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Our reputation and acclaim in the industry started over 50 years ago. Dane Fine Art gallery now consists of a staff of over 25 knowledgeable art professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding in multiple fine art forms and mediums.

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    Original Etchings and Rare Limited Editions Highlight Dane Fine Art’s Mid-Summer Sale

    Frank Stella is regarded as one of the most ingenious figures of the 20th century. The influential Italian American artist is known for his exuberant portrayal of geometric shapes and irregular patterns in paintings and sculptures. Stella’s Bene Come il Sale (As Good as Salt), an original color etching with aquatint and relief, is a key highlight of the upcoming mid-summer sale at Dane Fine Art. Influenced by the gouaches of Russian artist El Lissitzky, the rare etching exemplifies Stella’s use of vibrant colors and shapes. Particularly noteworthy is the range of electrifying hues including pink, magenta, brown, and lavender. Another notable work is from a limited edition of three printer proofs: Tom Wesselmann’s Thames Scene with Power Station. Depicting symbols from an urban setting, it is characterized by reductive lines and flat primary colors. The New York Pop artist rejected abstract expression, making his own distinctive statement. Julian Opie’s Still Life with Aubergines and Cucumber also leads the listings. It portrays vegetables in vivid, saturated colors with a black backdrop. The original laminated lambda print on canvas belongs to Opie’s Still Life series from 2001. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

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    Karel Appel’s Jumping Dog II and Jim Davis’ Garfield Meets Rockwell Available in Dane Fine Art’s Upcoming Summer Sale

    Among the modern and contemporary fine art items listed in the upcoming Dane Fine Art Summer Sale is a rare, limited edition wood sculpture from Karel Appel’s 1978 Circus collection. Standing 40 inches high and 25 inches wide, this orange and red painted dog shown jumping through a colorful hoop has been signed and numbered by the artist at the bottom of its base. Guaranteed in perpetuity, this piece also comes with a letter of authenticity. In the auction is an offset lithograph by Jim Davis after Norman Rockwell titled Garfield Meets Rockwell (The Great Frame Up). This 1978 work of art shows Norman Rockwell holding a large picture frame as if he also belongs on the wall with the other artwork. Just below the frame is Garfield, who is holding a smaller frame in the same fashion. The 15-inch by 13-inch piece is numbered from the rare, limited edition of 750 and has been hand signed by Jim Davis. To view the entire catalog and explore more online auctions, visit Bidsquare.

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    Rare Works by Expressionist Artists Highlight Dane Fine Art’s Memorial Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art

    American-born modern artist Neil Gavin Welliver was known for his landscape paintings inspired by the expansive wilderness around his home in Maine. With landscapes as his core subject matter, Welliver also painted nudes in wooded areas or water pools. Sacred Bull, one such countryside painting by the artist, is a key highlight of the upcoming Memorial Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art from Dane Fine Art. Like some of Welliver’s artworks of the 1960s and ‘70s, this rare oil on canvas depicts female nudes in a landscape. It marks a significant mid-point in Welliver’s creative transition from fanciful and figurative to landscape and realistic art.  Peter Max’s Flower Heart, an acrylic mixed media on canvas, also leads the listings. Passionate about astronomy and the cosmic world, the iconic German-American Pop Expressionist uses bold colors and free brushstrokes to express his psychedelic style. Another noted avant-garde Expressionist, Karel Appel, also employed bright but aggressive brushwork in his painted stone relief Floating Family. The human figure is treated in a riotously abstract fashion. One of the founding members of the CoBrA movement in 1948, Appel was influenced by children’s and folk art. To view the complete catalog and register to bid online, visit Bidsquare and browse other online auctions.

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    Dane Fine Art Presents Early Shot of Madonna by Lee Friedlander

    In 1979, an unknown 21-year-old named Madonna Ciccone answered an ad seeking nude models to be photographed by Lee Friedlander. The model who would eventually be known by just her first name— Madonna— signed a release and was paid a small amount, then went back to the work of becoming a pop star. When the photographs resurfaced on the pages of Playboy magazine in 1985, Madonna was well on her way to becoming one of the biggest pop stars of all time. A print of one of the early photos from that shoot is up for bid in the Bloom Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art, offered by Dane Fine Art. There are over 900 lots in the sale, representing works of photography, drawing, lithography, sculpture, and more. A few of the notable works in the sale include several original etchings signed by Pablo Picasso, hand-signed and numbered silkscreen works by Julian Opie, original balloon dog pieces produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art and signed by Jeff Koons, original paintings by Jeff Harvard, and more. There is also a signed book by KAWS, lithographs by STIK, Keith Haring, and Joan Miró, and an original box that contained prints by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Visit Bidsquare to browse the full catalog of this and other online auctions.

