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    Daum Pate De Verre, Baccarat  Lailque And HEREND Collectibles At SJ Auctioneers On September 11th 4:00 pm

    Strong demand amongst art and antique collectors are the rare Daum Pate De Verre art glas figurines. Baccarat crystal and Herend Décor. SJ AUCTIONEERS will host an online auctin featuring these lots. The Tall Green Vase with Pink flowers designed by Daum is a must to see and will enhance…

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    Marvelous Collection of Figurines, Silverware, Sculpture And Collectible Toys At SJ Auctioneers On June 12th, 2022

    TAKE A LOOK!  marvelous collections. Many figurines and sculptures are up for auction on June 12th 2022. Herend Large porcelains, Chinese exports, Disney figurines, Miguel Berrocal La Mini Cariatide sculpture,  Artesania Rinconada Uruguay Silver and more. Browse the auction and place your absentee bids now. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/248282_silverware-collectible-toys-figurines-scarves/?page=1&pageSize=all Click the follow button…

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    Fang Reliquary Guardian Figure and Other African Tribal Artifacts Come to Auction at Bonhams

    African carved figurines often symbolize religious philosophies about life and the afterlife. Indigenous people from Equatorial Guinea believe spiritual connection is possible between living beings and the dead. According to ancient beliefs, this connection is visible physically through reliquaries, or containers for holding the relics of the prominent members of…

    Fang Reliquary guardian figure, Okak group, Rio Muni region, Equatorial Guinea.
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    Erte Art, The History and Influence of Erte

    Erte Art to Lion and Unicorn Auction House The creative imagination of Erté, attributed as being The Father of Art Deco, comes alive in the halls of Lion and Unicorn who acquired over 350 of his original works including jewelry, posters, prints, art deco posters, silkscreens, plates, Erte bronze sculpture, figurines…

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    Skinner Offers Rapa Nui Moai Sculpture and Other Important Artifacts

    The Rapa Nui Indigenous Polynesian people make up a significant percentage of the population of Easter Island and mainland Chile. For most of their income and livelihood, the Rapa Nui depend on tourism, with the main attraction being their giant sculptures called moai. These sculptures resemble human figures and represent…

    Rapa Nui Male Figure, Moai Kavakava
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    The Collection of Herb and Gloria Berkowitz

    Lion and Unicorn will be auctioning the collection of Herb and Gloria Berkowitz, one of the largest collections of Royal Doulton and British Pottery amassed. For over 30 years, the Berkowitz’s traveled around the world to antique shows and auctions building this tremendous and discerning collection of art pottery. The…

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    Louis Pierre Ledoux’s Collection of Sepik River Artifacts Comes to Auction

    This November, Willow Auction House will offer over 250 items from the anthropological explorations of Louis Pierre Ledoux. The young scholar set off for Papua New Guinea after graduating from Harvard University in the mid-1930s. Ledoux interacted with the Murik people of the eastern Sepik River region. He eventually gathered…

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    The Louis Pierre Ledoux Papua New Guinea Collection

    Adventurer, Academic, Industrialist: Louis Pierre Ledoux’s 1936 New Guinea Expedition Lincoln Park, NJ – October 4th, 2021 – Willow Auction House is proud to present The Louis  Pierre Ledoux Papua New Guinea Collection for Auction After a year of meticulous research, Willow Auction House is proud to announce the Louis Pierre…

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    SJ Auctioneers Offers Designer Jewelry, Scarves and Giftware Auctions

    SJ Auctioneers is welcoming a full house of registrants for its Designer Jewelry scarves and giftware auction 8/08/21. Desingers include a variety from Gucci, Heren, Burberry, Rolex, Ferragamo, Valentino and more. register: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/auctioneer/7787/sj-auctioneers/. Some of the items to look out for: Herend figurine large handpainted pheasant with 24kt Lot # 808228 Herend…

    SJ Auctioneers Offers Designer Jewelry, Scarves and Giftware Auctions3
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    European Porcelain: History and Evolution

