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Collectibles (332)

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Price Range:

$400 - $35,000

Interesting lots include:

Item ImageItem NameEstimate
Albert Einstein autograph letter signed A.E. Estimate: Starting Bid:$35,000
ohn F. Kennedy uncensored campaign notes made while suffering from laryngitis. Estimate: Starting Bid:$20,000
George Washington autograph letter signed Go: Washington. Estimate: Starting Bid:$17,500
William Henry Harrison letter signed Willm Henry Harrison Estimate: Starting Bid:$14,000
Presentation copy of the Constitution of the United States Estimate: Starting Bid:$7,000
Abraham Lincoln four languages ship's papers signed Abraham Lincoln. Estimate: Starting Bid:$6,300
Charles Darwin autograph letter signed Ch. Darwin. Estimate: Starting Bid:$4,000
Helen Keller typed letter signed Helen Keller. Estimate: Starting Bid:$400