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Revere Auctions is an auction house in St. Paul, Minnesota. They aim to provide maximum exposure in the market for their clients. They specialize in Asian art, fine art, and jewelery, among other fields.

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  • Auction Preview
    Upcoming Revere Auctions Event Will Highlight Selections From the Estate of Horst Rechelbacher

    Carlo Bugatti was a specialist in Art Nouveau furniture known for his distinctive and lavish designs. Bugatti started manufacturing furniture in Milan in 1880 and received worldwide fame. A large Eastern-style pier mirror by Bugatti is available in the upcoming Style & Splendor: Selections from the Estate of Horst Rechelbacher sale, presented by Revere Auctions. Bugatti’s fondness for Eastern influences can be seen in the ebony wood shelf which is decorated with a marquetry top and metal inlay illustrating bamboo, flowers, and birds. An unusual chair will be available in the sale as well. The offered item is considered to be a revolutionary piece that exhibits postwar Japan’s developing vitality and ingenuity. Shiro Kuramata is known as one of the most important Japanese designers of the 20th century. Kuramata was primarily recognized for his use of commercial materials such as wire steel mesh and plexiglass to design furniture. Adorned with a standard upholstered armchair, the double seater chair is made of reflective nickel-plated steel mesh. The design was made to challenge the concept of form in furniture design, according to the lot essay. Discover a wide range of fine art, furniture, and jewelry online auctions on Bidsquare.  

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    19th-Century Oil on Canvas Paintings and 20th-Century Avant-Garde Art at Revere Auctions

    American painter Joseph Meeker shared a special connection with the Mississippi River. During the American Civil War, Meeker often sailed up and down the river while serving as a paymaster for the Union Navy. He was so charmed by the beauty of the bayous that he made elaborate sketches and paintings of the landscapes. Morning on the Upper Mississippi, an outcome of one of those trips, is a key highlight of this upcoming Revere Auctions event. The oil on canvas portrays Lake Pepin dotted with steaming riverboats, outshined by the scenic view of dawn. Meeker’s exceptional eye for the distinctive mood and feel of the location makes it a compelling artwork. Another notable landscape painting on offer is Alexis Jean Fournier’s A Spring Pastorale. It portrays a herd of grazing sheep with flowering fruit trees in the background. The American artist was renowned for his lifelike representations of landmarks in St. Paul and Minneapolis.  François Morellet’s avant-garde abstract sculpture of cellular grids also leads the listings. Created with superimposed rods of stainless steel, the hypnotic piece belongs to Morellet’s Sphere-Trames series, started in 1960. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

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    Modern Design, Elizabeth Catlett Lithographs, and More at Revere Auctions

    Vladimir Kagan moved to America in 1938, where he began to produce furniture while working under his father, a renowned cabinetmaker. In 1948, Kagan launched a shop in New York, and it earned him international recognition. His clientele included popular figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol. Revere Auctions’ upcoming Post-War & Contemporary Art sale will feature a pair of sofas designed by Vladimir Kagan. The snake-shaped sofa was introduced in 1950. “Up to this point, it was most common to place a straight sofa along the wall,” said Chris Eitel, director of design and production of Vladimir Kagan Design Group. “By bringing the sofa into the middle of the room, Vladi was able to create space for his clients to view and appreciate their new, larger-scale artworks.”  Also available in the sale is work by Elizabeth Catlett. Titled Madonna, the offered lithograph depicts a woman embracing her two children. While working as a mural artist for two months in the 1930s, Catlett became familiar with the social activism of Diego Rivera. Influenced by Rivera’s style, her sculptures, prints, and paintings address the issues of Black American women. Explore the sale catalog and register to bid online on Bidsquare for more online auctions.

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    Fine and Decorative Arts: Day 1

    Ed Ruscha is a multi-talented American artist known for his word paintings. As a child, Ruscha wanted to become a cartoonist and received training from artists such as Emerson Woelffer and Robert Irwin. In the1970s, Ruscha, along with fellow artists Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger, began incorporating written phrases in his art. During this post-Pop Art period, he also invented Boy Scout Utility Modern- a squared-off and all-caps typeface. Explaining the inspiration for his famous word paintings, a combination of Pop and Conceptual Art, Ruscha states, “I like the idea of a word becoming a picture, almost leaving its body, then coming back and becoming a word again.” The upcoming Revere Auctions event presents a text-based lithograph from Ruscha, titled Cold Beer Beautiful Girls. The words, printed in white, fade into the background.  Also showcased is a porcelain bowl by the prominent potter and painter Adelaide Alsop Robineau. To pursue her interest in art, Robineau started training under William Merritt Chase and later went on to study ceramics under Charles Binns. The available flambé piece features her experiments with glazing techniques and her mastery in ceramics. The auction also offers works by Andy Warhol, Konstantin Korovine, Rudolf Weber, and Jaehyo Lee. Interested collectors can view the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

