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    Coca-Cola Vending Machine, W.H. Ell & Co. Sovereigns Machine, and Lalique Works at Lion and Unicorn

    An early English gold coin exchanger dating back to 1905 England by W.H. Ell & Co. is one of the leading lots in Lion and Unicorn’s Decorative Home Interiors Auction. This early English gold coin exchanger provided change for sovereigns and half sovereign coins. A sovereign or half sovereign coin…

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    Peppy Disney Animation Art and Rare Beatrix Potter Figurines Come to Auction

    Artist David Willardson has designed a dynamic look for several Disney characters even as he maintained their timeless essence. Developing a lively graphic painting genre for 17 years, he has worked on many of Disney posters and film campaigns. A limited edition Disney serigraph signed by the artist is a…

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    Rare Royal Doulton figurines and collectibles at Lion and Unicorn’s next

    The Royal Doulton company was founded in 1815, and it built a legacy of craftsmanship, rarity, and charm. Today, Royal Doulton figurines remain prized collectibles. Day 1 of Lion and Unicorn’s upcoming May Collectors Auction will feature over 500 lots of porcelain figurines and collectibles, including many by Royal Doulton.…

    John Peel Hn1408, Rare - Royal Doulton Figurine
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    Vintage Lladró Figurines and Goebel Hummel’s Rosy-Cheeked Children Come to Auction with Lion and Unicorn

    Dating back to 11th-century Venice, the gondola is an iconic symbol of the picturesque city of canals. Associated with opulence and romance, the once-major means of transport has always enchanted artists from worlds over. Lladró’s Gondola of Love, a key highlight of Lion and Unicorn’s upcoming sale, is an example…

    Gondola Of Love 01001870 Ltd - Lladro Porcelain Figurine
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    Rare Doulton Stoneware & Nizami-Inspired Wedgwood Luster Bowl Come to Auction With Lion and Unicorn

    Mark Marshall is regarded as an exceptionally prolific designer in Doulton’s pottery history. He produced some of the most imaginative pieces with unrestrained creativity for the company. Using vivid colors and inventive shapes, Marshall modeled grotesque and fanciful stoneware. One such rare vase, The Oracle, is a key highlight of…

    Doulton Lambeth Impressive Stoneware Two-handled Vase And Cover
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    Rare Royal Doulton Bunnykins Collectibles and Limited Edition Lladró Porcelain Figurines Come to Auction

    Royal Doulton Bunnykins are popular porcelain designs produced as dishes and collectibles for nurseries. The Bunnykins line originated in the 1930s when Sister Mary Barbara Bailey, the daughter of Doulton’s general manager, provided design illustrations. A rare vintage Bunnykins figurine of a bunny seating on a tree stump and eating…

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    Royal Doulton Character Jugs and Toby Jugs Lead Lion & Unicorn’s Collectors Auction

    Day 2 of Lion and Unicorn’s upcoming February Collectors Auction will offer Royal Doulton character jugs, Toby jugs, Kevin Francis ceramic works, and other European porcelain items. Each mug or jug in the auction has a unique character, color theme, and backstory. One of the leading lots is the Clown…

    Doulton Lambeth Simeon Toby Moon Flask
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    Lion and Unicorn to Offer Rare Royal Doulton Figurines in Upcoming Sale

    John Doulton established English ceramics and home accessories maker Royal Doulton in the Lambeth area of London in 1815. His son engaged gifted artists to design elegant figurines and vases. Today, the manufacturer is best known for its stoneware tankards, storage jars, and bathroom ceramics. Several rare Royal Doulton figurines…

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    Figurines From Beatrix Potter, Disney, Bunnykins, and More at Lion and Unicorn

    Though Peter Rabbit is likely the best-known character of author and illustrator Beatrix Potter, fans of her work may also know her tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, a frog that lives at the edge of a pond in England’s Lake District. Many of Beatrix Potter’s characters were licensed and produced…

    Royal Doulton Prototype Figurine Jeremy Fisher, Isaac Newton
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    Flambe Glazes: From Sung Dynasty to Royal Doulton

