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  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Popeye And Olive Oyl Tank rolls to world-record $105K at Milestone Auctions’ April 9 Antique Toy Spectacular

    Winning bidder, who owned the tank previously but sold it 20 years ago, says it will be displayed at a new private toy museum in Florida WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Popeye toys haven’t seen an appreciable downturn in the collector marketplace at any point in the past 25 years. In keeping with that trend, vintage toys depicting the punchy sailor were “strong to the finich” at Milestone Auctions’ April 9 Antique Toy Spectacular, which grossed $650,000. Powering its way to the top of prices realized, a Linemar Popeye And Olive Oyl Tank with its original pictorial box sold for an astonishing $105,000, a new world auction record for a Popeye toy. Linemar Japan battery-operated Popeye and Olive Oyl Tank, 11 inches, with extremely rare original box. Very clean and bright, by far the finest example known. Excellent/Near Mint. Sold for a world record auction price of $105,000 against its pre-sale estimate of $30,000-$40,000 “Everyone, young or old, can relate to Popeye,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. “Since first appearing in a 1929 comic strip, Popeye has amused and entertained audiences in a way that sets him apart from other comic or cartoon characters. He’s an eccentric guy who seems to wander naively into one misadventure after another, always getting out of a scrape at the last minute thanks to a can of spinach. Many of his exploits have translated to toys over the years, and collectors want them all.” One of those collectors is Floridian Ozzie Bilotta, who bid aggressively to claim the Popeye tank which, ironically, he had owned once before. “I originally bought it in the early 2000s from an Australian seller on eBay,” Bilotta said. “I don’t think they knew much about what they had, because their description wasn’t very specific. The bidding opened at only a few hundred dollars, but I wasn’t the only one after it. I recall having to pay $14,000 or $15,000 for it. At the time, that was a record-setting price for a Popeye toy.” A few years later, when Bilotta’s collecting focus shifted to robots and space toys, he sold the…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Energized bidders aimed high at Milestone’s $2.5M Premier Collectible Firearms Auction

    Rare WWII Singer ‘educational’ pistol, fine 1865 Civil Martial Henry rifle topped prices realized WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – On March 12-13, 2022, Milestone Auctions in suburban Cleveland held its first-ever two-day Premier Collectible Firearms sale, a well-received outgrowth of its single-day firearms events, which have proved consistently popular. The March sale featured a curated selection of antique, vintage and modern-era weapons. The opening session, which was geared toward higher-end firearms, produced the majority of the top 10 prices realized, while day two was well received for its diverse array of military, civilian and sporting arms with estimates to please most collectors. The sale cashed out at $2.5 million, inclusive of buyer’s premium. Circa-1860 gold-inlaid, bone-handled ‘knuckle duster,’ 1 7/8in caliber 7mm pinfire, six-shot barrel cluster, folding trigger and double-action operation. Housed in French fitted pipe case. Sold for $9,900 against an estimate of $2,500-$3,500 “Collecting vintage firearms is one of America’s most popular hobbies. It attracts a wide cross-section of buyers whose common bond is that they love the history and ingenuity of firearms design,” said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. “Along with the top-tier guns in our March auction, which we knew would bring high prices, we made sure to include a plentiful selection of firearms that we felt any collector – including those at the novice or intermediate level – would be proud to own and be able to afford.”  Leading the antique firearms at Milestone’s March event was a fine 1865 2nd Model Martial Henry rifle manufactured in .44 rimfire caliber – the model many scholars consider to be the most advanced US-issue shoulder arm of the Civil War. With a large two-line barrel address and the serial number “9718,” Milestone’s example is the same type of gun listed in the Springfield Research database with a notation that it went to a trooper in Union Company B, 3rd Veteran Volunteers. It sold above estimate for $48,000. The antique highlights continued with a stunning Winchester .44 rimfire Model 1866 saddle ring carbine in very fine condition with a full magazine and two barrel bands. The trusty Model 1866…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone’s April 9 auction rolls out rare automotive and character toys, including finest collection of Popeye toys ever to reach the marketplace

