# of Lots:


Price Range:

$15- $120,000

Interesting lots include:

Item ImageItem NameEstimate
1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent, XF45 Legendary Wrong-Planchet Rarity Most Famous U.S. Mint Error Estimate: $115,000 Starting Bid:$120,000
1804 BD-7 Half Eagle, MS63 Small Over Large 8, Guide Book Variety Estimate: $34,000 Starting Bid:$33,000
1852 Humbert Octagonal Fifty, AU50 Reeded Edge, 887 Thous., K-11 Estimate: $13,000 Starting Bid:$13,500
1793 C-4 Half Cent, Good 4 Appealing for the Grade Estimate: $2,200 Starting Bid:$2,300
1857-O Half Dime, MS66+ Strong Eye Appeal Estimate: $1,350 Starting Bid:$1,400