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Wickliff Auctioneers is well-known for our fine art auctions, specializing in historic Indiana art and historic regional American art, primarily from the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of our auctions include paintings and original art by celebrated current and historic regional artists. Paintings from the Hoosier Group, Brown County School, Richmond School, and Indiana-affiliated artists are regularly represented in our gallery. At Wickliff Auctioneers, our goal is to provide a constant source of quality merchandise for our buyers, and offer representation with integrity and expertise for our ...Read More
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  • Auction Preview
    Winter Firearms and Militaria

    The upcoming Winter Firearms and Militaria sale, presented by Wickliff Auctioneers, brings to auction over 200 weapons from various time periods and countries. Featured in the auction is a semi-automatic DWM Luger. Made famous for their use by the Germans in World War I and II, this particular Luger was produced by the Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken company (DWM). Two cased Colt models are also available in this auction. The first is an 1849 pocket revolver, which includes a powder horn, mold, and caps. The revolver also has a stagecoach scene crafted into the cylinder. The other is an 1851 Navy revolver, which comes to auction in its original case. Engraved on the revolver is a scene of the Second Texas Navy's victory at the Battle of Campeche. This was Samuel Colt's way of thanking the Texas Navy for purchasing his earlier, and less successful, Colt Paterson Revolver. Register to bid for these items online on the Wickliff Auctioneers' website.

  • Press Release
    From the Desk of Angie Lawson

    Preparation In a rare solitary moment at the end of the day in our office, I am able to forget about the “task” of work and walk around the gallery, appreciating the beauty of this job. We have the best interior designer, moving crew, Director of Operations, auction day staff, consignors and buyers. How it all comes together each month is a work of art in and of itself. My social media accounts demand attention all day long with merchandisers and resellers postingphotos of their offerings. But no one can come close to the professional presentation, or preparation, completed by our staff, or the high quality of the items our sellers entrust to us. Many of our staff, buyers and consignors have been around this company since before Darin and I have. It is a joyfully humble and peaceful feeling to be able to say that all of this happens because of the years of experience they have, as well as their dedication and work ethic. We are ALWAYS on deadline. It may often seem that we are hustling around our customers on auction day, but the reason we do it is to make sure that our consignors and our buyers have the best experience possible. We, for a moment, don’t take for granted the amount of trust our sellers haveplaced in us, nor do we undervalue our buyers. We have so many wonderful customers. Each and every month, I look forward to seeing you, if only a glance in my hustle. Don’t think for one moment that you didn’t just make my day by being here!

  • Press Release
    Memorial Day, May 29th, by Darin

    Amid the haze of the BBQ smoke and the sounds of splashing swimming pools, picnics and frivolity, the unofficial beginning of summer comes on Monday, May 29th, observed in the United States as Memorial Day, designated to honor our fallen veterans who have served and died in defending the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Much history surrounds the origins of our current Memorial Day observance, primarily the history of the observance called Decoration Day, commonly thought to have originated in Illinois by veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic in 1868, which was celebrated on May 30, because that was a time when flowers were in full bloom and could be used to decorate the graves of Civil War veterans. Alternatively, another story refers to the original Memorial Day term as having been used in the south, by families of Confederate soldiers who died in the war. Our current Memorial Day was legislated by Congress in 1968 (give or take 100 years since the original observance), and designated as the last Monday in May. My Month of May Tradition As has become my personal May tradition over the last few years, I re-watch HBO’s “Band of Brothers” miniseries, which was first broadcast in 2001. The series is based on the book by the same name, written by Stephen Ambrose in 1992. The story chronicles the WWII journey of E (“Easy”) Company, of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. Although portions of history are ‘dramatized’ for effect, the story is based on actual events, and depicts the lives of several “Easy” veterans, whose personal interviews are the prologue to each episode. In the final episode, we learn their identities. Although the acting, writing, cinematography and production are excellent, the most significant aspect of the series is the characters themselves. These men were willing to give their lives in defense of their country, surely, but in defense of their brethren, their brothers-in-arms in the battles they faced. Parachuting into Normandy, facing overwhelming forces and extreme cold (along with low supplies, including minimal ammo) in the Ardennes forest,…