    Considered the ultimate catch in its category, boxed Popeye and Olive Oyl Tank could reach $30,000-$40,000 range WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – That swaggering, wisecracking cartoon sailor Popeye has been depicted on countless toys and memorabilia since first appearing in the Thimble Theatre comic strip in 1929. With his spinach-powered superhuman strength, he was an immediate hit with readers of all ages, gaining an even higher level of visibility in his own cartoon series that launched in 1933. Ever since his debut, Popeye – with his girlfriend Olive Oyl and their motley crew of sidekicks in tow – has been an entertaining figure in the public’s consciousness, and vintage toys designed with Popeye’s image have only continued to rise in popularity and price. Linemar Japan battery-operated Popeye and Olive Oyl Tank, 11 inches, with extremely rare original box. Very clean and bright, by far the finest example known. Excellent/Near Mint. Estimate $30,000-$40,000 On Saturday, April 9, Milestone Auctions of Willoughby (suburban Cleveland), Ohio, will offer one of the finest selections of Popeye toys ever to reach the marketplace, led by the greatest rarity of them all: a Popeye And Olive Oyl Tank with its original pictorial box.  “Every major collector of Popeye toys – and just about every collector of comic character toys, in general – wants that tank,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner, Miles King. “The minute word got out about it, the phones started ringing and collectors started searching for it in the online catalog.” Made by Linemar (Japanese post-WWII subsidiary of Louis Marx & Co), the 11-inch-long battery-operated Popeye And Olive Oyl Tank is in excellent to near-mint condition and is easily the nicest of few known examples. It is all original and complete, even retaining Popeye’s pipe and the red plastic caps that hold his legs to the tank. When activated, Olive Oyl’s head emerges from the cupola with a surprised expression on her face, as Popeye flips the tank over. The toy’s battery box is immaculate, and when tested, the tank worked well. The piece de resistance, however, is the crisp, profusely illustrated original box that accompanies the…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone to host its first-ever two-day Premier Collectible Firearms Auction, March 12-13

    Featured: 60 Winchesters, 80+ sought-after Colts, 16 Brownings, 30+ Smith & Wesson pistols and revolvers; exceptional array of militaria, and coveted 1865 Martial Henry rifle WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Over the weekend of March 12-13, Milestone Auctions in suburban Cleveland will conduct its first-ever two-day Premier Collectible Firearms sale. The expanded format answers the call from an ever-growing contingent of collectors who enjoy the historical and design aspects of antique, vintage and modern-era weapons. Day one focuses on higher-end firearms, while day two features a diverse selection of arms that are affordable to most. Engraved pre-WWII .38 Special ‘Detective’ with accompanying factory letter stating the arm was sent to the famous Fort Worth, Texas dealership Wolf & Klar on August 7, 1936. Highest-quality decoration includes genuine ruby eyes embedded into the steer head that features prominently on the pearl grips. Estimate $5,500-$8,500 “It’s our goal to allow collectors at all levels to participate in our sales by including all genres and price points,” said Milestone Auctions’ co-owner Miles King. “We try to keep it interesting for everybody, whether they’re advanced collectors of elite guns or beginners who are just starting a collection and want to do it the right way. They can learn a lot just by reading our catalog descriptions, which are second to none, and by getting to know our team. We’re always happy to share our knowledge with newcomers and make them feel welcome in the hobby.” In preparation for their first two-day Premier Firearms sale, additional custom gun racks are being installed in the gallery’s public display area. A survey of the 1,374-lot Premier Firearms lineup reveals the best selection of Winchesters (60) ever to cross the auction block at Milestone, including carbines, rifles and shotguns; 80+ sought-after Colts (some engraved), 16 Brownings, 30+ Smith & Wesson pistols and revolvers; an exceptional array of militaria, and the jewel in the auction’s crown: an 1865 Martial Henry rifle – the first such longarm ever to be offered by the Ohio auction house.  An especially fine example, the 2nd Model Martial Henry rifle, manufactured in .44 rimfire caliber, represents…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Milestone’s Auctions’ Winter Antique Toy Spectacular settles just under $500K, with hot competition for Marx prototypes

