Alvar Aalto’s Stool 60 Turns 80

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Alvar Aaltos Stool 60 Turns 80

Read about Alvar Aalto's versatile and popular piece of furniture, the Stool 60. The simple and stackable Stool 60 celebrated its 80th anniversary in production in 2013, a true testament to its straightforward yet pleasing design. Created by the designer and architect Alvar Aalto (Finnish, 1898–1976) in the early 1930s, the Stool 60 was an experiment in Functionalism and the International Style, design movements that emphasized a minimalist, utilitarian, and efficient aesthetic. The three-legged stool was constructed out of bent wood, varying from the popular tubular steel used by many of Aalto’s contemporaries. The result was a durable and practical stool that would go on to

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