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  • Auction Preview

    Exceptional Private Collection of Asian and Tribal Art

    AvalokiteĊ›vara is widely known as the Buddhist deity of compassion. He is also believed to be the embodiment of the eternal Buddha who offers salvation to humanity. A 16th-century Korean AvalokiteĊ›vara sculpture will be available in the upcoming Exceptional Private Collection of Asian and Tribal Art sale, presented by The…

    Dan Mask with Cowry Shell Headress, Early 20th Century
  • Auction Industry

    Art for the Buddhist Ritual at WR Auctions

    New to Bidsquare is WR Auction Gallery from New York City and on March 31st they will be hosting their first sale with the platform, an 'Asian & Fine Jewelry Sale.' This auction features over 230 lots of Asian works of art from China and Japan, with the categories comprising of porcelain, ceramics, metalwork, jade…

  • Auction Preview

    California Asian Art Auction

    In the early 18th century, snuff bottles were produced specifically for the emperors of China. These miniature pieces, measuring three and a half inches high, demonstrate the craftsmanship of the Qing dynasty. A complete set of twelve snuff bottles will be available in the upcoming California Asian Art Auction, presented…