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    Dane Fine Art Will Represent Renowned Figures, From Picasso To Sperling

    The Aurora Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art, hosted by Dane Fine Art, showcases original artworks by prominent creators such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Mr. Brainwash, and Pablo Picasso. Among them is a sketch by French artist Louis Icart. Born in 1888 in Toulouse, the artist started sketching at an early age. He traveled to Paris in 1907 to further his studies in painting, sketching, and printing. During this time, Icart was influenced by the works of Jean Antoine Watteau. His themes often incorporated the depiction of nude women and everyday life in 1920s Paris. Between the 1920s and 30s, Icart became one of the most influential figures in the Art Deco period. The available lot shows a brown dog and a woman riding an open-top motorcar.  The sale also showcases Josh Sperling’s Donut Lamp. Employing a minimalist painting style, Sperling works on geometric canvases. He combines the mediums of painting and sculpture to craft three-dimensional artworks. The offered lot is a hollow circular disk painted in a vibrant yellow hue. View more of these lots and register to bid in this and other online auctions on Bidsquare. 

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    5th of May Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art Will Offer Frans Synders Painting

    Baroque artist Frans Synders is one of the most noted 17th-century painters who often depicted animals in his paintings. Hunting scenes and animals in combat were among his recurring subjects. The upcoming 5th of May Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art, hosted by Dane Fine Art, will make Synders’ oil on canvas work available for bidding. This piece shows a dog eating meat while two others growl with envy.  One of the top lots in the auction is Mr. Brainwash’s Watch Out!. The 2019 piece shows a man terrified of a red dog-like figure. French artist Thierry Guetta, famously known as Mr. Brainwash, is a Pop artist and videographer. He is celebrated for his large-scale art installations. Many of his works incorporate pop culture references. He rose to fame after his collaboration with Banksy in the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. Explore the entire catalog of this and other online auctions on Bidsquare.

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    Banksy Prints, Multiples, and More at Dane Fine Art

    Pseudonymously named England-based street artist Banksy is the subject of speculation and intrigue. His real name and identity remain unconfirmed, and his work often appears as graffiti. An active street artist since the 1990s, Banksy’s distinctive style is achieved at least in part with a stenciling technique. One of Banksy’s early motifs, known as the Flying Copper, shows a heavily armed police officer with a yellow smiley face and small angel-style wings. The Flying Copper motif first appeared at Turf War in East London in 2003, which was Banksy’s first major exhibition. Similar images have appeared often in Banksy’s work. A print of Banksy’s Flying Copper character is available in the Passion Sale of Modern and Contemporary Art, offered by Dane Fine Art.  The sale consists of over 1,000 lots, most of them modern and contemporary prints and multiples. Modern highlights include works by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, and more. Contemporary works include three originals by Banksy, a Navaho mask painting by James Havard (along with five more works by Havard), several KAWS prints, works by Jeff Koons, and more. View any of these lots and register to bid on Bidsquare. 

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    Sweets for Your Sweet This Valentine’s Day

    We have all heard the old adage, "candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." But if you want to make an amazing—and lasting—impression on your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, how about surprising them with a little something over the top? Here are a few outstanding, quirky, and memorable love-themed auction highlights guaranteed to make you the King, or Queen, of Hearts this Valentine’s Day. Helen Frankenthaler, Valentine for Mr. Wonderful, 1995. Image courtesy of Dane Fine Art Auctions. It's no coincidence that the word "heart" includes the word "art." Dane Fine Art Auctions of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is offering a perfect Valentine's Day-themed work during its Buds of Spring: Modern/Contemporary Art Sale on March 17, 2022. Titled Valentine for Mr. Wonderful, this striking book of seven love-themed etched aquatint engravings is by important and influential American artist Helen Frankenthaler (1928 - 2011). It is lot #0008 and is estimated at USD 32,500 to $45,000. The work, which is presented in a paper folio and cloth-covered box, was published in 1995 as an edition of 25; this example is number 15. It is also signed by Frankenthaler on the title page. The book features the poem “St. Valentine” by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet William Carlos Williams. Frankenthaler was a celebrated Abstract Expressionist painter noted for large canvas works that had a "spontaneous" look to them. To Frankenthaler, "A really good picture looks as if it's happened at once." Her works continue to trade hands in the five to six-figure range more than a decade after her passing. Most recently, her painting Leprechaun realized $362,500 with Heritage Auctions in June of 2020. Gucci leather pump shoes. Image courtesy of Hill Auction Gallery. Does your Valentine love shoes? Then this next red hot pick was made for you. Hill Auction Gallery of Sunrise, Florida is offering a pair of Gucci leather Molina crystal red heart pump shoes during its February 23, 2022 Euphoria Sale. The pair is lot #0429 and broadly estimated at $100 to $1,000. These black leather stilettos have peep toes and "T" ankle straps. They truly pop with large, crystal-covered red hearts.…