    Enthusiastic response to company’s first major offering of cast-iron toys, with a promise of more to come in April WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – There’s no great mystery as to why vintage toys are so popular with collectors. They’re colorful, they’re fun, and they invariably prompt the comment so familiar to auctioneers and toy dealers: “Wow! I had one of those when I was a kid!” One of Milestone Auctions’ specialties is antique and vintage toys, and the nostalgia factor that drives today’s prices for clean, crisp vintage toys is something they witness at each of their sales, including their January 29 Winter Antique Toy Spectacular that took in just under half a million dollars. Business partners Miles King and Chris Sammet were elated with the excellent auction results in virtually all toy categories. “There was strong competition for the rare Marx prototypes, which were very high-condition pieces, and a lot of bidder interest in our first major offering of cast-iron toys. We’re going to make sure there’s more high-quality cast iron in our April toy sale,” King said.  The top lot of the sale was a Marx prototype Speedboy 4 motorcycle with a soldier driver, ‘AMMO’ box, and spring-loaded cannon for shooting projectiles. Sold for $16,800 against an estimate of $6,000-$9,000 The demand for toy motorcycles has been off the charts for Milestone, and the rare, early examples offered on January 29th only added fuel to the ever-growing fire. The top lot of both the motorcycle section and the sale overall was a Marx protoype Speedboy 4 with a soldier driver and rear accoutrements, including a branded “AMMO” box and a movable spring-loaded cannon for shooting projectiles. In near-perfect condition, it raced off to a new owner for $16,800 against an estimate of $6,000-$9,000.  Many of the 130 bikes that crossed the auction block came with their original factory boxes, like the Marx windup Indian motorcycle with sidecar in all-original, like-new condition with bright, attractive paint colors. Its crisp original box with art depicting an early Indian bike whizzing along with a passenger in tow made it super appealing to collectors.…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone’s Jan. 29 Winter Antique Toy Spectacular unleashes high-condition antique and vintage vehicles, banks, early European toys, and comic character favorites

    Nearly 130 coveted toy motorcycles are lined up for the sale, including rare prototypes WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Antique and vintage toys played a major role in Milestone Auctions’ success in 2021. Their October 2nd toy event rocketed to $768,000, a house record for the suburban Cleveland, Ohio, company. Milestone is on track to keep that positive momentum going in 2022 with an 867-lot Winter Antique Toy Spectacular on January 29. Marx prototype Red Cross windup motorcycle, 10½ in long, with hand-painted details. Marked on bottom to indicate its origin as being Marx’s Erie, Pa., factory. Estimate $6,000-$8,000 The motor pool will be ready to spring into action when the sale commences at 10 a.m., with top-notch examples of American, European and Japanese cars, racers, trucks, vans, buses, fire toys and work vehicles awaiting their new owners.  The demand for toy motorcycles has been insatiable, and strong prices continue to be paid for rare, early examples in superior condition. The January event includes nearly 130 tempting bikes, including many that have their original factory boxes. Leading the pack is a Marx windup Indian motorcycle with sidecar. All original and in like-new condition with bright, appealing colors, it retains its crisp original box with the image of an early Indian bike whizzing along with a passenger in tow. It is said that the toy being auctioned by Milestone was discovered in a collection of parts and accessories at an old Indian motorcycle dealership [the Indian company ceased operations in 2003]. The toy is estimated at $4,000-$6,000. Coincidentally, in the same auction Milestone is offering not only Marx’s prototype of the Indian sidecar bike – Lot 349, estimate $4,000-$6,000 – but also an example of the German-made Greppert & Kelch (G&K) toy that Marx copied to develop their own branded version. The G&K toy is listed as Lot 350 and is estimated at $4,000-$6,000.  Yet another important Marx prototype is a windup Red Cross motorcycle with a rider and Red Cross-branded box on the back. It has hand-painted details, as one might expect of a prototype, and is poised to sell for $6,000-$8,000.…

