A Masterpiece of 16th-Century European Tapestry Production

La Gazette Drouot
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A Masterpiece of 16th Century European Tapestry Production

This marvel of refinement was woven in the workshops of Tournai in the early 16th century for Maximilian I. The appearance of this historic monument on the market will be a red-letter day. Flanders, Tournai workshops, early 16th century, Imperial hunt and hawking party of Maximilian I in the Sonian Forest, wool and silk tapestry, 3.05 x 10.25 meters/10 x 33.6 ft.Estimate: €800,0000/1,000,000 Since the 13th century, the ceremonial apartments of the most powerful families were warmed by hangings covering the walls and furniture, giving their owners the opportunity to be represented among their relatives with a magnificence designed to dazzle

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