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    Valentine’s Day Sale of Modern and Contemporary Art Features Frans Snyders Dog Painting

    Dane Fine Art’s upcoming auction, the Valentines Sale of Modern and Contemporary Art, features over 1,000 lots by notable artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Louis Icart, and others. The event highlights a painting, titled Dogs Gnawing Joints of Meat, by Frans Snyders. A Flemish painter, Snyders was known for his lively portraits of animals and still lifes using bold colors and realistic details. Snyders created the available painting in the 1600s. It remains in excellent condition.  Another artwork leading the event is a Frank Stella painting titled Referendum 70. It features overlapping geometric shapes in different colors and belongs to a limited edition collection of 200. A Pierre-Auguste Renoir lithograph from 1919 is available as well. Interested collectors can head to Bidsquare to view the full catalog or place a bid. 

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    Dane Fine Art Offers Limited Edition Works by Marcel Duchamp, Claes Oldenburg

    Dane Fine Art will kick-start its 42nd year with the January Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art. This auction will highlight original pieces by eminent artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and more. Leading the catalog is a Marcel Duchamp artwork titled Coeurs Volant, or Fluttering Hearts. Duchamp specifically created the piece for the cover of the Cahiers d’Art revue in 1936. It features a concentric placement of one red and two blue hearts.  Profiterole, a 1989 sculpture by Swedish-born American artist Claes Oldenburg is also available. Oldenburg was best known for his large-scale public replicas of everyday things. The available sculpture represents a tier of ice cream scoops in a sundae made with cast aluminum, latex paint, and brass. Pablo Picasso’s Grande Maternite, a color lithograph hand-signed by the artist, is also on offer. To view the full catalog or to place a bid, visit Bidsquare.

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    Abstract Expressionist Paintings by James Havard Headline Dane Fine Art Sale

    Though American artist James Havard was best known for his Abstract Illusionist paintings of the 1970s, he later embraced a distinct variant of Abstract Expressionism. He sampled from many different cultures for his works in the 1980s. Native American motifs, African masks, and Oceanic aesthetics appeared in Havard’s repertoire. Several James Havard paintings from this later period will come to auction with Dane Fine Art in early December. Among them is Navaho Mask – New Paint, a 1985 acrylic collage that blends abstraction and figuration. The white outline of a human figure appears beside an abstract composition near the center. Havard placed squiggles, paint drips, and small patterns throughout the piece.  The December Sale of Modern and Contemporary Art also features an original screenprint by Julian Opie and several Balloon Dog sculptures by Jeff Koons. Opie’s New York Couple 2 shows a blue-clothed pair in the artist’s signature line drawing style. Koons’ sculptures are available in orange, magenta, and yellow. Collectors will also find a variety of prints and etchings from such disparate artists as Louis Icart, Marcel Duchamp, KAWS, and Martha Walter. Visit Bidsquare for the complete catalog and to register to bid. 

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    Dane Fine Art Showcases Modern and Contemporary Works in Affordable Art Sale – Day 2

    During his early drawing days, artist and activist Keith Haring turned New York’s subways stations into art museums. To make art accessible to a diverse audience, Haring filled empty poster spaces with chalk drawings in primary colors. Witnessing people stop by and admire his paintings made him realize the potential of his art. His later works followed important social and political themes. Haring collaborated with artist Brion Gysin in 1986 for a limited edition artist book titled Fault Lines. It featured drawings by Keith Haring and writings by Brion Gysin. Several printed drawings from Fault Lines are available on Day 2 of the upcoming Affordable Art Sale, presented by Dane Fine Art.   A selection of prints, paintings, sculptures, and vintage posters will be on offer. Andy Warhol's original marker drawing on the cover page of "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol” is available alongside works by modern and contemporary artists like James Rizzi and others. Browse the entire catalog or place a bid on Bidsquare.

