Arts of Asia Leads Countdown at Alex Cooper’s Auction

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In the world of auction, we all have a sense of desire to acquire Asian Artefacts, don’t we? Alex Cooper auction presented Arts of Asia on Thursday, March 21, 2019, which included many fascinating artifacts that could have grabbed the spotlight.

Let’s take a look at the outpouring objects and crafts originated in the part of the world where we can find many exquisite and artistic works. Also, the auction focused on items such as decor, jewelry, watches, and cars. The sale further boosts the continuous interest in the Asian art culture.

Important Chinese Carved Zitan Shadakshari Deity


Chinese sculptures are described as a unique form of art. The auction presents an early 19th century, Chinese carved figure. This beautiful sculpture is considered to be a deity known as Shadakshari Lokeshvara. Shadakshari Lokeshvara is seated on double lotus in a diamond position. The deity also known as the Buddha of Mercy beholds the fate of mankind humanity.

Similarly, Shadakshari Lokeshvara has a warm smiling face as it shows that he is filled with compassion and love towards all creatures. The divine figure has four arms where two of his hands are joint together in a gesture of greetings. However, they seem to be held slightly apart to hold a gem that grants wishes. His lefts hands hold a lotus flower which symbolizes purity and enlightenment.

He is portrayed as a friendly spirit who is devoted to helping humanity. His purpose is to show humans a path away from self-centeredness and materialism. He appears to be in a Prince-like attire as he can be seen with pieces of jewelry around his neck. The beautiful and mesmerizing deity was sold for $22,680.

A Gentlemen’s Rolex Daytona in 18K Gold

Every watch enthusiasts or anyone who is looking to acquire a luxurious timepiece in their collection should pursue Alex Coper’s auction. The sale presents premium designer wristwatch that will be sold at an estimate of $15,000-$20,000 fetched $18,900 at the bidding. The Rolex Daytona watch is indeed one of the finest models in 18 K yellow gold finish. At the sides of this watch is a high-grade original crocodile strap that suits anyone who is aiming for an elegant look.

The Cosmographic Daytona was first introduced in 1963 designed to feed the demands of professional racing drivers. After years of its creation, the Cosmographic Daytona remains linked to the motor racing world.

Thai Repousse Silver Offering Bowl

This fine item is one of the many Chinese decorative items in the auction. It is discretely carved bowl decorated with Thai female figures. The decorated silver bowl has plated 40 baht premium silver.

This bowl is noteworthy for the rich and vibrant design of women with a landscape background. The underside is inscribed with a Thai script. Now, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this exquisite piece of beauty, isn’t it? This item was sold for $473.

Three Chinese Export Famille Rose Articles

Its extravagant color scheme, durability and exquisite design makes the item an intriguing part of the collection. The tureen is crafted with dynamic Famille Rose decoration along with large florals and smaller leaf vignettes and is accompanied with decorated under plate. Similarly, the Rose Mandarin style jar was sold along with matching trumpet vase.

Chinese porcelain, produced by patrons of the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century, was built with the same technical virtuosity as Chinese Imperial porcelain but designed for Western taste. The porcelain is a continuation of Chinese culture and admiration of incredible Chinese artisans. Since centuries, Chinese ceramics are one of the most valuable forms of Chinese art and ceramics worldwide. They have had an enormous influence on various other ceramic traditions. It was estimated for $300-$400 and was sold for $567.

Impressive Chinese Carved Jade/Wood Screen

Lot 534 presents the magnificent eight-panel miniature screen created in the 20th century. It has gilt calligraphy and sacred object decoration crafted in each one of them. The plaques at the bottom are carved of flowers blooming on a vase. The engraved artwork tells us the ancient stories of China. You could also see beautifully carved lotus symbol on the lowest part of decorated plaques. This impressive wood is all set in carved hardwood panel frames having verso red painted on each panel. The Chinese carved wood screen was sold for $221.

Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Moon Vase

Alex Cooper has acquired a rare set of antique Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Moon Vase to adorn to its newest collection. This amazing piece right here was originated in the 19th century. It is a peculiar item, uniquely constructed moon flask with body foliated with birds surrounded by the garden.

The circular disk’s edges are designed with smaller designs. The cylindrical neck is attached to a pair of curved handles. The estimated price for the vase was $2000-$3000. It was sold for $1,764.

A Collection of Gent’s 14K Gold Watches

The viewpoint for the luxurious brand is to put your grand look together. This first item to the extreme left is Gruen wrist watch with tank style face with the second hand sub dial. The reason for this watch to be called luxurious is because of its “iconic style” that includes curved crystal, gold plate stretch band, and mechanical movement.

The second piece is a Crauford wrist-watch accessorized by tank face and diamonds at 3 and 9 o’clock. It is done in 14K yellow gold. The wrist is encompassed by stretch gold plate band.

Lastly, the third item (extreme right) is a Lucien Piccard wrist-watch with a round gold toned face. This watch incorporates the quartz movement. The design is artistically incorporated into showcasing the watches aesthetics.

The estimated price was $400-$600. Nevertheless, it was sold for $630.

The auction was quite a success bearing the fact 227 impressive pieces from the collections were sold. If you want to find out more, you could visit the Alex Cooper Auction.

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