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    Around the Auction World: July 2022

    What is the latest news from around the auction world this July? The highly-anticipated Coeur d’Alene Art Auction of 2022 netted a respectable USD 16.4 million this month after setting numerous world records for American Western artists. Phillips reported a record mid-year high in sales, as well as the opening…

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    Tomokazu Matsuyama Blends the Modern and the Traditional, in Art and How It’s Exhibited

    Tomokazu Matsuyama (b. 1976). Image courtesy of Sotheby’s. Tomokazu Matsuyama’s polychromatic art derives inspiration from various eras and cultures. A New York-based Japanese artist, Matsuyama’s techniques and aesthetic styles combine elements from the Japanese Edo and Meiji eras, French Renaissance paintings, and Western popular culture, as well as his own…

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    Ultra-Contemporary Art Ascendant: The Rise of the Market’s Newest Category

    Tomokazu Matsuyama, Mrs. Omega, July 2011 - June 2013. Image courtesy of Phillips. For years, the auction industry has had a problem with language. Terms such as “post-war” and “modern” stretch gingerly to cover the market’s holes, and their meanings often differ from one auction house to the next. While…