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  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Milestone Auctions sets house record for an antique toy sale at $1.3M New Year’s Extravaganza

    Robots, space toys and pre-WWII Japanese toy motorcycles grabbed the lion’s share of the top 10 Exelo Battery Op Mars Explorer W Box WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – For more than 12 solid hours, bidders across the globe ignored the clock and stayed the course to bid in Milestone’s January 13, 2024 auction, the Ohio company’s first-ever toy sale to cross the million-dollar threshold. Finishing near $1.3 million, the 723-lot offering kept antique toy fans competitively engaged as they vied for extreme rarities and prototypes. In so doing, the current hot market for antique and vintage toys continued its unabated run, revealing which types of toys currently hold most-favored status and which are enjoying a revival of interest.  Categories that grabbed the spotlight and brought consistently high prices included robots, space toys, motorcycles, and the ingenious, sometimes humorous, tin toys of pre-WWII Japan that, in decades past, had been underappreciated and thought of as “niche” collectibles. The auction’s top lot was something of a dark horse: an all-original and complete Exelo (Japan) battery-operated ‘Mars’ Explorer space car that had been estimated at a very respectable $12,000-$15,000 but ended up blazing a Red Planet trail to $42,120. Looking a bit like a 1950s/’60s “car of the future” and manned by two astronaut passengers, the two-tone green tin vehicle was emblazoned with MARS on its sides and came with its complete and colorful pictorial box depicting a Martian landscape. Both the exotically-styled toy and its super-graphic box manifest a world of space travel as originally visualized by 20th-century Japanese artists. The amusing, sometimes bizarre, fantasies incorporated into the designs from that period in Japan are what make post-WWII Japanese space toys so irresistible to collectors.  “So much imagination went into the design of mid-20th century Japanese toys,” said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. “You can get lost studying the art. On the Mars Explorer box alone, you might ask yourself who’s inside the flying saucer that landed in the clearing, who fired the primitive rocket that’s whizzing past in the sky, who paved the road on which the space car is traveling, and…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone Auctions’ Jan. 13 Antique Toy Extravaganza presents international mix of European, Japanese and American rarities from fine collections

    Featured: Boxed Mechanical Popeye & Olive Oyl Tank, super-rare blue/red arms Diamond Planet Robot, Marx Big Loo Moon Robot prototype, Batman Tank, hundreds of early European windups & motorcycles WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Toys, toys and more toys! That’s what’s in store for collectors at Milestone’s big January 13 New Year’s Antique Toy Extravaganza in suburban Cleveland. The 732-lot sale includes some of the most sought-after of all European, American and Japanese playthings from the golden era through postwar-production years. Many have their rare factory boxes and present in excellent original condition. Marquee highlights include a super-rare boxed Linemar Mechanical Popeye & Olive Oyl Tank, a stellar Diamond Planet Robot, and a Marx Big Loo robot prototype with impeccable documentation and provenance from its original designer.  Extraordinarily rare Linemar (Japan) Mechanical Popeye & Olive Oyl Tank, 11in long, with original box. Consigned by original owner in Western Australia who received it on his 7th birthday in 1957. Toy is excellent and even retains its original 2-shilling price tag. Estimate: $40,000-$60,000 The toy hobby is still buzzing about the boxed Popeye & Olive Oyl Tank that set a world auction record on April 9, 2022 when Milestone auctioned it for $105,000. One of perhaps a half-dozen examples known to exist, the toy had emerged from Australia, a fact that became widely known after the sale. But, contrary to the old adage, lightning did strike twice in the same spot. Worldwide postsale coverage led to the discovery of yet another boxed Popeye tank in Australia, from a different, completely unrelated source.  The elusive character toy’s consignor, John Elsbury of Western Australia, received the tank in 1957 as a 7th-birthday gift from his parents. He clearly remembers being instructed by his mother to sit outside Randall & Edwards jewelry store in downtown Kalgoorlie while the secretive purchase was being made. Sixty-five years later, after stumbling across an online article about the $105,000 price paid for a similar-looking tank, Elsbury starting digging though old boxes and eventually located his birthday toy. It was still in its colorful pictorial box and even retained its original 2-shilling…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Rarities commanded estimate-smashing prices at Milestone’s $850K debut of Elmer’s Toy Museum auction series