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    10 Spooky Lots Coming to Auction This Halloween

    Halloween celebrates all things ghoulish, spooky, and odd, and auction houses are joining the fun. Auction Daily surveys the spookiest lots hitting the auction block this Halloween season. Andy Warhol, Little Electric Chair, 1964-65. Image from Larsen Art Auction. Larsen Art Auction - Andy Warhol Print For his Death and Disaster series, Andy Warhol placed horrific and tragic photos under candied Pop Art colors. In Little Electric Chair, Warhol utilized a press photo of the electric chair used to execute Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the Sing Sing prison of New York. He applied a layer of cherry red to the photo, lending a bloody tone to the already ominous image. One print of Little Electric Chair made its way to American rocker Alice Cooper. His girlfriend at the time, Cindy Lang, purchased the print from Andy Warhol’s Factory as a gift for Cooper after he used a similar electric chair onstage. Larsen Art Auction will bring this silkscreen to auction with an estimate of USD 2,500,000 to $4,500,000. The 2021 Fall Larsen Art Auction starts on October 23rd, 2021 at 1:00 PM EDT. Participate live on Bidsquare. Ed Moses, Untitled Tarantulas, 1983. Image from Los Angeles Modern Auctions. Los Angeles Modern Auctions - Ed Moses Tarantulas Ed Moses built a career on experimentation and change. His style constantly shifted as he drew inspiration from his Los Angeles art community and various art movements. While Moses is best known for his paintings, he dabbled in other mediums as well. Available with Los Angeles Modern Auctions is a spooky painted glass window by Ed Moses (estimate: $5,000 - $7,000). Yellow and green tarantulas scuttle across the black background of this piece. It previously decorated Rebecca’s Restaurant, a Frank Gehry-designed mainstay of Venice, California. The Art + Design sale from Los Angeles Modern Auctions starts on October 24th, 2021 at 3:00 PM EDT. Bid live on LiveAuctioneers. Vivian Maier, Self-Portrait, Silhouette. Image from Aguttes. Aguttes - Vivian Maier Self-Portrait American street photographer Vivian Maier lived and died in obscurity. She worked as a nanny along Chicago’s North Shore and captured the city…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Milestone’s highest-grossing antique toy auction to date tallies $768K, with robust prices paid for both American and European productions

    Intense competition pushed Marx prototype motorcycles to top of prices realized WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Antique toy enthusiasts love nothing more than to discover the earliest iterations of whatever specialty they collect, and on October 2nd at Milestone Auctions in suburban Cleveland it was both Marx and motorcycle fans who hit the jackpot. The 704-lot auction, which was almost exclusively devoted to a single-owner collection, featured 138 super-clean bikes, including two American Marx prototypes that tied for top-lot honors at $22,800 apiece. Each had been estimated at $6,000-$8,000. Louis Marx & Co. (USA), prototype tin windup Speedboy 4 military motorcycle with spring-loaded military cannon and ammo box on back. Hand-painted details to soldier and cannon. Tied as top lot of the sale, selling for $22,800 against an estimate of $6,000-$8,000 A throng of determined bidders competed from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, pushing the sale total to $768,000. It was the highest-grossing toy auction in Milestone’s history.  “There was huge interest in many categories, but most especially the motorcycles, which represented scores of manufacturers from Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, Russia and the USA. Absentee and opening bids were insane, right off the bat,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Chris Sammet. “The Marx prototype bikes were Speedboy 4 military-themed windups, finished in the distinctive colors of early Marx toys and with hand-painted details. One had a rear-mounted cannon and the other had a camouflage-patterned box on the back. We started getting calls about them a good month before the sale. There was no doubt they were going to fly.” The high quality of post-WWII Japanese motorcycles was evident in the sharp-looking 12-inch-long friction-powered motorcycle known as “Romance.” Lithographed in a rainbow of pleasing colors with an image of the planet Saturn on the gas tank, the bike is operated by a helmeted and goggled male driver, with a female passenger also along for the ride. In working order and all original, it sold for $5,640 against an estimate of $2,000-$3,000. Perhaps the “sleeper” of the section was a much smaller Japanese tin friction production identified on its box label as “Hunter-Motor…

