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Family-owned and operated, Palmyra Heritage Gallery is an antique gallery located in New York City since 1995. The gallery offers an impressive selection of authentic ancient coins from numerous cultures, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic. The gallery also specializes in artifacts and antiquities from different periods. Palmyra Heritage Gallery also offers selections of Islamic books, manuscripts, and art acquired from estates and private collections.

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  • Auction Preview
    Ancient Coins and Jewelry Items Come to Auction with Palmyra Heritage Gallery

    Widow's mite coins, also known as "Pruta" or "Leptons," were issued under ruler Alexander Jannacus, King of Judea, from 103-76 B.C.E. At the time, these were the smallest coins circulating in Jerusalem. The ancient coins are featured in the Biblical story of the poor widow who gives two mites to the Temple treasury. The upcoming antiquities sale, presented by Palmyra Heritage Gallery, offers 11 lots of widow's mite coin jewelry. One side of these coins shows the king's name and an anchor. The other side depicts an eight-rayed star. The sale will highlight several other ancient coins. A Greek coin from Akragas, Sicily, circa 465 B.C.E., is among the featured lots. Akragas, an ancient city along the Sicilian coast, is famous for its ancient coinage. Founded by colonists in 580 B.C.E., Akragas became a wealthy city. Within a few decades, it started issuing coinage. One side of this coin bears an eagle, a symbol of Zeus. The other side depicts an open-clawed crab, symbolizing Akragas' strength. The available piece is a silver tetradrachm. Interested collectors can view more items from the Antiquities, Islamic Art, Ancient Coins Sale and place a bid on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art

    Palmyra Heritage Gallery will offer the upcoming Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art auction in mid-September. Among the key items are Greek and Roman terracotta pieces, Italian pottery, bronze phiale bowls, ancient Egyptian artifacts, and Islamic art. One example of the fine art selections is a small painting of an Indian noblewoman smoking with an attendant. The work is from the Mandi school and was painted around 1750 using opaque pigments and gold on paper. The Mandi painters were known for portraying the religious tales of Shiva from the Ramayana, especially those of Krishna or “Madho Rai.”  From the available coins is a Persian gold double daric from the Alexandrian Empire, made between 328 and 311 BCE. The coin is stamped with a Persian hero holding a spear in his right hand, a bow in his left. Also in the sale is an illuminated Quran manuscript. The text is written in Arabic script and is vocalized throughout with orange recitational markings. There are six fully-illuminated pages in color and gold. There are also ten pages with border decorations and gold lines. Divisions of the Quran are marked by marginal gold medallions. The last page bears the Islamic calendar date 1160, which corresponds to the year 1747 CE. View any of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare.

  • Auction Preview
    Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art Sale

    In ancient Rome, images of both mortal and divine children were common. Children appear on Roman tomb monuments, imperial state art, and furnishings of the home. Parents would commission portraits and statues of their deceased children as a remembrance. One of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art Sale, presented by Palmyra Heritage Gallery, is a marble statue of a young Roman boy. Made in the first century CE, the statue shows a young boy holding a large bunch of grapes in his left hand. Miniature paintings first came into use in India around 750 CE during the Palas reign. The colors used in these small paintings were often derived from natural sources such as indigo, vegetables, and precious stones. Two Indian miniature paintings are available in this auction, including one depicting a noblewoman attended by a younger woman. The scene is painted on a blue pigment background. The sale also offers a variety of Egyptian ceramic articles, ancient coins, Islamic art, and Roman jewelry. Explore the full listings and register to bid online on Bidsquare.