    Bidders worldwide competed fiercely for postwar Japanese tin motorcycles, with a 12-inch ‘Romance’ bike leading the pack at $25,830 WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Elmer’s Auto and Toy Museum in Fountain City, Wisconsin, achieved legendary status long before its doors closed in 2022, after 28 years of operation. While the rambling rural museum is now history, the late Elmer Duellman’s tangible legacy – his mind-blowing assemblage of 25,000 antique and vintage toys – will live on. Bolstered by pop-culture fans of all ages, the fabled collection took its first step into a new era at Milestone’s auction October 28 sale, the first in an ongoing series of quarterly events featuring the Duellman toys. With intense media interest and lively toy-hobby chatter as its catalysts, the single-day auction debut realized $850,000, with estimate-crushing prices paid by bidders across the globe. Rare I Y Japan tin friction Romance motorcycle, known to collectors as the ‘large blue version.’ Size: 12in long. Excellent condition. Sold for $25,830 against an estimate of $2,000-$3,000 Without question, the auction’s top spotlight grabbers were the postwar Japanese tin motorcycles, one of Elmer’s favorite toy categories.  A rare, 12-inch-long I Y Japan tin friction “Romance” motorcycle, known to collectors as the “large blue version,” depicts a young couple out for a spin, with a boy driver and girl passenger. Bright, colorful and in excellent condition, it outdistanced its formidable pack of two-wheeled challengers to sell for an astonishing $25,830. The pre-sale estimate was $2,000-$3,000.  Another distinctive I Y Japan production, a 12-inch-long tin friction “Condor Motor Cycle” in beautiful all-original condition was offered with its rare, original pictorial box. The exciting box graphic shows a helmeted driver on a speeding bike with the striking image of a condor in flight on the gas tank. The coveted toy sold for $9,300 against an estimate of $2,000-$4,000. A rare Marusan Japan tin friction “Indian Motor Cycle” with the brand name “Indian” and a graphic of a feather-bonneted Native American chief on the gas tank had visual appeal to spare. Together with its scarce original pictorial box, whose artwork faithfully replicates the toy’s appearance,…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone’s Oct. 28 auction to launch multi-year series devoted to toys from Elmer Duellman’s fabled Wisconsin museum

    Over a 28-year period, the museum’s 25,000 vintage toys attracted collectors and journalists from all over the world WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Just about everyone in the antique toy hobby knew about “Elmer’s place.” Formally known as Elmer’s Auto and Toy Museum, the one-of-a-kind haven for vehicles and automotive toys of all types was almost as legendary as Elmer himself, who passed away in 2019 at age 79. Now, with the blessing of Duellman’s heirs, Milestone Auctions is auctioning the vast collection of antique and vintage toys that Elmer displayed at his Fountain City, Wisconsin museum. Alps Japan tin friction Lincoln Futura, 11in long, all original, excellent condition with original box. Estimate: $2,500-$3,500 The multi-year series of quarterly sales will debut on October 28, 2023 at Milestone’s Willoughby (suburban Cleveland), Ohio gallery, with all forms of remote bidding available, including live via the Internet through a choice of online-bidding platforms.  “It’s impossible to describe how comprehensive Elmer’s collection is. He had a head start on all of us,” said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. “As far back as the 1980s, Elmer was buying and selling at a rapid pace and had a small army of pickers from coast to coast who were always on the lookout for items of interest.” Duellman was also known for his encyclopedic knowledge of toys. He authored two volumes of the now-classic Elmer’s Price Guide to Toys and contributed significantly to Volumes 1 through 5 of the Evolution of the Pedal Car books.   Duellman’s museum opened in 1994 and operated for 28 years. Inside and around five barns and sheds, visitors could view a mind-blowing array of 100+ cars, 175 motorcycles, 800 pedal cars, 250 bicycles, advertising signs, and a staggering collection of antique and vintage toys of all types. Elmer’s son Les Duellman recalled: “Dad collected a lot of pressed steel toys and a lot of tin – Japanese, German and American – plus tether racers, Dinky Toys, TootsieToys and ride-on toys. He always sought out original condition and original boxes because he knew that’s what really made the piece. He also liked boxed…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Rare Japanese robots and space vehicles dominated the top 10 at Milestone’s $700K Spring Premier Toy Auction