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    Milestone’s Oct. 23 Premier Antique & Modern Firearms Auction loaded with fresh-to-market one-off productions

    Featured: Untouched Civil War-era Winchester Henry rifle, one of only 75 Rutledge-bore Winchester Model 61s, WWII Allied & Axis handguns, many other blue-chip arms WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – A choice selection of recently discovered firearms that have never before appeared at auction will headline Milestone’s October 23, 2021 Premier Antique & Modern Firearms sale. After months of traveling extensively and visiting private collections, Milestone’s firearms team has secured a number of top prizes, including guns that were produced in very low numbers or for a specific agency, arms with a low survival rate, and early examples that display historically significant design innovations. The live auction will take place at Milestone’s comfortable, purpose-built auction gallery in suburban Cleveland, with all remote forms of bidding available, including live online through multiple platforms.  Colt ‘Python Hunter’ .357 Magnum with 8-inch caliber, manufactured in 1980 with factory-mounted special Leupold M8 4-power scope. Housed in Halliburton aluminum carry case with ammo box, matching tool set, cleaning rod and instruction manual. Estimate $5,000-$7,500 More than 420 high-quality lots from the most popular firearms-collecting categories will be offered, with a timeline that runs from the 18th century through Vietnam. “There are some very rare and unusual entries in this sale,” said Milestone Auctions firearms specialist Tony Wilcox. “At the preview, collectors are going to enjoy examining the fine points of each gun, but if they’re not able to attend in person, they’ll find that the catalog descriptions are very well detailed. We try to put ourselves in the bidder’s shoes and provide the type of information we think they would want to know.”  At the pinnacle of the antique firearms section is an iconic New Haven Arms Model 1860 brass-framed Henry rifle, .44 Henry caliber with a 24¼-in barrel length, that was manufactured in 1863. A wonderful example of the reliable, high-capacity lever-action rifle that was immediately pressed into service during the Civil War and later used during the westward migration, it is untouched, has never been cleaned, and comes from a long-established collection in northern Colorado. The auction estimate is $20,000-$30,000.  A truly historical 19th-century highlight is…

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    Milestone Auctions’ Oct. 2 Fall Antique Toy Spectacular features huge single-owner collection of extremely rare and early European and American productions

