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It is easy to find a variety of beautiful furniture and trinkets at one of today’s major household stores, but they lack the authenticity that makes an item truly valuable. Lewis & Maese recognizes character in custom furniture and understands what sets “finds” apart from the rest. Many of our items were once treasures to someone else, and they can become treasures for you, too.

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  • Auction Preview
    Lewis & Maese Auctions Presents Crinoid Fossil and Amethyst Geode Slice

    Nearly 300 million years ago, crinoids populated the deep waters of the seas. They were commonly found in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods. However, the species came close to extinction at the end of the Permian era. A crinoid fossil plate is among the leading lots of Lewis and Maese Auctions’ upcoming sale. The plate shows the preserved remains several crinoids, which have cup-shaped bodies and flexible arms. The auction will include a collection of fossils, rocks, and gemstones. An amethyst geode slice on a custom metal stand is particularly notable. This slice weighs approximately 400 pounds and stands nearly six feet tall. The sale also features a polished piece of lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. Excavated from the Hindu Kush mountains, the piece holds spiritual connotations. Many ancient cultures believed lapis lazuli could dispel negative energy. Browse the full selection of fossils, gemstones, and rocks on Bidsquare.

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    ManCave Auction

    The upcoming ManCave Auction, offered by Lewis & Maese Antiques Auction, includes more than 150 guns and firearms, along with a selection of antique furniture, fine art, and jewelry. Among the available items is a pair of Rosenut Nautilus 803 floor speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. The company, founded by John Bowers in 1966, is a notable producer of audio equipment and loudspeakers.  Also offered in this sale is a Thomas Edison crank phonograph. This record player was an early form of the gramophone, which can also record sounds. Its horn is made of wood. A Japanese Katana sword will be featured as well. This sword has a long handle that can accommodate both hands and is characterized by a curved and single-edged blade. View any of these lots and register to bid on Invaluable.

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    Geology Auction Rock, Gem, Mineral and Fossils Online Only

    The upcoming Rock, Gem, Mineral, and Fossils auction, presented by Lewis & Maese Auction Company, offers 300 lots of geological finds. Leading the collection is a large piece of amethyst shaped like a planet. The Greek legend associated with the stone tells that Dionysus, the god of intoxication and celebration, caused its purple color. Amethyst was believed to prevent drunkenness, overindulgence, and evil thoughts. A piece of blue kyanite is also highlighted. German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner first named this aluminum-rich mineral in a 1789 manual. The name comes from the Greek word kuanos or kyanos, meaning deep blue. Although kyanite is important from a geological perspective, it is rarely used as a gemstone due to its fibrous nature and easy breakage. Three septarian eggs are also available. During the Cretaceous Period over 50 million years ago, septarian was formed when volcanic eruptions encrusted mud, sea creatures, and other organic materials. When the ocean receded, these mud balls dried out and began to shrink and crack. This process yields the egg-shaped stones available in this sale. Visit Invaluable to view the entire collection and register to bid.

  • Auction Preview
    Antique Toy Collection Auction

    This March, the Antique Toy Collection Auction will be presented by Lewis & Maese Antiques & Auctions. As suggested by the name, the sale will include a collection of antique toys, including a Steiff store display automaton. This automaton depicts animals such as a monkey, rabbit, and 14 other creatures. The movements of the toy are described by Invaluable: “The Rabbit potter works the rotating potter’s wheel as the monkey associate kneads the clay... the upper monkey stokes the kiln fire as the kiln opens and closes.” Another available lot is an antique wooden toy carousel. The piece was hand-carved and hand-painted by an Italian immigrant. Flickering Christmas lights, moving animals, and music when switched on are some of the features. In addition, a 1930s Lionel Blue Comet train set will be offered. Created around 1937-39, this piece is said to be the latest version of the Blue Comet set with light blue paint. To browse the full catalog, visit Invaluable. 

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    Fine Art & Antiques Auction

    The Galaxie was Ford’s leading full-size car from 1959 until 1974, rivaling Chevrolet’s Impala. The car was given the name “Galaxie” as a marketing effort to generate interest in the Space Race, started a few years prior. Available in the Fine Art & Antiques Auction offered by Lewis & Maese Antiques & Auctions is a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500XL convertible with 26,000 original miles. The two-door coupe is black with a red convertible soft-top. Also showcased is a Louis Féraud fur coat. Féraud was a well-known French fashion designer and artist until his death in 1999. This Canadian lynx fur coat fits women sizes 8-10 and features soft natural brown and beige colors. A 19th-century Louis Philippe dresser is also highlighted. This four-drawer wooden dresser rests on bun feet and stands 33 inches tall. Other items include a vintage Louis Vuitton leather suitcase, a framed oil painting of a pasture, and a pair of vintage cast-iron lamps. View the entire catalog and register to bid at Invaluable

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    Online Only Book Auction

    The Lewis and Maese by Lewis and Maese Antiques and Auctions features a wide selection of antique and collector’s editions books along with fiction and nonfiction books. Featured is an Edgar Allen Poe set.  This rare set comes with 10 volumes and is a collector’s edition with only 300 numbered sets in print. Also highlighted in this auction are 16 volumes of British Essayists Spectator that were published in London by J.F. Dove in 1827 and five volumes of Robert Burns works, published in London in 1834 by Cochrane.  Nine volumes of William Shakespeare works are included in the auction as well, having been published in 1866 by Macmillan and Company. The auction has numerous first editions, autographed books, classics, great coffee table books, and more. Bids start at $1 with estimates from $25 to $2,500. Visit their site to view the catalog.