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    10 Spooky Lots Coming to Auction This Halloween

    Halloween celebrates all things ghoulish, spooky, and odd, and auction houses are joining the fun. Auction Daily surveys the spookiest lots hitting the auction block this Halloween season. Andy Warhol, Little Electric Chair, 1964-65. Image from Larsen Art Auction. Larsen Art Auction - Andy Warhol Print For his Death and Disaster series, Andy Warhol placed horrific and tragic photos under candied Pop Art colors. In Little Electric Chair, Warhol utilized a press photo of the electric chair used to execute Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the Sing Sing prison of New York. He applied a layer of cherry red to the photo, lending a bloody tone to the already ominous image. One print of Little Electric Chair made its way to American rocker Alice Cooper. His girlfriend at the time, Cindy Lang, purchased the print from Andy Warhol’s Factory as a gift for Cooper after he used a similar electric chair onstage. Larsen Art Auction will bring this silkscreen to auction with an estimate of USD 2,500,000 to $4,500,000. The 2021 Fall Larsen Art Auction starts on October 23rd, 2021 at 1:00 PM EDT. Participate live on Bidsquare. Ed Moses, Untitled Tarantulas, 1983. Image from Los Angeles Modern Auctions. Los Angeles Modern Auctions - Ed Moses Tarantulas Ed Moses built a career on experimentation and change. His style constantly shifted as he drew inspiration from his Los Angeles art community and various art movements. While Moses is best known for his paintings, he dabbled in other mediums as well. Available with Los Angeles Modern Auctions is a spooky painted glass window by Ed Moses (estimate: $5,000 - $7,000). Yellow and green tarantulas scuttle across the black background of this piece. It previously decorated Rebecca’s Restaurant, a Frank Gehry-designed mainstay of Venice, California. The Art + Design sale from Los Angeles Modern Auctions starts on October 24th, 2021 at 3:00 PM EDT. Bid live on LiveAuctioneers. Vivian Maier, Self-Portrait, Silhouette. Image from Aguttes. Aguttes - Vivian Maier Self-Portrait American street photographer Vivian Maier lived and died in obscurity. She worked as a nanny along Chicago’s North Shore and captured the city…

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    Louis Icart’s Etching Comes to Auction With Dane Fine Art

    The French artist Louis Icart was a leading figure of the Art Deco movement. He was best known for his etchings depicting glamorous women in states of undress. In the upcoming Halcyon Sale of Modern & Contemporary Art, Dane Fine Art will showcase an etching by Louis Icart. It depicts four women enjoying the music they are playing together. The limited-edition piece is signed by the artist and is in excellent condition. The auction also features Pablo Picasso’s Le Vieux Roi (The Old King). The large lithograph depicts an old king watching some young girls. It is an original lithograph printed on Arches paper from a limited edition of 1,000. The artwork bears a red stamp signature and comes with a letter of authenticity.  Beyond fine art, the auction presents a handwritten note from Camille Pissarro. Pissarro painted across both Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist styles. He is best known for being the only artist whose work appeared in all eight Paris Impressionist exhibitions. The available letter dates back to 1883. To view this item and to register to bid, visit Bidsquare. 

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    Artist to Know: Loïs Mailou Jones

    Dane Fine Art Brings Painting From Artist, Educator, & Trailblazer The road to artistic greatness was not an easy one for Loïs Mailou Jones. Active throughout the 20th century, Jones faced ongoing discrimination as a Black American woman. She saw her paintings withdrawn from galleries, rightfully-won prizes taken away, and career opportunities eliminated. Despite this, Jones was determined to make a name for herself. “I was just full of the desire to be an artist and I don’t think anything could have stopped me,” she said.  One of Loïs Mailou Jones’ still life paintings will come to auction on January 14th, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST with Dane Fine Art. Learn more about Loïs Mailou Jones and her wide-reaching influence before the sale begins. Loïs Mailou Jones, 1937. Image from the Loïs Mailou Jones Pierre-Noël Trust. Loïs Mailou Jones was born to supportive parents who encouraged her artistic endeavors from an early age. Her parents, a building manager-turned-lawyer and a cosmetologist, enrolled her in Boston’s High School of Practical Arts in the early 1920s. The experience lit a fire in Jones. She spent the rest of her life engaging with art education, first as a student at Howard University and then as an educator at the same institution.  Jones’ career started in textiles, where she sold bright, African-inspired fabrics. With time, however, she discovered the pitfalls of artistic anonymity. Thus launched a long struggle for recognition and appreciation that would take Jones from the university halls to the streets of Paris. By the early 1930s, the artist was teaching full-time at Howard while submitting her work for exhibits in Washington, D.C. Frustrated by the racial climate of the United States, Jones took a year-long sabbatical in Paris to explore life as a Black expatriate. The time spent in Paris deeply affected Jones’ artistic style. She connected with other artists and enjoyed opportunities that did not hinge on the color of her skin. Jones completed one of her most famous paintings, Les Fétiches, during this productive period. The masterwork shows Jones’ skill and adaptability. Her subject’s angles imply Post-Cubism while reclaiming…