    Featured: 138 rare toy motorcycles, 117 Lehmann & Gunthermann windups, George Brown masterpiece + museum-quality Ives toys, Marx prototypes, character toys WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Collectors of rare antique and vintage toys – whether manufactured in Europe, Japan or the USA – are in for a treat on Saturday, October 2nd. That’s when Milestone Auctions of suburban Cleveland, Ohio, will present its Fall Antique Toy Spectacular starring one of the most diverse collections of fine toys ever amassed. With the exception of a few select additions from other consignors, the 704-lot auction is devoted exclusively to the marquee collection, whose superlative holdings are a testament to decades of searching and networking within the toy hobby. All forms of remote bidding will be available for those who cannot attend the auction in person, including live via the Internet through Milestone Live. Extremely desirable Nifty tin windup Hi-Way Henry Car. All original and complete, retains true colors. Accompanied by extremely rare box (not shown here). Estimate $5,000-$7,000 “A month before the sale date, our phones were already ringing. The word had gotten out and collectors were eager to learn more about the toys and leave bids,” said Chris Sammet, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. “It’s very unusual to see a single-owner collection with this much variety. There are 138 German, Spanish and Japanese motorcycles; early American toys by George Brown and Ives; Marx prototypes, and hundreds of great European toys, many in their original boxes.” A parade of 86 Lehmann windup and flywheel tin toys is poised to cross the auction block, including a number of uncommon examples. Sometimes based on characters that toymaker Ernst Paul Lehmann observed in his own village and during his travels, German-made Lehmann toys are just as amusing today as they were when they first left the company’s Nuremberg factory over a century ago. Top entries include a Chinese-themed “Boxer Rebellion,” considered the rarest of all Lehmann toys, $12,000-$15,000; a dashing “Ski Rolf” with pictorial box, $6,000-$8,000; and an early flywheel-driven “Going to the Fair” with pictorial box, $4,000-$6,000.  Other character-centric Lehmanns include “Snick Snack” (man walking two frisky…

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    Fresh-to-market antique European toys drew international bidders to Milestone’s 100%-sold June 26 auction

    Surprising rarities surfaced, including German clockwork ‘Woman Blowing Bubbles,’ $9,900; and French bicycle-go-round, $4,920 WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Even the best-connected toy buyers in Europe surely would have been surprised by the contents of the Margaret and Joel Weissman antique toy collection, which was offered by Milestone Auctions on June 26th. The couple’s beautiful assemblage of German, French and English toys included examples of clockwork and hand-painted toys; automobiles, boats, airplanes, go-rounds and penny toys that are seldom seen on either side of the Atlantic. Late-19th-century German tin clockwork ‘Woman Blowing Bubbles,’ in working order, sold for $9,900 against an estimate of $1,000-$1,500 “It was a no-reserve auction, but If a toy was genuinely rare or unusual, it sold above high estimate,” said Chris Sammet, co-owner of Milestone Auctions in suburban Cleveland. “We had around 3,500 registered bidders for the sale. The European toys attracted very strong interest from international bidders, but there was plenty of competition from the Americans.” The auction was 100% sold and totaled $256,000. With the Weissmann toys as its centerpiece and other fine collections adding to its great variety, the 762-lot auction also included pressed-steel trucks, cast-iron vehicles, mechanical and still banks, and tin windups by Marx, Linemar, Unique Art and other popular brands. Many toys retained their original boxes, adding yet another layer to their desirability. Displaying remarkable condition for its age, the sale’s top lot was a late-19th-century German hand-painted tin clockwork toy whose original box identifies it with the penciled notation: “Woman Blowing Bubbles.” The hand-painted tin figure of a woman in an aproned floor-length dress, with blond “hair” swept up into a bun, stands atop a lithographed-tin “brick” platform. When the toy is activated, the woman’s arm lifts the long bubble-blowing pipe from the soap bowl to her mouth. A bellows in the platform blows air through the stem to emit actual bubbles. In working order, this elusive toy rose to $9,900 against an estimate of $1,000-$1,500. It is now part of a Canadian bidder’s collection. Another toy that charmed bidders was a nicely detailed French wind-up cast-metal bicycle-go-round finished in an…

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    Coveted high-condition militaria fueled Milestone’s $1.5M Premier Antique & Modern Firearms Auction, June 19

