A World Record for French Painter Fabienne Verdier

La Gazette Drouot
Published on

Drops of water shimmered alongside Fabienne Verdier’s work and brought the artist a world record. Around her, Asian art also blossomed. Fabienne Verdier (born 1962), Cercle-Ascèse (Circle-Ascesis), canvas stretched on panel, 183 x 135 cm/72.04 x 53.14 in (detail)Result: €362,970 The art market is smiling at Fabienne Verdier, whose prices are steadily rising. Her 2007 Cercle-Ascèse (Circle-Ascesis) broke a world record at €362,970 (source: Artnet). With this unfinished—and therefore open—circle, the painter, whose rigorous training alongside masters of calligraphy was a necessary initiation, has created a field of possibilities evoking her relationship to nature and the energy it emanates. A graduate of the école des beaux-arts in Toulouse,

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