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  • Auction Industry

    Bes, the Egyptian Dwarf God and Protector of Children: Know Before You Bid

    A Bone-Carved Vessel of the Egyptian God Comes to Auction, Presented by Artemis Gallery Egyptian Bone Cosmetic Vessel Depicting Bes. Photo by Artemis Gallery. Worship of the dwarf god Bes began in the Old Kingdom of Egypt (c. 2686–2181 BC) and continued even into the Roman Empire. Representations of his…

    Bes, the Egyptian Dwarf God and Protector of Children Know Before You Bid-1
  • Auction Preview

    Early Spring Fine Ancient & Ethnographic Art

    The Sican or Lambayeque culture existed in Peru before the coming of the Incas. Many Sican lords were patrons of vast workshops where precious objects were created. At death, the elites were buried with many of those items. Pieces made of gold and silver were reserved for royalty while copper…

    Roman Marble Cupid Holding Bird, Art Loss Certificate
  • Auction Preview

    Great Deals Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art

    Sets of gilded brooches were worn throughout the Viking world on women’s cloaks, pinned with a chain between them. An example of these matching brooches from Gotland, Sweden will be offered in the upcoming Great Deals Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery. The available set is made…

    Published Greek Glass Pendant - Ram's Head