    Boxed Gang of Five Target Robot, Jupiter Robot, Space Patrol Car, Walking Batman and Batman Jeep were among the big winners WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Many hundreds of absentee bids were already on the books by the time Milestone Auctions’ co-owner and principal auctioneer Miles King stepped up to the podium to officially open the Ohio company’s May 27 Spring Premier Toy Auction. The 835-lot event, which featured virtually every popular category in the antique-toy realm, was on many a collector’s radar and had been closely monitored online, especially after word got out about a stellar collection of rare Japanese robots and space toys featured in the sale. As predicted, it was the postwar Japanese rarities that added the most fuel to the fire, helping to push the one-day total to a pleasing $700,000, inclusive of buyer’s premium. The undisputed leader was a Masudaya 15-inch battery-operated Target Robot from the famed Gang of Five series. Extremely bright and beautiful, the all-original ‘bot came with its correct dart gun and two darts, as well as the pièce de résistance, its original pictorial box. Entered with an estimate of $20,000-$25,000, it went the distance and then some, selling for $34,440. Rare Yonezawa (Japan) battery-operated Jupiter robot. All original and complete with correct remote control battery box. One of the classic robots every collector wants. Accompanied by nice repro box. Sold for $20,400 against an estimate of $6,000-$8,000 Target Robot’s wingman was a rare Yonezawa battery-operated Jupiter Robot. All original and complete with its correct remote control battery box, it was an exceptionally well-preserved example of one of the most sought-after of all classic robots. Offered together with an attractive repro box, it was chased to $20,400 against an estimate of $6,000-$8,000. The auction waters were also favorable for a great-looking Nomura battery-operated Walking Batman. The super-clean, all-original battery op appeared never to have been played with. Even its cloth cape looked as crisp as the day it marched off the factory production line. Importantly, it retained its visually appealing original box, which has exciting graphics of Batman in crimefighting mode, with Robin visible…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone’s June 10-11 auction features outstanding private collection of antique advertising

    Featured: General store signage for a variety of late-19th and early 20th-century products WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – As a special highlight of its June 10-11 sale, Milestone Auctions in suburban Cleveland will offer a fine collection of late 19th- and early 20th-century advertising related to a variety of products that would have been sold in general stores of a century ago. “Long before department stores became a part of American life, there was the general store, a place where people could find food, tobacco, candles, denim clothing, tools, shotgun shells and other essential items all under one roof – hence the name ‘general store’” said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. “No space was left empty, and store owners would even hang hooks from the ceiling to display pots and pans, washboards, and just about anything else a shopper might be looking for. Right along with the goods, there would be advertising signs for a huge variety of products. In pre-radio and TV days, that was one of the main ways manufacturers got their messages across to potential customers.” Rare circa-1909 Winchester pyramid-form hanging sign advertising cartridges and shot shells, with original string. Very colorful graphics of animals in the wild. Size: 15in x 22in. Estimate $5,000-$8,000 Antique advertising is one of the categories featured on a regular basis in Milestone’s auction events, and it will certainly be included in the June 10 opening session of the company’s upcoming two-day sale. According to Miles King, it’s one of the finest collections of predominantly sporting-themed advertising Milestone has ever had the pleasure of handling. Browsing through the online catalog’s advertising section is like walking through the doors of an old-time general store, with each sign’s vibrant colors, imagery and beautiful lithography designed to catch the patron’s eye.  There’s a group lot of five 1920s signs advertising Nicholson Files, a product which would have been highly important to mechanics in America’s booming automobile industry. The tri-fold die-cuts are offered with a $500-$700 estimate.  No differently than today, gentlemen of a century ago strived for a well-groomed appearance, which was achieved by a daily…

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    Major collection of rare robots, space toys and superheroes leads Milestone’s May 27 Premier Toy Auction

