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  • Auction Preview

    African and Oceanic Art

    Showcased in this African and Oceanic Art auction is a sculpted, cadaverous male figure from Easter Island. With exposed ribs and pronounced facial features, this type of wood carving is thought to have been important in religious and cultural ceremonies. It was worn by men and women with human hair…

  • Auction Preview

    African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art

    Traditionally, the Yombe people of southern Africa believed that power figures hunt down thieves and those who use magic to cause illness. An example of one such sculpted power figure is among the lots available in the upcoming African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art auction, presented by Bonhams. Its composition, from…

    Exceptional and Rare Maori Anthropomorphic Pendant, New Zealand, ca. 1600-1700/Auctiondaily