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  • Auction Preview

    Maya Death Gods and Dinosaur Eggs Highlight Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art Sale

    A complete clutch of Therizinosaurus eggs highlights Artemis Gallery's upcoming Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art sale. The Therizinosaurus is known for its scythe-like claws; its name, in fact, means "Scythe Lizard." Because it is unlikely that a predator could steal an entire clutch of eggs, the auction house believes…

    Therizinosaurus Egg Clutch, 70 to 120 Million Years Old
  • Auction Preview

    Luxury Furniture and Trova’s Falling Man Sculptures Offered by Akiba Antiques

    Self-taught artist Ernest Trova endured a lifetime of both praise and criticism for his work, which was alternately described as only fit to “hang in an outhouse” and “among the best of contemporary American sculpture.” Despite the variance in public opinion regarding his art, Trova built a career for himself…

    Ernest Trova (American.1927-2009) Stainless Falling Man
  • Auction Preview

    Upcoming Hindman Sale Explores Antiquities, Islamic and Indian Art

    In Greek mythology, a prophecy foretold that the son of Zeus would defeat his father and take his throne. Afraid the prophecy might come true, Zeus swallowed his pregnant wife Metis. Athena was later born from Zeus’ head. The goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts, Athena was worshipped as one…

    An Attic Red-Figured Pelike with Athena on a Chariot
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    Antiquities & Ethnographic Art Highlights Artemis Gallery Auction

    Considered a mythological creature, serpents held special significance in many pre-Columbian civilizations. In some Mesoamerican cultures, serpents specifically represented Quetzalcoatl, the feathered deity of wind, air, and learning. In the upcoming Variety Sale, Artemis Gallery will present a pair of gilded copper tupus or pins that each resemble a two-headed…

    Rare Egyptian Gold Figural Amulet of Pataikos
  • Auction Preview

    Antique Jewelry and 20th-Century Art Lead Akiba Antiques’ Upcoming Event

    In late 1800s Europe, empire waistlines were out and the medieval look was in. Wealthy women began to favor an ultra-luxe style that emphasized precious metals. It wasn’t until the 1920s, however, that this style became accessible to the masses. Flappers paired their straight-lined gowns with gold mesh purses, often…

    Star Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum Ring
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    Traditional Fine Furniture with a Modern Twist

    The Arts and Crafts movement was formed at the end of the 1800s by a group of British painters, designers, and watercolorists who sought to embrace a new type of design. It is characterized by simplicity and elegance, a departure from the prevailing Victorian style. Stash by Lee Stanton presents…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release

    Lark Mason Associates Announces Fall Sale of Asian, Ancient and Ethnographic Works of Art on iGavelAuction.com Closes October 28

    New York: An impressive array of rare Chinese 18th century cloisonné, huanghuali furniture, ancient bronzes and archaic jades will headline the Lark Mason Associates’ sale of Asian, Ancient and Ethnographic Works of Art on the iGavelAuctions.com platform starting October 13th through October 28th. Chinese Bronze Figure of Guanyin with Lotus…

    Lark Mason Associates Announces Fall Sale of Asian, Ancient and Ethnographic Works of Art on iGavelAuction.com Closes October 28-3
  • Auction Preview

    Upcoming Fine Art Auction Will Benefit Attleboro Arts Museum

    This timed auction, presented by the Attleboro Arts Museum, will benefit the museum’s operations and ongoing programs. Among the featured lots is Carolyn Hagy Kent's A Tadpole's Perspective. The painting places the viewer among a school of tadpoles, looking up at the trees above. Kent entered the art community later…

    CAROLYN HAGY KENT, A Tadpole's Perspective
  • Auction Preview

    French Fine Arts and County Furniture with Crescent City Auction Gallery

    John James Audubon was a celebrated ornithologist and artist well known for documenting North American bird species. Audubon was fascinated by nature from a very young age. His affinity for biological diversities fueled his interest in ornithology. He was careful to document birds in their natural habitats. Explaining his methodology,…

    John James Audubon (1785-1851), Group of Eleven Prints, consisting of Barn Owl, No. 35, Plate 171, Amsterdam ed. American Crow
  • Auction Preview

    French and Italian Fine Art Comes to Auction with Showplace

    Francesco Londonio was a Baroque-style painter and engraver known for his pastoral paintings. The Italian artist learned his craft from prominent figures such as Giovanni Battista Sassi and Ferdinando Porta. Londonio’s countryside scenes often featured farmers and livestock engaged in daily activities. Pastoral scenes by Londonio were prime subjects of…

