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    June Collectibles And Fine Art

    Sam Gilliam, an African American artist, introduced draped, painted canvas hangings that lacked stretcher bars in the 1960s. The stained fabric pieces are regarded as a major step in the development of American art. Known as a Lyrical Abstractionist, the artist frequently experiments on draped canvas, adding a sculptural element…

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    May Asian Sale

    Cloisonné is mainly used to decorate metal objects or ceramics. The technique involves applying colored enamels to different materials, which are then fired to bring out the design. It likely originated in ancient Egypt or the Byzantine Empire. It later spread to China, where it was applied to bronze and…

    porcelain cover jar
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    Asian Art & Antiques - Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Snuff Bottles

    Chinese artist Zhang Daqian is best known for his splashed-ink landscapes and lotus paintings. Zhang’s works were influenced by individualistic masters such as Shitao and Bada Shanren. The upcoming Asian Art & Antiques - Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Snuff Bottles sale, presented by Oakridge Auction Gallery, highlights two paintings by Zhang.…

    Lotus Painting by Zhang Daqian Given to Qiangli
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    Asian Art & Antiques - Ceramics and Works of Art

    Blue-colored ceramics gained significance in China during the Tang dynasty. The blue-glazed porcelain pieces got their distinctive color from cobalt, imported from Persia. At the time, cobalt was scarce and only used in limited quantities. Blue and white pottery and porcelain gained broader recognition during the Qing dynasty. A pair…

    Chinese Flambe Vase, 18th Century
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    Asian Art, including Chinese Paintings

    The ‘hundred boys' theme was very popular during the Qing and Ming dynasties. The 'hundred boys' refers to King Wen of the Zhou dynasty, who had 99 sons and adopted one more to have an even 100. Later, the theme was used to represent the desire for many sons to…

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    America's Frontier | Ethnographic | Ancient

    Isis is the Egyptian goddess of childbirth, motherhood, and power, and she was equally famous among the polytheistic worshippers of the Roman Empire. During the early Imperial Period, her worship spread far and wide among the Romans. To honor the goddess, the emperor Caligula established a procession that wound through…

    18th C. New Mexican Leather Petaca - Traveling Trunk
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    Two Auctions from Stair Galleries Prove Continued Demand for Mario Buatta Collection

    Mario Buatta in a room he decorated. Photo by Ted Harden and Courtesy Rizzoli. The first antique Mario Buatta acquired cost him $12, an 18th-century lap desk he bought at the age of 11. His father made sure the piece was fumigated before it entered the family home. "[Collecting] relates…

    Two Auctions from Stair Galleries Prove Continued Demand for Mario Buatta Collection 1 (1)
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    Clarke Auction Gallery features art, jewelry, silver April 26

    Leading the fine art category is a Daniel Hermann Anton Melbye seascape oil on canvas ($8/12,000), signed lower right, 33¼ by 60 inches. LARCHMONT, NY.- Evolving as countless other businesses have in recent weeks, Clarke Auction Gallery has shifted to an online-only bidding model for its upcoming auction on Sunday, April…

    Clarke Auction Gallery features art, jewelry, silver April 26
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    Pavilion Online: Chinese Art

    A gilt-bronze sculpture of Avalokiteśvara will be featured in the upcoming Pavilion Online: Chinese Art auction, offered by Christie's. Of several deities in Buddhism, Avalokiteśvara is known as the bodhisattva of infinite compassion and enlightenment. The available piece shows Avalokiteśvara holding drapes while standing on a lotus base.  A Rouleau…

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    Artist to Know: Tarsila do Amaral

    “The Picasso of Brazil” Featured in Upcoming Sale Known almost universally in her native Brazil, Tarsila do Amaral was a Modernist leader in South America during the early 20th century. Her popularity has spread beyond Brazil’s borders within recent years, particularly after her first American exhibition at the Museum of…

    Artist to Know Tarsila do Amaral5
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    Asian Decorative Arts - Online-Only Auction

    In 1951, the São Paulo Art Biennial awarded prizes to Hanga artists rather than the usual master painters and sculptors. The two artists selected were Tetsuro Komai for his etchings and Kiyoshi Saito for his woodblock prints. Sosaku Hanga artists were generally disregarded in the Japanese art world, for their…

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    Time Pieces, Jewelry, Art and Antiques

    A.B. Levy’s will present a selection of watches, furniture, and sculpture in the upcoming Time Pieces, Jewelry, Art, and Antiques auction. Among the highlighted lots is a Meiji Period elephant figure made of patinated bronze. This sculpture, created in the late 19th century, depicts a standing elephant being attacked by…

    Time Pieces, Jewelry, Art and Antiques A. B. Levy's
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    Great Deals Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art

    Sets of gilded brooches were worn throughout the Viking world on women’s cloaks, pinned with a chain between them. An example of these matching brooches from Gotland, Sweden will be offered in the upcoming Great Deals Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery. The available set is made…

    Published Greek Glass Pendant - Ram's Head
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    Asian Online by Stair

    During Japan's Edo Period, merchants and artisans began making more money but were still confined by a strict class system. Many chose to spend their new-found wealth on entertainment. This included ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, which portrayed actors, sumo wrestlers, and erotica. An album of actor portraits in the…

    Asian Online
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    Eclectic Collection of Estates Worldwide

    Ernest Trova was a sculptor and Pop artist who rose to fame during the 1960s for his series of sculptures, prints, and paintings titled Falling Man. A self-taught artist, Trova worked as a window dresser in his early years. Inspired by the works of artists such as Jean Dubuffet and…

    (2 Pc) Licio Zanetti Murano Glass Birds
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    Fine Art & Antiques

    Louis Comfort Tiffany created Tiffany Studios particularly to expand the use of iridescent glass in lamps and windows. It was during this time that Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb inspired Tiffany to focus on home interiors. The upcoming auction, offered by Cottone Auctions, presents several examples of Tiffany’s…

    French Giltwood Over-Mantle Mirror
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    Art Of Asia - Antiquity To Present Day

    Historically, the Batak tribe of modern-day Indonesia believed a shaman could harness both white and black magic. Each shaman would craft a staff to channel their abilities. One such staff from the Batak people is highlighted in the upcoming Art of Asia auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. Human and animal…

    Early 20th C. China Miao Silvered Copper Necklace
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    Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver – Online Only

    Originating in the Iranian city of Kashan during the 17th century, Kashan rugs are often considered the legacy of Persian weaving’s “Golden Age.” Created using the asymmetric Farsi knot, Kashan rugs are known for their deep blue, red, and cream colors. Hindman presents several Kashan rugs in the upcoming Fine Furniture,…

    Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver – Online Only
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    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus wristwatch, Patek Philippe launched several limited-edition versions with embossed dials. Included among these chronograph wristwatches is a Nautilus with a date feature and a 44-millimeter case, the largest case in the Nautilus family. Patek Philippe produced 1,300 of these watches. Presented in…

    Patek Philippe Nautilus 5976/1G
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    Online Only Decorative Arts

    The Online Only Decorative Arts auction, presented by Pook & Pook, features pieces ranging from armoires to ethnographic art. Among the key lots is a Pennsylvania hard pine schrank. Popular in the 18th century, schranks were a type of armoire that typically held clothing and bedroom linens. One of their…

    Large chalkware stag