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    Artist to Know: Ammi Phillips

    Christie‚Äôs to Offer Major Portrait by American Itinerant Folk Painter Ammi Phillips, Lady in a Gold-Colored Dress, c. 1835 - 1840. Image courtesy of the American Folk Art Museum. Widely known as an itinerant portrait painter, 19th-century American folk artist Ammi Phillips built a career on formulaic artworks. He traveled…

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    Artist to Know: Andrew Clemens

    Skinner Brings Bottle of Sand Art from 19th-Century Master Craftsman Andrew Clemens, a self-taught folk artist, did not live long enough to enjoy fame. His works were executed in sand and contained in small apothecary bottles. Despite their delicate craftsmanship, the mid-19th-century public would have considered them curiosities, not monumental…

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