A Monumental Astronomical Pendulum Clock Attributed to Jean-Louis Bouchet

La Gazette Drouot
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It is time to discover a rare monumental pendulum clock revealing a complex mechanism that was totally cutting-edge for its time, the 1770s. Attributed to Jean-Louis Bouchet (1737-1792), monumental astronomical pendulum clock displaying solar and mean time, quarter-hour chimes, skeleton movement, case stamped Jean Baptiste Guillaume Prévost (1739-1812), c. 1770, 303 x 92 x 53 cm/119.29 x 36.22 x 20.86 in.Estimate: €600,000/800,000 This impressive astronomical pendulum clock is undoubtedly the only one of its size—over three meters tall (roughly 10 feet tall)—on the market. It is also a highly complex time-measuring instrument, a flawless testament to the ingenuity of clockmakers at the end of

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