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  • Auction Preview

    Qing Dynasty Imperial Horse Saddle and Ru Yao Porcelain Lead the April Private Collection Sale

    The April Private Collection auction at Jumbo Auction House is filled with rare and historical collectibles from the East. From a Qing dynasty horse saddle to Ru Yao porcelain, the auction offers more than 500 lots. The Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912) was the last imperial dynasty of China. A…

    Qing: A Gilt Bronze Imperial Horse Saddle
  • Auction Preview

    From Chinese Furniture to Russian Icons: Akiba Antiques Greets 2022

    Akiba Antiques’ early January sale surveys eclectic fine art, furniture, and rarities from around the world. Leading the catalog is a late 18th-century Chinese hardwood scroll table. During this period in Chinese history, Qing dynasty nobles favored elaborate details and luminous hardwoods for their furnishings. The available table reflects these…

    19th Cent. Russian Silver & Enamel Icon
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    Chinese Jade, Gilt Bronze Objects, and Buddhist Carvings Available With Jumbo Auction House

    The Chinese Qing dynasty period was known for the glorious reign of Emperor Qianlong. Completely fascinated by jade, he both collected and commissioned a massive number of jade objects. Gilt bronze and jade flourished not only in the imperial court but also among commoners. A carved jade Buddha Shakyamuni statue…

    A Carved Jade Buddha Shakyamuni Statue, Qianlong
  • Auction Preview

    Akiba Antiques to Offer Chinese Imperial Collection in Upcoming Sale

    As part of the ancient tributary system of China’s foreign relations, envoys sent exotic gifts as a tribute to the Chinese emperor. The foreign envoy could only trade in China after completing this ritual. Among the exquisite gifts offered to the Chinese emperors, imperial gilt bronze boxes held a special…

    Chinese Imperial Gilt Bronze Embellished Panel Tribute
  • Auction Industry, Press Release

    Asia Week: A Magnificent Chinese Imperial Dragon Vase at Freemans

    With the Asia Week events just wrapping up in the USA, there are still a few more important Asian art themed auctions coming up on the block. Freeman’s in Philadelphia will be offering their important Asian Arts sale on April 8th.  Historically, the Freeman’s Asian art auctions features hundreds of…

    Asia Week A Magnificent Chinese Imperial Dragon Vase at Freemans
  • Auction Industry, Press Release

    Pax Romana’s March 7 auction explores Chinese decorative art for interiors, from Qing Empire through 20th century

    Featured: Beautiful porcelains, white jade figure of Buddha, Sino-Tibetan bronze Guan Yin, bronze seated Buddha holding sword aloft, iron-red foo dog dragons Sino-Tibetan bronze figure of a Guan Yin seated in rajalilasana and wearing heavy robes, jewelry and a pierced crown; 450mm high x 270mm wide. Weight: 11kg (24lbs 4…

    Pax Romanas March 7 auction explores Chinese decorative art for interiors, from Qing Empire through 20th century
  • Auction Result, Press Release

    Gorgeous Chinese Qing Dynasty Or Earlier Embroidered Tapestry In A Frame Knocks Down For $12,500 In A Bruneau & Co. Auction Held Jan. 28th

    The Estate Fine Art & Antiques auction was online-only. No live gallery bidding due to COVID. Chinese Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) or earlier embroidered tapestry depicting three Buddha figures seated on lotus thrones, nicely housed in a 37 ¾ inch by 25 ½ inch frame ($12,500). CRANSTON, R.I. – A beautiful…

    Gorgeous Chinese Qing Dynasty Or Earlier Embroidered Tapestry In A Frame Knocks Down For $12,500 In A Bruneau & Co. Auction Held Jan. 28th
  • Auction Industry, Press Release

    Lark Mason Associates Announces Sale of French Furniture and Chinese Decorative Art from a Prominent New York Collector Now Live on igavelauctions.com

    Pair of Louis XVI Tulipwood Marquetry Corner Cabinets, P. Roussel (Est.:$15,000-20,000) New York: Lark Mason Associates sale of French Furniture and Decorative Arts from a prominent New York collector is now live on igavelauctions.com. The sale, which closes on January 26th, consists of just under 50 select lots of French furniture,…

  • Auction Preview

    Ocean Star Auctions to Offer Range of Asian Art

    In Buddhism, the goddess Tara is considered an embodiment of wisdom. According to mythology, the deity guides human beings along the path to enlightenment. A Chinese gilt bronze sculpture of Tara is highlighted in the upcoming Fine Asian Art Collection, presented by Ocean Star Auctions. Along with sculpture, the sale…

