An Autograph Manuscript by Philip the Fair: A Piece of French History

La Gazette Drouot
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This parchment written by the Iron King (r. 1285-1314) reminds us of the major and often murky role that his right-hand man, Guillaume de Nogaret, played during his reign. 14th century, Philip IV (The Fair) (1268-1314). Manuscript on Parchment, (66 x 54 cm, 26 x 21.3 in)Estimate: €20,000/30,000 Pope Boniface VIII, refusing to allow Philip IV (Le Bel or The Fair) to tax the assets of the church within his country, issued a bull (papal edict) in 1302 asserting the papacy’s superiority over royalty. In response, the King of France decided to send men to Italy to arrest the Pope and

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