    More than 500 years ago, Chinese potters experimented with glazes that utilized copper oxide in reduction, which produced a striking, deep red porcelain glaze that later generations of Europeans dubbed sang-de-boeuf, because it resembled ox blood. When these Sung Dynasty (A.D. 960-1279) porcelain pieces reached Europe, they were collectively called…

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    Royal Doulton Loving Cups, Vases, and Figurines at Lion & Unicorn

    Lion & Unicorn’s upcoming two-day sale will feature a wide selection of Royal Doulton collectibles. The first day of bidding will bring over 500 lots to auction, including a Royal Doulton loving cup made in 1937 to mark the coronation of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom. Under the…

    Rare Royal Doulton King Edward VIII Coronation Loving Cup Small
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    Royal Doulton Figurines Featured in Upcoming Auction From Lion and Unicorn

    This December, Lion and Unicorn’s upcoming auction offers a variety of ceramics, bronzes, and figurines. Over 550 lots will be available, including a collection of Royal Doulton figurines. Founded by John Doulton, Royal Doulton entered the ceramics industry as a small pottery shop in Vauxhall, London in 1815. It launched…

    Royal Doulton Figurine, The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh HN3836
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    Royal Doulton Featured at the Collector’s Auction from Whitley’s Auctioneers

    Since 1815, Royal Doulton has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of ceramics. They originally created pipes for drains and other bathroom ceramics before specializing in decorative art. In the upcoming Collector’s Auction, offered by Whitley’s Auctioneers, is a variety of Royal Doulton ceramics. Featured is a vintage Royal…

    Rare Royal Doulton Figure, Bears Drinking HN940
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    Collector's Auction, Day 1

    Featured on the first day of the upcoming Collector's Auction, offered by Whitley’s Auctioneers, is an Art Deco dancer sculpture from Andre Gilbert. One of the first English sculptors to enroll at the École des Beaux-Arts, Gilbert’s experience at the university encouraged him to travel to Rome and continue his…

    Art Deco Silvered Sculpture, Dancer & Tambourine By Andre Gilbert
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    The Collector's Auction

    In 1953, three brothers started producing ceramic sculptures at their home in the village of Almàssera. After a few years, they opened their first shop in Valencia and named it Lladró. They eventually pioneered the single-firing method, which also became a hallmark of the brand. It can be characterized by…

    Herend Figurine, Girl In Folk Dress 5423
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    Decorative Arts & Collectibles Auction

    Whitley's Auctioneers presents fine and decorative art in the upcoming Decorative Arts & Collectibles Auction. Two featured lots come from Italian craftsman Sandro Vacchetti. Raised in a family of artists, Vacchetti became a ceramist and specialized in female portraiture. In 1922, he became the artistic director of a famous doll company,…

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    Fine Mélange Auction

    During and after World War I, the United States government issued a series of propaganda posters to fund the war effort. The Americans All! poster, designed by American illustrator Howard Chandler Christy, encouraged civilians to purchase war bonds that would later be paid back. On the right side of this…

    Vintage World War I Poster The Peace Loan 1919 Turner Auctions
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    Multi Estate Liquidation Auction

    In Eastern Buddhism, Guanyin is recognized as the goddess of compassion and mercy. Despite attaining enlightenment, she is believed to have returned from the doors of heaven to help humankind find the right path. Guanyin's reverence can be found among the followers of Buddhism since the first century C.E., as…

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    Spring No Reserve Collectibles Auction

    Royal Doulton character mugs and cups, collectible books and jewelry, decorative arts, and more are available in the upcoming Spring No Reserve Collectibles Auction, presented by Whitley’s Auctioneers. Royal Doulton began in 1815 in London as Doulton & Co., before receiving a royal warrant and changing its name in 1902.…

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    May Antiques And Fine Art Auction

    Kenzo Okada was a Japanese-American artist best known for his lyrical, Abstract Expressionist style. His paintings were greatly influenced by Zen Buddhism and 17th-century Japanese screen painting. By using earth colors, Okada evoked the aura of landscapes in his abstract paintings. His works are in the collections of the Art Institute…