    A Chinese Gild Bronze Tara Statue
  • Auction Industry

    Gianguan Auctions sale highlights early Buddhist art, historic paintings & jade carvings

    Lot 31 Northern Wei, A Very Rare Jade Carving of Sakyamuni Maitreya. NEW YORK, NY.-Gianguan Auctions will hold its online auction sale this October 11. Presenting top tier Buddhist art in its splendid forms with an outstanding collection of jade, crystal and ceramic devotional statues, reflecting regional and highly personal interpretations…

    Gianguan Auctions sale highlights early Buddhist art, historic paintings & jade carvings
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    Fine Art, Antiques, Jewelry Auction

    With very little formal training, Palmer Hayden pursued painting because he enjoyed it. He flourished during the Harlem Renaissance and developed a more abstract style to represent Black Americans in paintings like Midnight Harlem and Jeunesse. His works are now considered thoughtful reflections of Black American folklore stories, including those…

    Palmer Hayden (NY, 1890 - 1973) Watercolor
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    The Hundred Antiques: Fine and Decorative

    The fahua glaze was developed in the early 13th century during the Yuan dynasty. This low-temperature glaze is used to create shades of blue, green, yellow, purple, and white. Known for its aesthetics, fahua remains a popular glaze for Chinese ceramics. A pair of fahua-glazed figures of seated lions is…

  • Auction Preview

    Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art

    An Imperial folding fan from the Qianlong period will be offered in the upcoming Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art auction, presented by Hindman. The fan was created for the Qianlong emperor of the 18th century by three artisans of the Imperial cabinet: Ji Yun, Liang Shizheng, and Qian…

    A Russet and Pale Celadon Jade 'Chilong' Rhyton Cup Height 5 3-4 in., 14.6 cm.
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    Elegant Embellishments

    Chinese jewelry dates back to the Neolithic age. The Lungshanoid people, situated at the Yangtze river, first started making jade jewelry for talismanic rituals. The Chinese jewelry making process has undergone multiple changes over time and has historically featured intricate motifs and symbols. The themes of these jewelry pieces often…

  • Auction Preview

    Important Chinese Art

    One featured item of the upcoming Important Chinese Art auction, offered by Sotheby’s, is a gold, silver, and glass-embellished bronze vessel from the Warring States period. The piece was likely created for a royal patron. Due to its uncommon style, the auction house indicates that the method for its creation…

  • Auction Preview

    Chinese Stamp Auction

    After 30 years of disorganized mail delivery, the Chinese Qing government approved the creation of the first national postal service in 1896. The government ordered specialized stamps from Japan to commemorate the occasion, but the shipment failed to arrive in time for the opening. A small number of red revenue…

    1897 Red Revenue Small Figure Surcharge
  • Auction Preview

    Asian Works of Art

    A.H. Wilkens Auctions & Appraisals’ upcoming Asian Works of Art auction will particularly highlight Chinese jade and porcelain works, ranging from the Yuan dynasty to the Republican period. An 18th-century vessel from the Qing dynasty covered with celadon jade is among the key lots. Designed to resemble a historical bronze…

  • Auction Result

    Chinese Republic Period porcelain famille rose plaque painted by Wang Qi (1884-1937) hits $96,250 at Bruneau & Co. sale

    The plaque was the top lot of the auction, which featured 319 lots from estates across New England. Everything was sold to the highest bidder, with no reserves. Chinese Republic Period famille rose plaque, exceptionally well painted by Wang Qi (1884-1937), depicting two figures with a calligraphic poem and signatures…

    Chinese Republic Period porcelain famille rose plaque painted by Wang Qi (1884-1937) hits $96250 at Bruneau & Co sale
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    July Asian Sale

    Showcased in the upcoming July Asian Sale, offered by WR Auction Gallery, is a Chinese bronze Buddha potentially created in the Qing dynasty. The Qing dynasty was the last imperial dynasty in China, ruling from 1644 to 1912. Chinese Buddhism is one of the country’s oldest foreign religions and balances…

    Chinese porcelain vessel, possibly 19th c.
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    July Estate Fine Art & Antique

    Maqbool Fida Husain, popularly known as M. F. Husain, was an Indian painter and filmmaker famous for his brightly colored modified Cubist paintings. Nicknamed the “Picasso of India,” Husain started his career creating Bollywood film posters. His paintings of horses depict his signature style – a combination of Indian tribal,…

    B. Prabha O/C Portrait Painting of a Young Woman