    Exotic Japanese productions, many with original boxes, join American cast-iron, tin and pressed-steel classics in a big 881-lot sale WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Today, many nations and private companies are engaged in the Space Race, but there’s no contest as to who the winner is when it comes to space toys. Japan has been the clear and unchallenged leader in the manufacture of robots and space toys since the end of World War II. The imaginative designs of Masudaya, Yonezawa, Nomura and scores of other Japanese firms of the 1950s-1970s are revered by collectors who love the toys’ fanciful looks and quirky actions, not to mention the wild artwork on their boxes. Milestone Auctions, the home of great toy collections, will offer a treasure trove of sought-after robots, space toys and dozens of other types of vintage playthings at their big May 27th Spring Premier Toy Sale.  The 881-lot auction is led by an out-of-this-world collection of postwar Japanese rarities, including Tetsujin, Astroboy, Space Ace and everyone’s favorite: a Nomura Walking Batman, with its original box. “There’s already a lot of buzz about these toys because, to our knowledge, no one up until now has auctioned a high-quality Japanese robot, superhero and character collection of this size,” said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. The parade of highlights is led by an excellent battery-operated Target Robot from Masudaya’s “Gang of Five” robot series. It’s unusual to encounter an example as clean, original and complete as the one offered by Milestone. Standing an impressive 15 inches tall and finished in glossy purple, red and yellow with a red circular target on its chest, it comes with its correct dart pistol and two darts. Even better, it retains its colorful original box, making it a top prize for any collection. Target Robot is ready for action and has a pre-sale estimate of $20,000-$25,000. Marching right behind Target Robot is his Gang of Five brother, Masudaya’s Radicon Robot. The big, boxy battery-op with a gray industrial-metal finish is also 100% original and comes complete with its correct remote-control box and antenna. Radicon is historically…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Milestone’s Winter Toy Extravaganza closes the books at $750K, with rare Diamond Planet Robot in the lead

    Fueled by international interest, many postwar Japanese toys landed above-estimate prices, as did classic American Marx toys WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Nearly 880 lots of high-quality antique and vintage toys crossed the auction block at Milestone’s December 10 Winter Toy Extravaganza, chalking up $750,000 and making many collectors’ Christmas dreams come true. Fueled by strong international interest, four dozen robots and space toys easily achieved liftoff, with an extremely rare color variation of a Yonezawa (Japan) tin windup Diamond Planet Robot leading the group. At 10 inches high, Diamond Planet is the largest of all windup robots produced during the golden era of postwar Japanese toymaking. The 100% original robot with a blue body and red arms was offered together with a high-quality repro box and sold within estimate for $33,210. Original Yonezawa (Japan) 10in tin windup Diamond Planet Robot, rare variation with blue body and red arms, 100% original, with high-quality repro box. Sold within estimate for $33,210 From the legendary Masudaya (Japan) Gang of Five series, a 15-inch-tall battery-operated Target Robot presented in all-original condition, complete with its correct dart gun with dart. In excellent condition with glossy, colorful lithography and a super-clean battery box, it grazed its high estimate with a winning bid of $14,400.  Japanese toys had a great day overall. One of the most asked-about lots was the very rare Miura tin friction fire truck in bright primary colors with Gigantor Tetsujin graphics on the vehicle’s sides, hood and ladder. “It was an extremely nice example of a superhero toy that’s all but impossible to find. We knew it would fly,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. In fact, the 7½-inch-long truck with firemen figures nearly tripled its high estimate with a selling price of $11,377. Marx toys found favor with bidders, as well. A postwar classic with lithography second to none, a battery-operated Hootin Hollow Haunted House was not only in pristine condition, it also had all its original working parts and functioned perfectly. When activated, its actions include surprise appearances by a skeleton, vampire, black cat and ghost; and its sounds include a howling…

  • Auction Industry, Press Release
    Milestone beats Santa to the punch with a Dec. 10 Winter Toy Extravaganza of the ‘rarest, finest toys’ the Cleveland auction house has ever offered

    Featured: Rare-color Diamond Planet Robot, carded 1978 Star Wars vinyl-cape Jawa action figure AFA-graded 80+ NM, boxed Mickey Mouse Organ Grinder, boxed Lehmann Snick-Snack WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Every antique toy collector dreams of finding something rare and exotic under the Christmas tree, and sometimes those dreams come true. But there is an alternative that offers much better odds. Those who don’t want to risk receiving a clip-on tie or box of stale chocolates can find and bid on hundreds of rare and beautiful toys in Milestone Auctions’ December 10 Winter Toy Extravaganza. The suburban Cleveland company may be known for selling every type of high-end collectible from antique firearms to vintage petroliana, but toys are special to the Milestone crew. It’s one of the categories upon which their brand was founded, and its following amongst collectors is rock solid. 1978 Kenner Star Wars Jawa vinyl-cape action figure, beautiful condition, on crisp 12 Back-A card with clear bubble. AFA graded 80+ Near Mint. Among the most desirable of Kenner Star Wars figures. Estimate $40,000-$50,000 “Because we’ve been involved with antique toys for so long, we understand what collectors want. We travel constantly, visiting collections and estates, attending shows, and following up on leads in person. We leave no stone unturned,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. “We’re especially excited about the December 10th sale because it contains some of the rarest and finest toys we’ve ever handled. Some come with their extremely scarce original boxes, and many are fresh to the market.” Robots and space toys have always found the atmosphere welcoming at Milestone’s events, and expectations are high for the approximately four dozen extraterrestrial entries in the December 10 sale. Highlights start with an original Yonezawa (Japan) tin windup Diamond Planet Robot displaying a rare blue body with red arms color scheme. It is one of the most elusive of all post-WWII robots, and few have ever appeared at auction.  “The 10-inch-high Diamond Planet is actually the largest windup robot ever produced. It has a great look with its prominent googly eyes, detailed chest gauges and sparks that are visible…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Mark Smith automobilia collection kept bidders engaged at Milestone’s $600K auction

