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Collectibles (90)

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Price Range:

$2,000 - $500,000

Interesting lots include:

Item ImageItem NameEstimate
Francesco Colonna, Hypnerotomachie, Paris, 1546, Parisian calf by Wotton Binder C for Marcus Fugger Estimate: $300,000 - $400,000 Starting Bid:$150,000
Paradis, Ung petit traicte de Alkimie, [Paris, before 1540], contemporary morocco by the Pecking Crow binder for Anne de Montmorency Estimate: $300,000 - $350,000 Starting Bid:$150,000
Tiraboschi, Carmina, manuscript on vellum, [Padua, c. 1471], the earliest surviving plaquette binding Estimate: $280,000 - $350,000 Starting Bid:$140,000
Serlio, Il terzo libro; Regole generali, Venice, 1540, both printed on blue paper and bound together by the Cupid's Bow Binder Estimate: $400,000 - $500,000 Starting Bid:$200,000
Pacioli, Divina proportione; Euclid, Opera, Venice, Paganini, 1509, the only editions of Luca Pacioli's most significant works Estimate: $270,000 - $350,000 Starting Bid:$135,000