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    Fine and Decorative Arts: Day 2

    Founded in 1886, Newcomb College was the first women’s coordinate college within an American university. The school, which was famous for its pottery, provided an opportunity for women to acquire industrial skills during the postwar period. The embroidery curriculum, introduced later, offered a quality standard similar to the college’s pottery program. The upcoming Revere Auctions event presents a Newcomb College embroidered linen Arts & Crafts sewing bag. The embroidery on the linen base depicts a landscape scene of forested hills in simple stitches. Another highlight of the auction is a steel patio table from Sol LeWitt. The geometric pattern table with a center plaque features a concentric semi-circle design in shades of blue, gray, and red. Also showcased is a Cartier 1.7-carat brilliant-cut yellow diamond ring and a Prairie School Arts & Crafts hardwood chair by George Mann Niedecken. Those interested in the auction can also consider a selection of Lalique glassware, Rhead pottery wares, Sir Richard Burton books, and Indonesian Javanese Golek puppets. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

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    Art of the World

    In China’s Qing dynasty, clothing served an important cultural purpose and often indicated military and civil rank. The upcoming Art of the World sale, offered by Revere Auctions, presents a Chinese Imperial blue chifu, also known as a dragon robe, from the Qing dynasty. The designs on this formal court robe include Lishui waves, dragons, clouds, and mountains. It was likely worn by a first, second, or third rank officer. Since the dawn of the Bronze Age in China around 2,000 BCE, bronze vessels have undergone various changes. From simple and irregular shapes to intricate designs and patterns, these vessels have consistently played a role in Chinese culture. Several examples of these archaic bronze pieces are available in this auction, including a wine vessel with a flaring rim and an animal head handle. The sale also offers a variety of Chinese scroll paintings, Korean ceramic articles, jade figurines, and tribal African masks and headgear. An 1865 Russian silver tankard decorated with geometric and floral engravings is presented as well. Interested collectors can explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

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    Fine and Decorative Art

    The upcoming Fine and Decorative Art sale, presented by Revere Auctions, will include a selection of collectibles and jewelry alongside the art pieces. Featured among the jewelry items is a Cartier ring with a 1.7-carat yellow diamond. It is flanked by two white diamonds and set in a yellow gold band.  Also featured is a cartoon print of the Donald Duck and Chip and Dale animated characters in an outdoor setting. The piece is inscribed and signed by Walt Disney (“To Candy, Vicky, Lori, Patti, With best wishes, Walt Disney”) and the lot includes a letter of authenticity. Also up for bid are several rare books, including a first edition print of Sir Richard Burton’s The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. One of the notable artworks in the sale is a photograph titled Mirtoan Sea, Sounion from Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Seascapes series. The auction house has noted that the proceeds of this lot will benefit the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Scholarship Fund. View any of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare.

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    Important Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary Art

    August Sander's Citizens of the Twentieth Century photography series captured individuals from different social classes and all walks of life. Sander gave particular focus to the social status of his subjects, making his images a significant record of German life between 1911 and 1933. The conceptual basis of his project was enhanced by his adoption of a minimalistic perspective and natural light. These elements became the artist’s signature as he put his lens to work profiling society. A 1928 photograph of a boy, titled Bricklayer, is available in the upcoming Important Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary Art event, presented by Revere Auctions.  Also available in this sale is the work of French artist Eugène Leroy, who was discovered during the Neo-Expressionist wave of the early 1980s. Leroy was particularly known for his expressive paintings and thick impasto surfaces. Adding layers upon layers of paint, the primary subject of his works was often indistinguishable. An oil painting by Jean Dubuffet is also featured. Inspired by the Tachisme style of Jean Fautrier, Dubuffet began to apply a similar approach to his own pieces. Find other available lots and register to bid on Bidsquare.

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    Fine Art, Glass, and Antiques

    Prominent lithographer and painter Louis Abel-Truchet’s love for Paris is visible in his paintings, depicting the life of the city. His Impressionist paintings and Parisian landscapes are particularly sought after. Revere Auctions offers an oil painting titled Le Dejeuner au Jardin by Abel-Truchet in the upcoming Fine Art, Glass, and Antiques auction.  The influence of Alberto Giacometti’s slender figures led sculptor Paul Granlund to utilize body motions and tensions in his own works. Granlund was among the few sculptors who finished his bronze castings on his own, helping him achieve quality control through the entire process. A featured bronze sculpture titled Suspended Animation by Granlund depicts a woman balancing herself on her hand. Also presented in this auction are diamond and pearl jewelry pieces. Featured is a sapphire and diamond necklace with oval-cut natural blue sapphires and accent diamonds. An 18-karat gold watch by Patek Philippe is another highlight. The auction offers lithographs, earthenware, porcelain, silverware, and furniture as well. Interested bidders can browse the full catalog and register to bid online on Bidsquare.  