    Select additions to sale included luxurious 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe, which glided to $140,400 WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – The multifaceted collection of the late Mark Smith was the cornerstone of an exciting $613,000 event held at Milestone Auctions’ suburban Cleveland gallery on October 15th. Smith, a Virginia businessman, was a passionate and very hands-on collector of automotive advertising and memorabilia, a reflection of his involvement in the car industry. But there was much more to Smith’s collecting interests than just motoring, said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. Very rare 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe with rumble seat. Complete with V12 473-cubic-inch 175hp engine and original 3-speed transmission. Excellent condition, odometer showing 64,033 actual miles. Accompanied by large assortment of extra parts. Sold for $140,400 against an estimate of $120,000-$150,000 “Approximately 500 lots in the 740-lot auction came from Mark’s collection, and the variety showed very clearly that he didn’t place any restrictions on what he bought. He had a great eye and excellent instincts. If something appealed to him, he bought it. He was also very shrewd about buying up rare car and motorcycle parts, which only grew in value over the years. In the run-up to the sale, our phones rang constantly with inquiries about those parts.” The categories offered on auction day – which included additional select consignments – included jukeboxes and coin-op machines, salesman’s samples, pottery and stoneware; art glass lamps, Coca-Cola trays and signs; coins and currency; movie posters, shaving mugs, figural match holders and many other specialties.  Sleek classic cars grabbed their share of attention at the well-attended preview. A 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe with classic Art Deco styling was complete with a V12 473-cubic-inch 175hp engine and original 3-speed transmission. It boasted a clean, straight, Dietrich-style body and a kicky rumble seat. The 86-year-old luxury ride had obviously been pampered, as its odometer reading was only 64,033 miles. Prior to the auction, King remarked that the engine purred so smoothly, it could barely be heard. It was no surprise that the head-turning beauty, accompanied by an extensive assortment of extra parts, commanded a within-estimate winning…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Milestone’s toy auction featuring Mark Smith collection draws international interest, tops $500K

    Pedal cars took the lead, with an American National Deluxe Coupe with luxury appointments cruising to $66,000 WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Milestone Auctions gave collectors what they wanted on September 24th, rolling out a diverse offering of antique and vintage toys from the Mark Smith collection along with high-quality additions from several other consignors. The 755-lot sale was active from start to finish, with many international bidders taking part. After a long but rewarding day at the podium, auctioneer and company co-founder Miles King closed the books at $505,200 (inclusive of buyer’s premium). American National Deluxe Coupe pedal car, luxury version with opening doors, sliding windows, interior upholstery and curtains. Length: 68 inches. Sold for $66,000 against an estimate of $20,000-$40,000 Variety was the watchword for this auction, which ran the gamut of today’s most popular toy categories, including motorcycles, racers, American cast-iron, tin and pressed-steel vehicles; German and Japanese postwar battery-ops, gas-powered tether cars, and more. Many elusive examples were in the mix, and a healthy percentage came with their desirable original boxes.  Rare pedal cars from the early days of motoring dominated the day, with a swanky American National Deluxe Coupe pedal car in the lead. Boasting every possible luxury option, including opening doors, sliding windows, a dashboard with simulated gauges, and interior upholstery and curtains, the 68-inch car was presented with a $20,000-$40,000 estimate. Well aware of its rarity, collectors pushed it to a final price of $66,000. Another scarce production was the early, all-original Gendron chain-drive Packard pedal car with a steel body and wood radiator, tires and frame. Its paint was 100% original, and it was so complete, it even retained its Gendron Wheel Co factory decal. Against a pre-sale estimate of $8,000-$12,000, it glided to a stop at $24,000. Big boys love their Buddy ‘L’s. With their hefty pressed-steel construction and authentic look, they’re classic automotive toys and never have a problem finding a new owner. A scarce Buddy ‘L’ 1-ton Express Truck with original black paint, red spoked wheels and factory decals came to the podium with expectations of landing in the $1,000-$1,500 range.…

