prevalent term, though many still don’t have a way to interact with its technologies. By bridging the gap between technology and art, Artifex can provide one of the most tangible ways for the public to interact with A.I.” Rowan also hopes to express the power humans hold in the entire process of creating art with Artificial Intelligence: “I believe it’s important to note that although different, this art is as human as any other form. I’ve carefully curated the training pieces based on a desired style, the AI community has created these algorithms for artistic purposes, and the users have the ability to bring any piece they find beautiful into the world. Human creativity is important at each of these steps and accomplishes what A.I. cannot on its own, creating a next-gen, collaborative experience.” Rowan went on to explain that he hopes that each user can feel that they are just as important to the creative process of Artifex as anyone else.

Artifex aims to provide an exciting collectible experience through its A.I. on Canvas purchase options. Each quarter of the year, or season, new styles are added to the A.I. influencing what users create on each click. As users find pieces they love, they can bring them into the world through 3 options:

24” x 24” 1-of-1 Canvases provide the most exclusive experience and one of the most unique art collecting opportunities. When the user decides on a piece, which is already unique given their eyes have been the only to see it, Artifex will produce the canvas print in house. The canvas will be signed on the back frame by Rowan and Artifex, including an individual number and season. The user will also receive a High-Resolution file of their image with full rights. 1-of-1s are provided in limited stock each season to provide a collectible experience. Artifex also provides 24” x 24” canvases (reprint-able) and 8” x 8” photo prints, affordable options in unlimited quantities. Each option includes the same High-Resolution printing and is fulfilled by 3rd party canvas print suppliers. Altogether, at the end of the season, Artifex users will have curated a collection or capsule of art that embodies the human creativity in unison with the A.I.

The current season embodies abstract art, per Rowan’s curation. He left a closing comment on the curation and creation of this season: “I love abstract art because each person sees something different, thus creating something in the art even when they aren’t the painter. The cool part with art by A.I. is that even the painter [A.I.] hasn’t assigned meaning yet, so the creation process is afforded to the person who brings a generated piece into the world!”

Artifex is live now creating unlimited, new beautiful pieces. Artifex also curates an Instagram Gallery every day and looks forward to the community joining them in this experience.

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