    The production of ceramics goes back thousands of years. However, the art of decorating ceramics, particularly porcelain, originated in China approximately 1,000 years ago. During the Song dynasty, Chinese emperors established porcelain factories. Chinese porcelain began appearing in Europe as early as the 1100s, but it was rare and expensive.…

    European Porcelain History and Evolution1
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    Mesoamerican Figure Highlights Heritage Ethnographic Art Auction

    Olmec translucent blue-green jade piece can be traced to 900-300 BC An Exquisite Olmec Standing Figure DALLAS, Texas (June 24, 2021) – From a faraway place in a faraway time, three extraordinary artworks from the earliest known major Mesoamerican civilization will be among the top lots featured in Heritage Auctions’ Ethnographic…

    Mesoamerican Figure Highlights Heritage Ethnographic Art Auction
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    Ancient and Ethnographic Art Comes to Auction With Artemis Gallery

    The ancient city-state of Corinth was situated on the Isthmus of Corinth, connecting the Peloponnese to Greece. Since 1896, various archaeological excavations of Corinth have been conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the Greek Ministry of Culture, revealing insights into antiquity. One of the key…

    Corinthian Aryballos Shielded Warriors, 1948 Provenance
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    Maya Death Gods and Dinosaur Eggs Highlight Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art Sale

    A complete clutch of Therizinosaurus eggs highlights Artemis Gallery's upcoming Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art sale. The Therizinosaurus is known for its scythe-like claws; its name, in fact, means "Scythe Lizard." Because it is unlikely that a predator could steal an entire clutch of eggs, the auction house believes…

    Therizinosaurus Egg Clutch, 70 to 120 Million Years Old
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    Artemis Gallery Showcases Ancient Art from Around the World

    In pre-Columbian Peru, the Moche civilization thrived along the northern coast. They built complex cities and religious systems before the Inca came to dominate the region. Artemis Gallery’s upcoming Ancient & Ethnographic Art Through the Ages sale will highlight a pair of gilded copper earspools from this period. Silver and…

    Matched Moche Gilt Copper Earspools w- Silver Snails
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    Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic

    The Achaemenid Persian Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great in 550 BCE, is often regarded as one of the ancient world's largest civilizations. This Iron Age dynasty was a global hub of art, religion, culture, science, and technology. The Achaemenids were fond of gold and silver jewelry and often used…

    Achaemenid Gold Bracelets w- Turquoise, Garnets (pr)
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    Clearance - Ancient, Pre-Columbian, Ethno Art

    Under a powerful spell, Hercules killed his wife and children. Upon realizing, he was filled with guilt and went to the Oracle at Delphi and asked for her help. The oracle commanded Hercules to visit and serve his cousin, King Eurystheus, who would give him 12 tasks that Hercules must…

    Etruscan Bucchero Amphora w/ Animals, ex-Christie's
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    Antiquities | Asian | Ethnographic Art

    Iranian-American Abstract artist Masoud Yasami does not associate himself with any specific artistic group. Rather, his multi-dimensional artworks often experiment with space, color, illusion, balance, and chaos. As the artist states, “For many years I have dealt with gravitational force as the drama in my work; for example creating the illusion…

    18th C. European Brass Mortar and Pestle
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    Native American Art

    Traditional rattles are mostly associated with the shamans of the Tlingit Native American tribe. The Tlingit, whose name means “People of the Tides,” are indigenous to the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Featured in the upcoming Native American Art auction, presented by Bonhams, is a Tlingit rattle carved in…

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    Western Decorative Arts & Objects

    In many Native American cultures, the deer is considered a messenger, a keeper of the Earth, and an animal of power. It symbolizes gentleness, safety, prosperity, and shelter. A Cherokee legend tells that the deer and the rabbit raced to see which was the fastest, but the rabbit cheated before the race.…

    California, Basketry Bowl
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    Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art

    Leading Artemis Gallery’s mid-August Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic, & Fine Art sale is a Roman statuette of Cupid from the first to second century CE. Created during the transition from archaic to classical fine art styles, many Greek and Roman sculptors were combining realism with mythology. The available lot shows a…

    Huge - Important Panamanian 15K+ Gold Frog - 56 gr