    Auction superstars: Colt 1911 .45 ACP shipped to USMC depot in 1913, Walther World War II German K43 semiautomatic rifle, Russian Izhmash Dragunov Tiger rifle, antique American rifles Factory-cased Russian Izhmash Dragunov ‘Tiger’ rifle, 7.62X54 caliber, manufactured in 1993. Sold for $9,600, nearly four times the high estimate WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Motivated bidders and a fresh-to-market selection of rare and near-flawless firearms formed the winning recipe for a $1.5 million payday at Milestone’s June 19 Premier Antique & Modern Firearms Auction. The 777-lot sale attracted a throng of new international bidders online in addition to stalwarts of the hobby who attended in person or participated through their choice of remote-bidding methods. “There were many overseas bidders competing in this sale,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. “England, the Czech Republic, Australia, the Netherlands – those are just a few of the nations that were represented. The hobby is energized and thriving. Everyone’s excited to be out and about and buying.” Asked which categories showed particular strength at the June 19 sale, King replied, “Militaria was very strong, and has been strong for some time, now. Colt ‘Snake’ revolvers – Cobras and Pythons – are collector favorites and brought a ton of money. In every category the rarest and finest merchandise had multiple bids lined up before the sale opened.” The top lot of the day was a documented, high-condition Colt 1911 .45 ACP pistol, one of only 1,250 of its type that were shipped directly to the US Marine Corps’ Philadelphia depot on July 9, 1913. Stamped UNITED STATES PROPERTY and MODEL OF 1911 U.S. ARMY, the highly sought-after gun sold for its predicted high estimate of $18,000. King remarked: “Any Marine Corps-shipped gun is scarce, and of those, most have little to no finish, so the premium price paid for the beautiful example in our sale, which retained about 85% of its original blue, did not come as a great surprise to us. It had everything going for it.” A Walther World War II German K43 semiautomatic rifle manufactured in 1945 was described in Milestone’s catalog as being of…

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    Milestone musters top-tier selection of rare Colts, Civil War, military and Old West weapons for June 19 Premier Antique & Modern Firearms Auction

    Featured: Documented Marine-shipped Colt 1911, 1st-year (1929) Colt .38-caliber Super, legendary Texas Ranger John Slaughter’s Colt .38, 1993 Judson Brennan .50-caliber flintlock rifle Colt .38-caliber revolver owned by legendary Texas Ranger, cowboy, poker player and rancher John Slaughter (1841-1922). Accompanied by factory letter indicating gun was shipped in 1904; plus 1890s letter on El Paso County letterhead regarding State of Texas vs John Slaughter, and 1902 correspondence on color letterhead depicting ‘Slaughter’s Hereford’ (cattle), Dallas, Texas. Estimate $8,000-$12,000 WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – After many months of cross-country traveling, picking up choice collections and expertly cataloging the incoming consignments, Milestone’s team will present its Premier Antique & Modern Firearms Auction, on Saturday, June 19. The sale will take place at Milestone’s comfortable, purpose-built auction gallery in suburban Cleveland, with all remote forms of bidding available, including live online through multiple platforms.  Approximately 770 lots will be auctioned, with many of the most popular specialty categories represented. “There’s a great military selection, numerous rare Colts, and many historical and collectible firearms – something to suit every type of collector,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Chris Sammet.  The Colt name stands for quality and American tradition. One of the finest Colts in the sale is a high-condition .45-caliber Model 1911, one of 1,250 such pistols shipped to the US Marine Corps’ Philadelphia depot on July 9, 1913. Smooth, clean and 100% period-correct, the pistol is stamped “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” and “MODEL OF 1911 U.S. ARMY.” An accompanying document from Colt’s archival records confirms that the gun went directly from the Colt factory to the USMC Depot Quartermaster in Philadelphia. “It is rare for a Colt to be identified as having been issued directly to the USMC,” Sammet said. “Typically, documentation will say that a gun of this type was shipped to the US Government.” The example in Milestone’s auction is estimated at $12,000-$18,000. Another Colt gem is a boxed 1st-year (1929) .38-caliber Super, arguably the most desirable of any firearm in the manufacturer’s 1911 lineup. It has a near-mint magazine and like-new bore and grips. The original instructions are included, as well as a “Special…

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    Toy collectors aimed high for vintage robots and early Disney toys at Milestone’s May 1 Spring Spectacular

