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  • Auction Preview

    Extremely Rare Tang Dynasty Silver Vessels Highlight Upcoming Christie’s Event

    During the Tang dynasty, merchants imported goods from Iran to the capital of Chang’an. These Iranian gold and silver goods bore influences of ancient Roman art. Many silverware workshops during the Tang period manufactured silver vessels inspired by these imported goods. The elegant features and intricate adornments on these vessels…

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    Chinese Meiping and Yuhuchunping Vases Featured in Asian Arts Sale

    Mirroring the curves of the human body, Chinese meiping vases usually included a thin neck juxtaposed against a rounded shoulder. Traditionally, the vessels carried plum tree blossoms. Highlighted in Freeman’s upcoming Asian Arts sale is a meiping produced sometime during the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor (1722 - 1735). The…

    A Chinese carved and underglaze red "Dragons and Waves" vase, Meiping Yongzheng six-character mark and of the period
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    Upcoming Fine Estate auction presents an eclectic collection of artifacts

    The upcoming October auction from Fine Estate offers a selection of decorative and ethnographic art. Among the highlighted lots is a pair of rare huanghuali horseshoe-back armchairs from the late 20th century. Huanghuali wood first originated in the Yaxian region of Hainan in China. Often used in Chinese furniture, the…

    Amy Quandelacy Zuni Coral, Sterling Silver Ring
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    Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art

    An Imperial folding fan from the Qianlong period will be offered in the upcoming Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art auction, presented by Hindman. The fan was created for the Qianlong emperor of the 18th century by three artisans of the Imperial cabinet: Ji Yun, Liang Shizheng, and Qian…

    A Russet and Pale Celadon Jade 'Chilong' Rhyton Cup Height 5 3-4 in., 14.6 cm.
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    Fine Estate Auction

    Ancient censers were vessels used for burning incense, perfume, or pastille. Varying in size and design, some were made of simple earthenware while others were intricately carved in metal. One of the highlights of the upcoming Fine Estate auction is a cloisonné enamel tripod censer from the 19th century. Decorated…

    Sapphire, Diamond, 18k Yellow Gold Ring
  • Auction Preview

    Day-1 Summer 2020 Chinese Antiques & Fine Arts

    In Buddhism, Manjusri is believed to be the deity of wisdom. Mythology suggests that Manjusri, represented in a male form, carries the “Sword of Wisdom” and uses it to destroy the darkness of ignorance. A sculpture of Manjusri from China is highlighted in the upcoming Chinese Antiques & Fine Arts…

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    Asian Online by Stair

    During Japan's Edo Period, merchants and artisans began making more money but were still confined by a strict class system. Many chose to spend their new-found wealth on entertainment. This included ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, which portrayed actors, sumo wrestlers, and erotica. An album of actor portraits in the…

    Asian Online
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    Paintings, Furniture, Decorative Arts & Fine Rugs

    In this collection of paintings, furniture, decorative arts, and fine rugs, discover how Georges Rouault’s fascination for medieval art led him to perfect his skills and techniques on Fauvism and Expressionism; methods that made his art more vivid and emotive. His painting as one of French’s most important Expressionist painters,…

    Paintings, Furniture, Decorative Arts & Fine Rugs/AuctionDaily