    Allen Tucker Post-Impressionist Oil on Canvas
  • Auction Preview

    Artemis Gallery Showcases Ancient Art from Around the World

    In pre-Columbian Peru, the Moche civilization thrived along the northern coast. They built complex cities and religious systems before the Inca came to dominate the region. Artemis Gallery’s upcoming Ancient & Ethnographic Art Through the Ages sale will highlight a pair of gilded copper earspools from this period. Silver and…

    Matched Moche Gilt Copper Earspools w- Silver Snails
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    Smithsonian to Spotlight American Craft Artists

    Every year, the Smithsonian Craft Show offers works made by contemporary American craft artists. It is also one of the key fundraising opportunities of the year for the Smithsonian Institution and their various museums and research facilities, as well as the National Zoo. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's…

    Keoni Morning Light Carved Wood Vessel
  • Auction Preview

    Mantel Clocks, Timepieces, and Decorative Art on Offer from Akiba Antiques

    The story of Atala and Chactas was an 1801 literary success that propelled its author, François-René de Chateaubriand, to both fame and political appointments. It told of a Native American man who was freed from his kidnapping by a compassionate Christian woman named Atala, who was the daughter of a…

    Rare 19th Cent French Empire Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock
  • Auction Preview

    Marion Fall Auction

    Sir Robert F. Marx was best known for his scuba diving and marine archeology expertise. He discovered over 5,000 shipwrecks over his career. His first was the SS Winfield Scott in California, which he traded for gold coins. Several lots featuring artifacts from Marx’s estate are available in the upcoming…

  • Auction Preview

    Upcoming Fine Estate auction presents an eclectic collection of artifacts

    The upcoming October auction from Fine Estate offers a selection of decorative and ethnographic art. Among the highlighted lots is a pair of rare huanghuali horseshoe-back armchairs from the late 20th century. Huanghuali wood first originated in the Yaxian region of Hainan in China. Often used in Chinese furniture, the…

    Amy Quandelacy Zuni Coral, Sterling Silver Ring
  • Auction Preview

    Pook & Pook Offers Art, Antiques, Collectibles, and More

    The latest auction from Pook & Pook includes a broad selection of fine art, jewelry, collectibles, posters, and more. Of the art in the sale is an Impressionist landscape piece. Though the auction house does not indicate that the artist is known, the signature “G. Inness” may indicate that it…

    Split oak basket with composition fruit
  • Auction Preview

    Vintage art and design collection on offer with Showplace

    Partners Edward Howard, David Davis, and Aaron Lufkin Dennison intended to make completely interchangeable clock movement parts. This lead to the formation of the Boston Watch Company in 1849. However, due to low sales, the company closed a decade later. Following its demise, Howard partnered with Charles Rice to create…

    Mary Curtis Richardson Portrait Oil on Canvas
  • Auction Industry, Press Release

    Artemis Gallery to host Oct. 8 auction of exceptional, museum-quality antiquities, Asian & ethnographic art

    Featured: Persian gold bracelets fit for a queen, extraordinary Polynesian coronet, superior Khmer and Pre-Columbian sculptures, hand-hewn Morse stick (precursor to hockey stick) Ancient Egyptian pre-dynastic blacktop jar, circa 3500-3400 BCE, 13.875in high, similar to examples in the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. Estimate $12,000-$15,000 BOULDER, Colo. – Authenticity and…

    Artemis Gallery to host Oct. 8 auction of exceptional, museum-quality antiquities, Asian & ethnographic art
  • Auction Preview

    Exceptional Estates Auction

    A well-known Haitian painter, Dieudonné Cédor (1925–2010) was a recipient of the Labor Department’s exhibition prize and several other notable awards. His works have been displayed in Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Venezuela, among others. The upcoming Exceptional Estates sale, presented by Blackwell Auctions, will feature an oil…

    JAMES HARRIES, WPA Watercolor Landscape
  • Auction Preview

    Collector's Auction, Day 1

    Featured on the first day of the upcoming Collector's Auction, offered by Whitley’s Auctioneers, is an Art Deco dancer sculpture from Andre Gilbert. One of the first English sculptors to enroll at the École des Beaux-Arts, Gilbert’s experience at the university encouraged him to travel to Rome and continue his…

    Art Deco Silvered Sculpture, Dancer & Tambourine By Andre Gilbert