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    Music Memorabilia Online Sale

    From a John Lennon gift box to an Elvis Presley hand-painted poster, the upcoming Bonhams Music Memorabilia Online Sale presents a range of items from the music industry. A signed guitar from Keith Richards is among the featured lots. According to the auction house, this is believed to be the…

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    July Antique Diving Helmet & Scuba Auction

    In 1912, U.S. Navy gunner George D. Stillson wrote a letter to the Bureau of Construction and Repair complaining about the Navy's equipment and procedures. The Bureau assigned Stillson the task of analyzing the existing methods as a result. In 1915, Stillson submitted his guidelines in his “Report on Deep…

    Small Copper & Brass Diving Helmet Display
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    TCM Presents: Little Treasures

    A 1944 film, Double Indemnity drew inspiration from a murder case that the press referred to as the “dumbbell murder.” The movie was based on the true story of Queens resident Albert Snyder’s death, plotted by his wife and her boyfriend. With Billy Wilder as the director, this movie features…

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    Rock ‘n’ Roll Memorabilia: A Roadie’s Collection

    The son of a Disney Studios animator, Stanley Mouse grew up in Detroit around both animation and the Motown music scene. He was trained in Detroit’s School for the Society of Arts and Crafts but honed his artistic style by detailing hot rods. Mouse would later join the counterculture movement…

    Third annual TRPS poster.
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    Curated Pop Culture, TCG, Comic & Toy Online Auction

    The first issue of Marvel Comics appeared in October of 1939 with the title Marvel Comics #1, long before the existence of the corresponding film franchises. It sold over 80,000 copies, allowing the company to release Marvel Comics #2 the following month. The publication would continue to secure recognition for…

    1954 Universal D.C. Comics Superman Tin Lunchbox
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    Rock On! Turner Auctions + Appraisals Presents Rock 'n' Roll Memorabilia From A Roadie On June 27

    Online Auction Offers Over 130 Lots from 1960s-2000s SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JUNE 11, 2020 – Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present Rock 'n' Roll Memorabilia from a Roadie on Saturday, June 27, 2020, featuring over 130 posters and memorabilia from a man who has worked with renowned…

    Rock On! Turner Auctions + Appraisals Presents Rock 'n' Roll Memorabilia From A Roadie On June 27-FI
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    Icons & Idols: Music Icons

    Just months before his death, Kurt Cobain appeared on the now-famous MTV Unplugged performance of 1993. Cobain performed eight original Nirvana songs and six additional covers before a live audience. The show was alternately called his greatest work and “his last self-portrait.” Appearing in the upcoming Icons & Idols sale,…

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    Hilman Walker Collection of World War I & II Posters

    The USS Mahan (DLG-11) spent over 30 years in various deployments during the Vietnam War and other conflicts. A Farragut-class guided missile destroyer, the Mahan was named in honor of Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan, a renowned naval officer, author, and historian. The ship was scrapped in 2004 but was…

    Hilman Walker Collection of World War I & II Posters
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    Printed & Manuscript African Americana

    The Printed & Manuscript African Americana auction reflects centuries of African American history with lots including slavery and abolition papers, civil rights documents and pictures, and more. At the front of the auction, presented by Swann Auction Galleries, are family papers between the Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens and his…

    Printed & Manuscript African Americana Swann Auction Galleries
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    Annual Spring Sale Day-1

    The Annual Spring Sale, presented by Bertoia Auctions, is a collection of over 1,600 toys, models, and figurines from the collections of Dmitri Ilyinsky, Bob Weiss, Bill and Wendy Jones, Karyl Newman, and others. Antique mechanical banks are well-represented in the sale, including an 1880s Mikado figure from Kyser &…

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    The Beatles At The Hard Rock

    The upcoming Beatles at the Hard Rock sale, presented by Julien’s Auctions, offers nearly 300 Beatles-themed items. Available is a selection of never-before-seen memorabilia, autographed objects, guitars and instruments, obscure licensed material, and vinyl albums. Held on the 50th anniversary of the band’s dissolution, the auction will be held online and…

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    Treasure Chest: Online-Only Timed Auction

    In his 20s, Simon Tissot-Dupont was a photographer for Napoleon III, a position that allowed him to better understand the styles of the Parisian upper class. He soon founded his own company, S.T. Dupont, which produced luxury travel cases and, later, cigar lighters and cutters. A highlighted lot in the…

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    Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction

    The upcoming Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction, offered by Heritage Auctions, is anchored by a selection of collectibles from the recording industry. It will also include items from movies, television, and more. One of the key lots in this sale is an ombré gray dress worn by Whitney Houston…

    The Beatles Yesterday and Today
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    Results Soar in First Auction Ever Dedicated to CGC-Certified Magazines

    Vampirella, Playboy, MAD among titles in high demand for collectors DALLAS, Texas (March 27, 2020) – Results from the first-ever auction dedicated to CGC-certified magazines yielded results well above pre-auction estimates when Heritage Auctions’ CGC-Certified Magazines Online Auction realized $118,224 in total sales. The sale enjoyed enormous popularity among collectors, resulting in…

    Vampirella #1 Warren, 1969 CGC NM 9.4 Heritage Auctions
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    Coin-Op & Advertising

    Violano-Virtuoso is a coin-operated and self-playing violin and key-less piano, made by Mills Novelty Company. In the upcoming Coin-Op and Advertising Auction, Morphy Auctions displays an example of a bow-front Violano-Virtuoso. This instrument was fully repaired by Robert Loeffler and is made of oak with tiger striping on its cabinet.…

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    Online Only March Auction

    As a tribute to the British Royal Air Force and its pilots, Rolex released the Air-King wristwatch in 1945. The watch has a 34mm case, one of the largest of the time, earning it the name ‘King.’ Today, the Air-King is one of Rolex’s oldest watch models still in production.…

    Robert Kipniss (American, b.1931) 'Three Trees' Oil on Canvas
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    Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver – Online Only

    Originating in the Iranian city of Kashan during the 17th century, Kashan rugs are often considered the legacy of Persian weaving’s “Golden Age.” Created using the asymmetric Farsi knot, Kashan rugs are known for their deep blue, red, and cream colors. Hindman presents several Kashan rugs in the upcoming Fine Furniture,…

    Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts and Silver – Online Only
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    Gambling Memorabilia & Playing Cards

    The Gambling Memorabilia & Playing Cards Auction, offered annually by Potter & Potter Auctions, this year includes American lots that date back to the 18th century. There are also many bound books on the topics of cards, cons, poker, cheating, and more.  Among the featured lots is a deck representing…

    Potter Potter Gambling Memorabilia & Playing Cards
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    Movie Posters Signature Auction

    After producing a string of horror movies that found success in the box office, including Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931), Universal Pictures greenlit an adaptation of H.G. Wells' novel The Invisible Man. An original ‘style-B’ one-sheet poster for The Invisible Man (1933) is among the featured items in the upcoming…

    Casablanca (Warner Bros., R-1953). Folded
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    CGC-Certified Magazines Online Auction

    The CGC-Certified Magazines Online Auction, offered by Heritage Auctions, contains several early and rare editions of magazines and comics, especially early editions in the horror and monster genres. Among the featured comic issues is a copy of Vampirella #1, with a Frank Frazetta cover and frontispiece. The vampire character, Vampirella,…

    Cosmopolitan V146#3 (Various Publishers, 1959)