    Boxed Bandai Flying Spaceman on Super Cycle more than doubles high estimate at $55,200 Bandai (Japan) friction-powered ‘Flying Spaceman’ on ‘Super Cycle’ with original caped, green rubber “Superman” figure. Accompanied by colorfully illustrated box lid. The top lot of the sale, it sold for $55,200 against an estimate of $15,000-$25,000. WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Bidders from more than 20 different countries brought their A-game to Milestone’s May 1 Spring Spectacular Toy Auction, which ran 13 hours due to sustained bidding, primarily via the Internet. Interest was especially strong for robots, early comic character toys and an extraordinary collection of 150+ vintage toy boats and electric outboard motors in their original boxes. “It was an exciting sale with lots of international action, especially on the robots,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. “It seemed that everyone was waiting till the day of the auction to bid, because as soon as a lot would open, the bidders would all jump in at once. They obviously were keeping their items of interest to themselves, as smart bidders often do.” King said he and business partner Chris Sammet have always known that their company had an excellent following among robot and space toy collectors. “We just needed a grouping of robots like the one we had in this sale to prove that we can reach the right buyers and get top prices,” King said. “Not long after the sale we received a call from a robot collector who had seen the results. Now he wants to consign with us.” The robot lineup contained impressive examples of some all-time classics and was led by an elusive Bandai friction-powered “Flying Spaceman” on a “Super Cycle.” With its original caped, green rubber “Superman” figure wearing its original red and yellow S-logo chest shield, and its correct, colorfully illustrated box lid, it was bid to $55,200 against a pre-sale estimate of $15,000-$25,000. The toy went to a US-based buyer. From Masudaya’s celebrated “Gang of Five,” a 15-inch-tall Target Robot, all original and complete with its dart gun and one dart, sold above estimate for $13,800; while a Daiya (Japan)…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Milestone Auctions sets new house record with $1.5M sale of historically important firearms

    1880s hand-painted shooting gallery target produced auction-day surprise, selling for $27,000 1913 L.C. Smith crown-grade 20-gauge ejector gun with both a 26-inch and 32-inch barrel. Made to order by Hunter Arms Co., Fulton, N.Y. One barrel is marked ‘Sir Joseph Whitworth Fluid Compressed Steel.’ Sold for $24,000 against an estimate of $3,000-$4,000 WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – An 1859 Berdan Sharps rifle, Sammy Davis Jr’s .357 Magnum, and a Walther pistol from Hitler’s mountaintop retreat were among the highlights in Milestone’s record-setting January 30 auction, but it was an artful and unusual shooting gallery target that unexpectedly rose to the top of prices realized. The 33-inch-high painted metal and wood target figure of a medieval drummer had attracted a flurry of enquiries in the run-up to the $1.5 million sale. Collectors of firearms, folk art, and carnival arcade memorabilia all stepped up to “take a shot” at the coveted antique, which had been estimated at $4,000-$6,000 but sold for $27,000, inclusive of buyer’s premium.  “The target had everything going for it,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. “It was artistically beautiful, in great condition, and had an unusual mechanical action. If a shooter hit the small round target on the drummer’s shoulder, it would ‘play’ the drum to signal a bull’s-eye.” Dating to around 1880, the target was once in the collection of the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. “The winning bidder was a first-time Milestone buyer who wanted it for its decorative value. He thought it was very cool, as did many people,” King said. The $1,524,000 event – the highest-grossing Milestone auction to date – featured several long-held, highly refined collections, including military guns of the late Gary Thomas. “The military category did very, very well and achieved more than we had expected. Some of the guns brought crazy numbers. A bidder who had served in Desert Storm was after one particular gun and wanted it no matter what. Interest in this sale was very strong,” King said.  A captured Japanese Type 99 Ariska rifle with bayonet that had been manufactured during World War II came with its shipping…