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    Fine Books, Maps, and Manuscripts

    The upcoming Fine Books, Maps, and Manuscripts auction offered by Revere Auctions will present a collection of books, documents, maps, and atlases. The auction features works by writers such as Sir Richard Burton and Emily Brontë. In the category of cartographers, Pieter Goos and Tobias Conrad Lotter are featured as well. Leading the auction is a first edition copy of The Thousand Nights and a Night by Sir Richard Burton. The BBC describes Burton as a Victorian explorer and writer who craved adventure, which inspired many of his books. In this sale, an early map of California by Pieter Goos is also available. The hand colored map from 1666 depicts two ships sailing the ocean, as well as two highly decorative compass roses. Another available lot is a United States first edition copy of Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. It includes handwritten and penciled notes on the title page. To explore the full catalog and register to bid, visit Bidsquare .

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    Rare Cameras, Fine Pens, and Luxury Goods

    Jean-Louis Dumas designed the saddle-stitched, polished plaque Hermès Birkin bag to provide more practical space in luxury handbags. Offered in Revere Auctions’ upcoming Rare Cameras, Fine Pens, and Luxury Goods auction is one of these Birkin handbags in bright blue. The bag was sourced from an Instagram giveaway offered by influencer Jeffree Starr. Other luxury bags by brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Judith Leiber, and Prada are also featured in this sale. Handmade fountain pens by Japanese brand Namiki are highlighted as well. The White Tiger of Asia maki-e fountain pen shows the jungle cat in front of red bamboo leaves. The black lacquer barrel is hand-painted with togidashi and hiramaki-e lacquer work techniques. The auction also offers vintage cameras and accessories, including lenses, flashes, filters, and more. Collectors can also find Tonka Toys sets, lithographs, and books. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    A Lifetime of Curiousity

    The A Lifetime of Curiousity auction, offered by Revere Auctions, is a collection of objects from “all parts of the world and eras of history… featured alongside fine and decorative art.” Among the art pieces you’ll find works by Yaacov Agam, Tino Stefanoni, Claude Viallat, Warren Davis. Notably, included in the sale a photo of Marilyn Monroe signed by photographer Milton Greene.  Unsigned ethnographic works include utilitarian items like Haustec and Maya Pre-Columbian pottery heads, figures, Hopi bowls, seed jars, Pueblo pots and black ware, Navajo blankets, beaded and turquoise jewelry, weaved and woven baskets, bronze statuary, Egyptian shabti, and more.   Beyond artistic items are an American Civil War doctor’s amputation kit, a World War II pith helmet, a “mesmerism box” used for carrying laughing gas (Nitrus oxide), a French Art Deco travelling clock, and a petrified woolly mammoth tusk (Mammuthus Primigenuis) from the Pleistocene era. The mammoth fossil was deaccessioned from the University of Alaska Museum of the North, and believed to have been collected by Otto W. Geist (1888-1963).View any of these lots and more curiosities and register to bid on Bidsquare. 

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    Fine Art and Asian Art

    In 1914, an artist named G. T. Brown finished a painting of his deceased friend, Edward Espey, which Espey had left unfinished. The painting is a calming scene of a man on a horse passing through the Grand Canyon. Nearly half a century later, the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man was published. In the aftermath of Uncle Ben’s death, Peter Parker must make ends meet as Spider-Man. What Espey’s painting and Spider-Man both have in common is that they are among the lots with the highest estimated value in the Fine Art and Asian Art Auction. The auction is a diverse collection of collectibles, fine art, and Asian art offered by Revere Auctions. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 tells the story of Spider-Man’s origin and features the first Fantastic Four crossover, and the first appearance of Chameleon. The iconic cover art is by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. Revere Auctions notes that the pages of the comic are off-white to white.  Edward Espey’s tranquil landscape paintings, of which “Entrance to Grand Canyon” is an example, are rare because the artist only lived till the age of 29. Espey died in 1889, but “Entrance to Grand Canyon” was completed 25 years later by the artist’s friend and colleague G.T. Brown. As the auction’s name implies, there are also Asian art pieces available. Among the pieces with the highest estimated value is a 20th Century Chinese jade brush pot. The jade is carved into the shape of bamboo shoots. Below the pot is a wooden stand produced just for this pot. Those looking for an affordable lot of Asian art should consider a Japanese woodblock print of a man raising his hat. With an estimated value of $40-$60, the print could be an economical way to begin a collection. Register to bid online on Bidsquare.