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    Milestone to host diverse Oct. 15 auction of classic cars and rare parts, automotive and Coca-Cola advertising, coin-ops, antiques, decorative art and collectibles

    740-lot sale features the many fascinating collections of late Virginia businessman Mark Smith WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – When the doors open to Milestone’s auction gallery on Saturday, October 15th, an energized – and eclectic – group of bidders is expected to rush in, grab a coffee and take a last-minute look at the merchandise they hope to bring home.  There will be those who collect automotive advertising and memorabilia, perhaps to display in a man cave. Classic car collectors are expected to turn out for 20th-century motoring gems like a 1931 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine, a 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe, or a showy 1956 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Convertible. Hunter-gatherers in search of elusive car parts, hood ornaments and radiator badges will be there, as will buyers of jukeboxes and coin-op machines; salesmen’s samples, pottery and stoneware, and art glass lamps. Additional categories of interest include figural match holders, Coca-Cola trays and signage; coins and currency; movie posters, shaving mugs and more.  Approximately 500 lots in the sale come from the holdings of the late Mark Smith. Literally dozens of collecting categories are represented.  As Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King explained, Mark Smith was no ordinary collector. “He liked and collected all sorts of things. He was in the car industry in Virginia, so it was natural for him to collect automobilia and racing mementos. Also, over the years he built up a huge inventory of rare car and motorcycle parts, which are like gold to motoring enthusiasts. People from all over the country have been calling about those parts, many of which have not been manufactured for decades and are very hard to find.” Joining the Smith collection at auction are several choice classic cars, including a sleek 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe that exudes Jazz Age swagger and Art Deco style. Complete with a V12 473-cubic-inch 175hp engine and original 3-speed transmission, it has a clean, straight, Dietrich-style body and a kicky rumble seat. “It’s in excellent condition and runs so smoothly, you can hardly hear the engine when it’s running,” King said. Very rare 1936 Packard 1407 Coupe with rumble seat.…

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    Antique toys are on a roll at Milestone Auctions, with a fresh offering ready to impress on Sept. 24

    Mark Smith collection of rare automotive and other vintage toys is joined by select additional consignments WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – If anyone wondered whether new collectors were still entering the antique toy hobby or not, they got their answer last spring when Milestone Auctions closed the books on their headline-making Antique Toy Spectacular. Toy fans worldwide are still buzzing about the Popeye and Olive Oyl Tank that brought a record $105,000 at that sale. On September 24, Milestone will roll out a fresh offering of outstanding vintage toys from the Mark Smith Collection, with high-quality additions from other consignors. Bandai tin battery-operated Ferrari gear-shift car, 10½in long, all original and in working order with original pictorial box. Excellent condition. Estimate $200-$400 The 755-lot auction includes virtually all of the most desired categories, including: motorcycles, racers, Japanese tin friction sports cars, American cast-iron, tin and pressed-steel vehicles (including early Buddy ‘L’ and Keystone productions); German and Japanese postwar battery-op cars, construction, military and character toys; antique and vintage bicycles; and antique pedal cars. Many of the toys retain their crisp and colorful original boxes. The sale also features an impressive lineup of gas-powered tether racers, cast-iron mechanical banks, trains, a large fleet of boats (many boxed), several steam engines, Britains soldiers, and for robot fans, a coveted Marx Big Loo. “If there’s one term that appears consistently in the catalog descriptions, it’s ‘all original,’” said Milestone co-owner Miles King. “And that applies to even the earliest of items, like the pedal cars and bicycles. I think collectors are going to be very pleased.” A multitude of buying opportunities will be available to those who favor Japanese and German vehicular toys of the 1950s and ’60s, with many of the best brands represented, e.g., Bandai, Marusan, Distler and Marklin. Some of the top Japanese examples include a 10½-inch-long Bandai tin battery-operated Ferrari gear-shift car, which is in working order and has its original box; and a sleek, red SSS tin friction Mercedes-Benz 300SL convertible, also accompanied by its original pictorial box. Both toys are in fully original condition and carry individual estimates of…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Popeye And Olive Oyl Tank rolls to world-record $105K at Milestone Auctions’ April 9 Antique Toy Spectacular

