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  • Auction Preview

    Sacred and Imperial: The James and Marilynn Alsdorf Collection Online

    In Hindu mythology, the deity Shiva is believed to embody enlightenment, compassion, and auspiciousness. An 18th-century painting of Kali trampling Shiva is one of the notable lots of the upcoming Christie's auction. The painting depicts Kali, the goddess of death, standing over Shiva’s chest. She holds a sword and the…

  • Auction Preview

    Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art

    An Imperial folding fan from the Qianlong period will be offered in the upcoming Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art auction, presented by Hindman. The fan was created for the Qianlong emperor of the 18th century by three artisans of the Imperial cabinet: Ji Yun, Liang Shizheng, and Qian…

    A Russet and Pale Celadon Jade 'Chilong' Rhyton Cup Height 5 3-4 in., 14.6 cm.
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy

    Sotheby’s showcases the craft of traditional Chinese landscape paintings and calligraphy in this upcoming auction. The 71-lot event features work from some of the most popular artists in Chinese history, such as Zhang Daqian and Dong Qichang.  Qichang was a calligrapher and artist from the late Ming Dynasty. In his…

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