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  • Auction Preview

    Turner Auctions Offers Richard Price’s Observations on… the American Revolution and Charles Dickens’ First Novel

    The American Revolution was a momentous event of great political and ideological significance. Welsh philosopher Richard Price expressed his views on this historic war in a pamphlet, a copy of which highlights the upcoming Turner Auctions sale. Price’s Observations on the Importance of the American Revolution, and the Means of…

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    Turner Auctions + Appraisals Presents Books & Ephemera, Including Historical Documents From The Chapman Family Of Connecticut

    Over 220 Lots From 17th-20th Centuries To Be Sold on Saturday, August 20 SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 5, 2022 – Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to present Books & Ephemera, including Historical Documents from the Chapman Family of Connecticut, on August 20, 2022, at 10:30 am PDT. Featuring…

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    Brunk Auctions Highlights Sterling Silver Flatware Assortment, the Works of Charles Dickens in Upcoming Emporium Sale

    An assortment of 19th and 20th-century flatware will be featured in the upcoming Emporium Auction from Brunk Auctions. This 86-piece collection of silver and sterling silver includes patterns from the Mansion House by Heirloom and Priscila by Dominick & Haff. A Wallace Irian solid handle butter knife, nine pieces of…

    86 Pieces of Assorted Silver Flatware, Most Sterling
  • Auction Preview

    Auctions at Showplace Will Feature 1972 Steinway & Sons Model L Grand Piano

    Among the fine and decorative art, furniture, and jewelry items found in Auctions at Showplace’s New York City Estate Auction is a 1972 Steinway & Sons Model L grand piano, serial number 429905. In 1853, after immigrating himself and his family from Germany to Manhattan, Henry Engelhard Steinway (1797 –…

    Steinway & Sons Ebony Grand Piano Model L
  • Auction Result

    2021 Christmas Sale Highlights

    2021 was a strong year in the auction industry for Christmas-themed artwork, illustrations, and books. Premier temptations from legacy artists and authors consistently shattered presale estimates and generated stunning results. Here are five Christmas sale results that prove the category remains merry and bright among collectors worldwide! Charles Addams, The…

    2021 Christmas Sale Highlights4
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    ABC: Estate Finds, Day 3 of 4

    During his time in the military, Ian Fleming felt inspired by a British secret agent who went by the code name ‘White Rabbit.’ This inspiration led to the creation of the James Bond series that features a fictional intelligence officer. Flemings’ first book, Casino Royale, was published in 1953 in…

    Continental bronze putto, 18th c.
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    Fine Printed Books & Manuscripts Including Americana

    Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner” during a difficult period in the War of 1812. While watching the British attack Baltimore, Key felt inspired by the resiliency of the city and composed his song within days of the American victory. The Baltimore Patriot was the first…

    First printed treatise on the pulse
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    Multi Estate Liquidation Auction

    In Eastern Buddhism, Guanyin is recognized as the goddess of compassion and mercy. Despite attaining enlightenment, she is believed to have returned from the doors of heaven to help humankind find the right path. Guanyin's reverence can be found among the followers of Buddhism since the first century C.E., as…

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    Online only Eclectic Variety Auction

    The upcoming Online-Only Eclectic Variety Auction, presented by William Bunch Auctions, will feature an Asian brass gong, two Black Americana cookie jars, a 1900 copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, and more. Charles Dickens was an English writer best known for his novels, which included A Tale…

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    Books Incl. Penzler Part 4, Pulps, Posters, Lithographs & Prints

    Thrilling Mysteries was one of many pulp magazines Ned Pines published in the early 20th century. The debut issue featured stories such as "The Cat People" and "Army of the Maimed." A copy of the first issue of Thrilling Mysteries is available in the upcoming Pulps, Posters, Lithographs, & Prints…

    John Sherwood. Lot of Eight.
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    Books, Maps & Manuscripts

    Though best known as one of America’s greatest inventors, it should also be noted that Thomas Alva Edison was also one of America’s savviest businessmen. Both of Edison’s professions are on display in the upcoming Books, Maps & Manuscripts auction, offered by Freeman’s. There are many Edison-related items in the…

    Children's & Illustrated] [Sendak, Maurice], Group of Six Titles Illustrated by Maurice Sendak
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    Auction of Photography, Art, Literature and Automovilism

    The Auction of Photography, Art, Literature and Automovilism, offered by Morton Subastas, is a book sale from the library of Don Lorenzo Zambrano. Among the most valuable lots in this collection is a complete set of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time—also known as Remembrance of Things Past. This…

    Hemingway, Ernest. A Farewell to Arms. New York, 1929. Firmado por Ernest Hemingway. Edición de 510 ejemplares. Prov.: Christie's 1996./Auctiondaily
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    Focus On Outsider Art

    Outsider art (also called self-taught art, art brut, or visionary art) is the cousin to folk art - more weird and challenging than pleasant and pretty. Outsider artists are often, though not always, other-minded. Many are socially incompatible or alienated, visionary, obsessive, religious or spiritual, and generally unconcerned with what's…

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    Strong demand at September Fine Sale

    A William Powell Frith (1819-1909) painting that had been purchased at Christie’s nearly 45 years ago topped a successful Cheffins’ September Fine Sale when selling for £50,000. A Victorian phenomenon who was close friends with Charles Dickens, William Powell Frith’s popularity was such at the time that six of his…

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    Dickens’ works to be a best seller Sept. 5 at PBA Galleries

    ‘Edition Definitive’ of Charles Dickens’ works in 60 volumes. PBA Galleries image BERKELEY, Calif. – On Thursday, Sept. 5, PBA Galleries will offer an auction of rare books and manuscripts. The auction presents over 300 lots of rare, significant, valuable and unusual materials, ranging from early printed books and religious…

    PBA Galleries