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  • Auction Preview

    Lucie Rie’s Footed Bowl and William Morris’ Glasswork Highlight Hindman’s Upcoming Sale

    Austrian-born British potter Lucie Rie produced fine ceramic buttons to make ends meet during and after World War II. She studied pottery under the guidance of artist Michael Powolny at the Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule, a school of arts and crafts. In 1946, she hired Hans Coper to help her make ceramic buttons. The creative duo established a…

    Lucie Rie (1902-1995) Footed Bowl, c. 1980
  • Auction Preview

    Silver & Vertu

    The American silversmith Samuel Kirk was well known for introducing the repoussé metalworking technique to the United States. This involves hammering the reverse side of a malleable metal to craft a low-relief design. One of the key lots showcased in the upcoming Silver & Vertu auction, offered by Rago, is…

    Tiffany & Co., marine-themed tankard