A Treasure Hunt Led by Modigliani and a Flesh-Eating Dinosaur

La Gazette Drouot
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Who says temptation must be resisted? This sale of 17 carefully chosen lots, including a meteorite, a portrait by Modigliani, and a 154-million-year-old theropod skeleton, lives up to its name. Carnivorous theropod dinosaur, Morrison formation, Late Jurassic, Middle Kimmeridgian (about 154 million years ago), Wyoming, United States, 80 x 222 x 58 cm/31.49 x 87.40 x 22.83 in.Estimate: €250,000/300,000 Rarity is synonymous with five-, six- and seven-figure bids. This sale, called "Temptation No. 1", is no exception. The star, Burgundian Woman, dated 1918 and signed by Modigliani, is a bust portrait of the artist’s companion Jeanne Hébuterne estimated at about €7

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