    Winning bidder, who owned the tank previously but sold it 20 years ago, says it will be displayed at a new private toy museum in Florida WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Popeye toys haven’t seen an appreciable downturn in the collector marketplace at any point in the past 25 years. In keeping with that trend, vintage toys depicting the punchy sailor were “strong to the finich” at Milestone Auctions’ April 9 Antique Toy Spectacular, which grossed $650,000. Powering its way to the top of prices realized, a Linemar Popeye And Olive Oyl Tank with its original pictorial box sold for an astonishing $105,000, a new world auction record for a Popeye toy. Linemar Japan battery-operated Popeye and Olive Oyl Tank, 11 inches, with extremely rare original box. Very clean and bright, by far the finest example known. Excellent/Near Mint. Sold for a world record auction price of $105,000 against its pre-sale estimate of $30,000-$40,000 “Everyone, young or old, can relate to Popeye,” said Milestone Auctions co-owner Miles King. “Since first appearing in a 1929 comic strip, Popeye has amused and entertained audiences in a way that sets him apart from other comic or cartoon characters. He’s an eccentric guy who seems to wander naively into one misadventure after another, always getting out of a scrape at the last minute thanks to a can of spinach. Many of his exploits have translated to toys over the years, and collectors want them all.” One of those collectors is Floridian Ozzie Bilotta, who bid aggressively to claim the Popeye tank which, ironically, he had owned once before. “I originally bought it in the early 2000s from an Australian seller on eBay,” Bilotta said. “I don’t think they knew much about what they had, because their description wasn’t very specific. The bidding opened at only a few hundred dollars, but I wasn’t the only one after it. I recall having to pay $14,000 or $15,000 for it. At the time, that was a record-setting price for a Popeye toy.” A few years later, when Bilotta’s collecting focus shifted to robots and space toys, he sold the…

  • Auction Result, Press Release
    Energized bidders aimed high at Milestone’s $2.5M Premier Collectible Firearms Auction

    Rare WWII Singer ‘educational’ pistol, fine 1865 Civil Martial Henry rifle topped prices realized WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – On March 12-13, 2022, Milestone Auctions in suburban Cleveland held its first-ever two-day Premier Collectible Firearms sale, a well-received outgrowth of its single-day firearms events, which have proved consistently popular. The March sale featured a curated selection of antique, vintage and modern-era weapons. The opening session, which was geared toward higher-end firearms, produced the majority of the top 10 prices realized, while day two was well received for its diverse array of military, civilian and sporting arms with estimates to please most collectors. The sale cashed out at $2.5 million, inclusive of buyer’s premium. Circa-1860 gold-inlaid, bone-handled ‘knuckle duster,’ 1 7/8in caliber 7mm pinfire, six-shot barrel cluster, folding trigger and double-action operation. Housed in French fitted pipe case. Sold for $9,900 against an estimate of $2,500-$3,500 “Collecting vintage firearms is one of America’s most popular hobbies. It attracts a wide cross-section of buyers whose common bond is that they love the history and ingenuity of firearms design,” said Miles King, co-owner of Milestone Auctions. “Along with the top-tier guns in our March auction, which we knew would bring high prices, we made sure to include a plentiful selection of firearms that we felt any collector – including those at the novice or intermediate level – would be proud to own and be able to afford.”  Leading the antique firearms at Milestone’s March event was a fine 1865 2nd Model Martial Henry rifle manufactured in .44 rimfire caliber – the model many scholars consider to be the most advanced US-issue shoulder arm of the Civil War. With a large two-line barrel address and the serial number “9718,” Milestone’s example is the same type of gun listed in the Springfield Research database with a notation that it went to a trooper in Union Company B, 3rd Veteran Volunteers. It sold above estimate for $48,000. The antique highlights continued with a stunning Winchester .44 rimfire Model 1866 saddle ring carbine in very fine condition with a full magazine and two barrel bands. The trusty Model 1866…